Chapter 560 - The Fats Gained from Eating

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Chapter 560 The Fats Gained from Eating

Du Jingtang said everything in one breath. He said so much he felt like smoke was about to come out of his mouth. However, Xia Ruoxin was extremely quiet. He didn’t even know if any of his words went into her ears.

Du Jingtang suddenly felt a little dejected. Don’t let him say so many things in vain, at least give him a bit of reaction.

He swallowed hard-so nervous that his teeth ached. Suddenly, several cups of water appeared in front of him just like an oasis in the desert. He hastily picked up the cups of water and gulped them all down.

“Ah, how tasty!” He had never known that water actually tasted so good. It was tastier than any drink or alcohol. So the tastiest drink in the world wasn’t anything else but water, just plain water.

“Thank you, another cup please.” He reached out his cup only to meet an adorable small face. A pair of tiny hands reached out to receive the cup in his hands, and then those two little feet ran really quickly. In a moment, a cup of water had arrived.

“Good girl. Uncle didn’t dote on you for nothing. Only you know how to care about Uncle.” He received the cup and finished the water in it, only patting his chest after that. Ah, how comfortable. He placed down the cup in his hand and quickly picked up the little fella on the floor. “Let’s go, Uncle’s bringing you to play.” He had forgotten about the large one after seeing the small one.

However, upon turning back, he looked deeply into Xia Ruoxin’s eyes. “Sister Ruoxin, everything that I have said is the truth. I have no intention of lying to you. Last time, he treated you really badly; but do you know that he’s trying his utmost best to compensate you now? Do you know that right now he actually still has a fever? But just to let me spend more time with Rainy, he took on all the workload, even forgetting that he’s still a patient.

“I’m not putting in a good word for him. I just feel that you should think again. Maybe your next step could bring about a new change in your lives, and of course, the little cutie’s life as well.”

He reached out his hand to touch Rainy’s small cheeks.

“Alright, Little Cutie, let Uncle bring you to play.” He lowered his head and kissed the child in his arms. Everything that he had wanted to say, he already said them. He had already tried his best. As for her opinions, that was for her to decide on herself. Nobody had the right to concern themselves with it.

He hugged Rainy and headed out, the door shutting behind them. As for what Xia Ruoxin was thinking about, only she was able to know.

Xia Ruoxin stood in front of the window and pulled open the curtains, whereas Jingtang was carrying Rainy into the car. Then, the car quickly left her line of sight. She turned back around, observing her surroundings. It was really quiet, so quiet that there wasn’t a single sound.

She sat back onto the sofa and reached out her hands to pick up the doll that Rainy loved. She took the doll into her embrace, but for some reason, her fingers were placed on her eyes. She put down her fingers, only to realize that they were wet with tears. She cried. She didn’t know why she was crying. Why was she crying?

“Chu Lui, I don’t love you. I really don’t love you anymore.”

She continuously mumbled to herself. Yes, she didn’t love him anymore. But if she didn’t love him, why did her heart have this aching feeling? It ached and hurt. It felt unbearable.

She loved him for twenty years and went through all sorts of hardships. It was really enough for her.

She wiped away her tears and then glanced at the clock on the wall. It was time for her to cook because Gao Yi was coming home soon. That’s right, she had Gao Yi already. She shouldn’t be thinking about other people.

She stood up and carefully placed down Rainy’s doll. Rainy loved this doll extremely much, and she never had a change of heart. However, Xia Ruoxin never knew who this doll represented in her daughter’s mind.

She placed her fingers on the doll again and started to go into a trance—for a long time. It was just that the light in her eyes grew dull.

Du Jingtang held Rainy’s small hand. If he wasn’t swinging it left to right, then he was holding many things in his hand. Of course, Rainy, too. From the moment they left the house, her mouth had never stopped moving.

No wonder Rainy ate so much. It was all because of this uncle spoiling her.

“Does it taste good?” Du Jingtang squatted down in front of Rainy. He knew that the little cutie used to have a tough life that’s why he couldn’t help but want to stuff all the delicious food into her tiny belly.

“Yes.” Rainy firmly nodded her head, her mouth ceaselessly eating away.

“Don’t rush. You see, there’s still a lot of food here with Uncle, enough for you to eat for a very long time. That’s why don’t rush, or you’ll end up choking.

“Right, here drink some.” Du Jingtang hastily raised the drink in his hand and placed it beside Rainy’s tiny mouth. Rainy obediently drank a few mouthfuls, and of course, the rest went into Du Jingtang’s stomach.

He suddenly pinched the meat on his waist. You see, shopping with this little fella-when she ate, he ate as well. Right now, he became fatter. He had already grown so much… fats.

That damn man kept telling him every day that he looked like a pig. Has anyone ever seen such a handsome pig?

“Uncle, my hair is untied.” Rainy raised her little hands, and within them was a red ribbon. Xia Ruoxin helped her tie it on her hair in the morning.

“Don’t worry, your all-powerful Uncle is here.” Du Jingtang confidently smiled. It was a mere butterfly bow; there was no way it could be too much for him—the mighty Chu Enterprise’s Vice-CEO-to handle. He’d have you know, he was a top graduate of an Ivy League University in America.

If he couldn’t even deal with an ordinary butterfly bow, then wouldn’t that be really embarrassing?

However, very quickly, the all-time confident him had drops of cold sweat forming on his forehead. An ordinary butterfly bow was enough to stump him. His slightly clumsy hands tied Rainy’s hair up with the ribbon. One moment, the knot fell; another moment, it was slanted. Other times, it looked terrible. Anyway, no matter how much he fiddled with it, it never looked as good as how Xia Ruoxin tied it.

Pitiful Rainy could only lift her small head, purse her lips, and stand upright. Du Jingtang’s face had become red at that moment; this little child had already been standing there for a very long time.

“Uncle, Rainy’s hair hurts.” Finally, she couldn’t endure it and spoke out in a small voice, her eyebrows furrowing even more. After another round of Du Jingtang’s frantic fumbling, the red ribbon fell back into his hands. The other things didn’t matter; it was all because this little fella’s hair was too short. Let’s just say it was too short. How did her mother help her tie it up? He finally had no choice but to admit that he really couldn’t get this to work.

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