Chapter 559 - The Unwanted Past

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Chapter 559 The Unwanted Past

“What do you think?” asked Chu Lui, half-looking up at Du Jingtang. “Your salary is for you to be a vice-president, not to be a babysitter.”

Du Jingtang touched his nose in embarrassment and said, “You still say that I pamper the child to no end. I think you are worse than me.”

Chu Lui looked at him slightly. Taking all of Du Jingtang’s work to do was just to allow him to have time to play with Rainy. He knew that Rainy liked him so all he could do as a father was to help her spend more time with him.

“Okay, I’ll find Little Cutie.” Du Jingtang stood up. Since there was nothing for him to do here anyway, he could go find Rainy. Like what his cousin said, the small fellow really did especially like him; and he also wanted to quickly find a way to let the child acknowledge and accept his cousin as her father. If that was possible, maybe Xia Ruoxin could, too.

However, judging by the current situation, it was tricky.

He walked out, and after raining for the past few days, the sky finally cleared up. It was really a good day to go out so for the man busy working in the hospital, he really was…

Too pitiful.

Xia Ruoxin helped Rainy to change clothes and tied a butterfly bow for her new ponytail, making her daughter look very cute.

She knelt down and touched her daughter’s face that was increasingly looking like her own. This kid was like her in every aspect, but she had a very weird temper. Only when Rainy threw a tantrum would she think of that man. She had just realized that even though Rainy looked like her, but her personality was a replica of that man’s.

“Mommy, is Rainy’s face dirty?” Rainy touched her own face, puzzled, and ran away to look at herself in the mirror. She did not want to be a dirty child; she wanted to be a pretty one.

“No…” Xia Ruoxin wanted to stop her. However, even if Rainy had small hands and legs—when she ran, it was really fast.

Just nice, the doorbell rang. Xia Ruoxin stood up and opened the door, and expectedly, Du Jingtang was standing right there. Now, Rainy only talked about one uncle; other than him, there was no one else.

“You’ve arrived,” Xia Ruoxin said in an unexpectedly polite manner. She knew that Du Jingtang really doted on Rainy, and Rainy also really liked him. Every time they go out together, Rainy would be ecstatic.

“Yeah, I came to pick Little Cutie,” Du Jingtang laughed sheepishly.

“Sister Ruoxin, actually, did you know? When I first met you, I even regarded you as a potential for love at first sight. Now come to think of it, it was rather fun,” said Du Jingtang as he suddenly thought about the past and felt that it was not embarrassing to talk about it now.

“Oh, really?” Xia Ruoxin laughed along. She did not really want to hear these words. The past to her—no matter how much happiness she had, it was too much until she was suffering. Behind her first happiness was all a heartbreaking scheme, and she did not want to think about anything in the past, let alone hear anyone casually or intentionally talking about it.

“Sister Ruoxin, actually, some things are not like what you think,” said Du Jingtang as he kept his cheeky profile and suddenly became serious. “Do you still remember that my cousin allowed that guy to do the deed and force you to divorce?”

Xia Ruoxin was stunned and bit her lip until it hurt. She said, “That incident was a long time ago. I do not wish to speak of it ever again.” To have someone open up her wound again would still cause her to be heartbroken. How could she ever forget? Her husband actually allowed another man to assault his wife and make himself a cuckold. There must have been a ton of hate, a ton of cruelty for a person to do such a deed.

This kind of thing could only be done cruelly. He must have, at that time, hated her with all his might and was cold-blooded to the bone.

“Actually, it is not what you think it is,” explained Du Jingtang hurriedly as he could tell that Xia Ruoxin’s heart was not as big as others. If he did not explain this, she would forever be conflicted.

“I met that guy before and even told him not to make a move on you, just make it seem like he did. I’m really sorry I did not stop him back then,” said Du Jingtang awkwardly.

Xia Ruoxin sighed, the color returned to her face.

“I know that you can’t do it anyway. If it’s not this time, there will be a next; but I still should thank you. If it was not for you, I would have lost something else more than my reputation.”

“No, no, it’s not like that. It’s not what you think,” exclaimed Du Jingtang as he waved his hands hurriedly. “Actually, it’s not like that. I only found out much later that Cousin did not – he really did not ask. Even without my intervention, he had also warned the guy that he could not make any move on you. Actually, he is not as cruel as you think he is.

“Also…” said Du Jingtang exasperatingly with a dry mouth, but some things must be said.

“Cousin did not intentionally force you to go on the road of no return. He wanted you to come back and be saved by him. If you did so, he would not have forced you on this hell road.

“Since young, he would definitely get whatever he wanted so his personality could be unreasonable to no end. Perhaps he did not know how to love back then, but subconsciously, he already knew that he loved you since a long time ago.”

“You don’t need to say anymore.” Xia Ruoxin interrupted, “It’s already in the past, and I have forgotten everything.” She did not want to hear it anymore.

She turned around. Whatever that happened in the past, no matter the reason, had already occurred; and no one could change it. Whatever pain and suffering she went through in the past was already over.

“No, you really need to hear me out,” exclaimed Du Jingtang as he hurriedly stood in front of her, almost bumping into her shoulder. “Do you know why Cousin is so nice to Li Manni? Perhaps he himself does not know sometimes, but he is finding something through her.

“Didn’t you notice? Actually, the vibe that Li Manni gives out… sometimes, it resembles a person.”

‘I know,” laughed Xia Ruoxin, but her smile was filled with sarcasm. “She’s like Xia Yixuan.”

“No,” boomed Du Jingtang in a serious voice. “She resembles you, not Xia Yixuan.”

Xia Ruoxin was slightly taken aback. It was unnecessary to talk about this now since she and that man would never be possible ever again. So there was not a need to be conflicted over who was whose substitute. There was no point.

“He did not let you take anything when you left the Chu Family because he kept everything you left behind in perfect condition and hidden here,” said Du Jingtang as he placed his hand on his chest. “If you have a chance to look at his shirt pocket, you will realize that it contains something that he has with him all the time for the past four years without fail.

“If you said he loves Li Manni, then why would she let herself be used by someone else and drug him? Because after you left, Cousin’s temper was affected severely; and he would be easily irritable and would throw a huge tantrum. Whenever it happens, Li Manni would give him that kind of medicine. If he really loved her, Li Manni would believe it. Woman’s intuition is very accurate. She knows herself very clearly that Cousin does not love her.”

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