Chapter 558 - It’s a pity that He’s Crippled

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Chapter 558 It’s a pity that He’s Crippled

“Excuse me, sir.” she wanted to continue asking, but Chu Lui had already carried Rainy away, with his right leg limping slightly.

He was really handsome, but what a pity, he was a cripple. The teacher sighed in disappointment. Chu Lui did not go far. He was just standing outside the school in the rain, carefully using his body to shield Rainy’s body

—even if the rain had already drenched his back. He stood there till he saw a figure coming in from the distance, and then he made the effort to move his legs.

Xia Ruoxin ran really quickly. She came out, ready to pick her daughter; but it suddenly started raining. Gao Yi was still in the hospital, waiting for surgery, so it was only her going to pick Rainy up.

Just that, this rain seemed to fall at just the right timing. Even she had a minor headache so she was afraid that her daughter would get wet. She held her hand above her head and squinted a little, noticing that the figure on the stairs was very familiar.

She tried really hard to open her eyes. That was not anyone else. It was her Rainy. She ran forward, not understanding why Rainy would be found there. Also, she had an umbrella in her hands thankfully. If not for the umbrella, the little kid would be drenched.

She walked over, took away her daughter’s umbrella, and hugged her.

“Sorry, Rainy, Mommy is late.” She hurriedly apologized. Rainy used her hands to wipe the rain droplets off Xia Ruoxin’s head, but her face let go of a smile.

“Mommy…” Her sweet voice let Xia Ruoxin to instinctively pinch Rainy’s cheeks, making her unwilling to leave.

“Okay, Rainy, let’s go home.” Xia Ruoxin tightly hugged Rainy and walked forward, just that Xia Ruoxin kept looking back from time to time.

Rainy pulled on Xia Ruoxin’s clothes.

Xia Ruoxin turned back in confusion and found that a man with his back was facing them, walking away. His back was drenched by the rain, and his hair was also stuck beside his ear.

Only his legs, with every step he took… it looked difficult and excruciating. The man with a big build, however, looked a bit weak and grim.

“Mommy, it’s that Daddy. He gave Rainy an umbrella, and he even accompanied me to wait for Mommy.” Rainy raised her hand and pointed at the figure in the distance. Then, she looked up at the sky and asked, “Mommy, is that Daddy not scared of the rain? Is he not cold? Rainy is very cold.”

She said as she dove into Xia Ruoxin’s embrace, and then Xia Ruoxin held the child tightly. For some reason—when she saw Chu Lui like that, tears welled up in her eyes.

“Mommy will bring you home now. You won’t be cold anymore when you reach home.” She held her daughter and walked away quickly. Chu Lui—who was already a distance away from the mother and daughter-stopped in his tracks, turned around, and watched until they disappeared into the rain; revealing a small smile on his lips.

As long as he could do something for them, albeit how minor it might be, he would be satisfied. He did not have any unreasonable intentions. He just wanted to see his daughter more… and her.

“Ruoxin, I’m sorry, but can I really not get any forgiveness?” When he thought until here, he let out a bitter laugh. He could not even forgive himself, let alone someone else.

As long as he could see them once in a while, it was already sufficient.

He had no other requests, perhaps because he really understood now. A type of happiness was to see. As long as he could see them being happy from a far distance, then he could also be happy.

In the past, he did not understand. He only liked to possess and forcefully get something, but it was no longer the case now as he had already learned how to respect and tolerate. He also learned how to give others his blessings. Even if the lesson meant a devastating heartbreak for himself, but he still learned it himself.

Looking up, the rain droplets landed on his face mercilessly; but a smile was still kept on his lips. When he settled down in his car, he let out a sneeze. Wasn’t he really silly? He had a car, but he still stood in the rain for such a long time.

He placed his hand on the steering wheel and felt a stinging pain in his leg. He had not recovered from his injury, but he really missed his daughter so he came over without a care.

Driving the car, the rain in front seemed to have no intention of stopping. The mist clouded everything until only the silhouette of the buildings far away could be seen, whereas the rest were as blurred as the rain in front. He started his car but turned back to take another look at the empty kindergarten. His arms still had the warmth from his daughter’s body.

Raining caused him to think about her more easily. What a beautiful name, Rainy, his daughter.

The car quickly disappeared in the storm. When he returned to the hospital in his drenched clothes, the originally fit himhowever—had caught a bad case of the flu. Perhaps it was because he lost a lot of blood which caused his immune system to be severely weakened.

However, if the flu was in exchange for a chance to hug his cute daughter, he felt that it was worth it. He was even smiling through it all. This caused the nurses to think that he was sick until his wires were a bit loose. Not only his leg was injured, but his mental state was also impaired.

Falling sick, to him, was not much of an issue. For this man-even if he had injured one leg and fell very sick, he was still extremely strong. Currently, one of his hands was still attached to the IV drip, but the other hand was still flipping his company’s documents furiously.

He was still as busy as before, but now, he was busy for a meaning.

“Cousin, I can finally confirm that you are not human,” complained Du Jing Tang who was sitting aside. He complained about this patient who could still decisively make decisions, and these decisions are all accurate. If it were him, he would have been resting his time away.

“If I’m not, then you aren’t either,” said Chu Lui as he changed to another document without even looking up once.

‘I am. I definitely am a normal person” said Du Jingtang lazily. However, with this great cousin of his, he was extremely elated. Just look, with everything in the world, he did not need to do anything. Just like this, it was wonderful. He could rest; he did not need to be a slave to a job.

“I will finish these. You can go accompany my daughter; she likes you a lot,” said Chu Lui as he rubbed his brows. Indeed, Rainy did like Du Jingtang a lot because he really spoiled her. Whatever she wanted, he would give him, which is the exact type of person that a child would like.

Du Jingtang asked, “Cousin, are you working tirelessly like this just so I can accompany your precious child?”

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