Chapter 56 - How Will She Compensate?

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Chapter 56: How Will She Compensate?

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It exhausted Xia Ruoxin and fell asleep again.

He sat down and put his hand on her face. “I’m bringing you out for dinner tonight. Remember to wait for me.”

She merely replied with an unconscious low murmur. She fell back into a deep sleep.

He stood up and looked down at the woman who was huddling her body as she slept on the bed. His thin lips slightly curled with a hint of aloofness. It might have been the lighting in the bedroom which gave him such a look.

He looked up and cast a glance at the wedding portrait hanging on the wall. When his gaze fell on Xia Yixuan’s face, the pain quickly flashed in his dark eyes. But it went away just as fast as it appeared.

He closed the door. All that was left was a woman who was too exhausted to open her eyes.

Chu Lui, the CEO of Chu Enterprise made an unprecedented move and was late on that day—it was over two hours. It had never happened before.

” Tsk … Cousin, one look at you and I could tell that you’ve overindulged in lust. Be careful about your health. Remember to take more tonics. Like that deer penis or whatever.”

“Du Jingtang, not a single word from you again. Do you really think I won’t dare to lay a finger on you?” Chu Lui looked up from among the stacks of documents. His voice was calm, but there was a serious warning laced on it. He better shut his mouth or else, Chu Lui would kick him all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

“Ahh. Cousin, I’ll stop. I will just sit here. I’m serious. I will sit here and be silent. You don’t really have to kick me. One doesn’t go around kicking a handsome man’s buttocks.” Du Jingtang hastily took a sit at the side. It was one of those threats again. He couldn’t help but rub his butt. It was always the same trick. Wasn’t he shameful?

“Oh, yes. Cousin, come over to my house today. My mom said she has not seen you for a long time. She wants you to come over for dinner when you have the time.” Du Jingtang stretched his legs. His mother was biased for all she thought was his cousin. She did not even look at her own son who was her flesh and blood, a part of her.

“I have an appointment.” It took a while for Chu Lui to reply. He recalled his promise to that woman. “Perhaps another day.”

Du Jingtang merely lifted his brows. “Oh, I see.”…

He took a stack of documents and passed them to Chu Lui. “Cousin, the contract for today. This is…”

There was a constant nagging within the quiet CEO’s office. However, since Du Jingtang worked for Chu Lui, he was the one who was always talking while Chu Lui listened on.

When Xia Ruoxin woke up, it was already noon. On that day, she had a deep slumber and woke up late. She sat up, lowered her head, and saw the bruises. She also knew what had happened between Chu Lui and herself.

She picked up his clothes that were lying on the floor. As she rested her hand on her forehead, a vague and faint bitter smile appeared on her face.

He had found her when she left yesterday. There were some things she couldn’t recall. She knew it was him. Whatever he had said, she couldn’t remember.

She really couldn’t recall.

Why did he search for her? Why couldn’t he leave her alone to live or die?

She did not want to have any hope or expectation for despair always comes after hope. As she looked up, the wedding portrait was still hanging on the wall, occupying half of it. It was not a thing that hung between them. It was Xia Yixuan. He said she owed him and Xia Yixuan a life.

But this life, were they expecting her to compensate?

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