Chapter 561 - Crying Her Eyes Out

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Chapter 561 Crying Her Eyes Out

“Uncle…” Rainy flattened her mouth, looking like she was about to cry. She gripped onto the ribbon in Du Jingtang’s hand. If he continued on like this, she might just start crying for real.

“Alright, don’t cry, don’t cry. Uncle will find another way.” He hastily picked Rainy up, so frantic that a layer of perspiration had formed on his forehead.

Right. His eyes suddenly lit up, and he pinched Rainy’s tender cheeks. “Uncle thought of a very good idea. It’ll make Rainy look really pretty.” He hastily picked up all his belongings before finally turning around. Although he had a child in his arms, his legs kept picking up the pace. So much so that it even felt like his legs were sweeping up a slight breeze, and on his face, a long-lost smile had reappeared.

He was indeed clever. This idea was totally brilliant. He believed that in a moment the little cutie would be happy.

Pretty? Rainy curiously blinked her grape-like black eyes. She obediently stayed in Du Jingtang’s arms; however, her head was lowered. She used her small hands to touch her short hair, disappointment slightly showing on her face.

Actually, she loved that butterfly bow the best.

Chu Lui placed down the documents in his hand. His right wrist hurt like hell. It was so sore he could barely even lift it up. However, the more it hurt at that moment, the more he was reminded of something.

A faint bitter smile flashed across his lips. Has he ever gone through as much pain as Xia Ruoxin? He once ruthlessly broke her arm. Even if he gave an arm back to her, it would still never be enough to make up for everything she went through.

A chain of ringtones rang, and he rubbed the spot between his eyebrows before picking up the cellphone left beside him.

He opened the handphone and took a look. It was Du Jingtang. He hastily placed the handphone to his ear, and a deep crease formed between his eyebrows.

“Cousin, save me!” Du Jingtang’s agitated voice traveled from the other side of the phone. Behind him, there was also the sound of a child wailing from time to time.

Rainy. Chu Lui hastily straightened his body. Why was Rainy crying? What happened to his daughter?

“Tell me. What happened to Rainy?” He coldly asked. From time to time, he could hear the sound of Du Jingtang comforting Rainy, just that the child’s wailing got louder and louder. It was so loud that even her sweet tender voice had already started to sound hoarse.

This damn Du Jingtang. What did he do to his daughter?

“Cousin, don’t ask any more questions. Just make your way here first. I really can’t handle this anymore.” Du Jingtang’s lifeless voice spoke. It seemed like he was really driven into a corner by the little fella.

Chu Lui put down his handphone and frantically ripped off the needle on the back of his hand before getting up. The nurse entered the room, and upon seeing that the IV drip bag was still half-full, she exclaimed,

“Mr. Chu, your IV drip has yet to be completed?” She had never seen such an uncooperative patient. The last time he left his bed, he came back with a bad cold. Was he still planning to head out?

What if he fell sick again? What were they supposed to do then?

“I’m heading out for a while. I’ll be right back.” Chu Lui’s footsteps never stopped. He pulled open the door and walked straight out. Even before the nurse could dissuade him, he had already left the room. Neatly piled on the bed were documents that he had gone through within an hour.

The nurse could only sigh and head out to inform the doctor about the situation. Anyway, this man was like that all day; it wasn’t anything new to them. Patients who stayed in the VIP ward were all troublesome, and sure enough, one was really more troublesome than the other.

Chu Lui’s fingers were placed at the spot between his eyebrows the entire time as he constantly rubbed at it. He felt that his head was distended and hurt like hell. He shook his head vigorously to wake himself up.

It was only then that he sat into his car and drove off at the fastest speed. The wails of the child from within the handphone made his heartache unbearably. Rainy was always an extremely well-behaved child, and he rarely saw her cry. Now, she was sobbing so badly for some unknown reason, and it made him unbelievably anxious. Even his eyebrows that were furrowed helplessly relaxed.

On the other side, Du Jingtang placed down the cellphone in his hand and took in a deep breath.

In his arms was a wailing child. See, she cried as expected. Furthermore, she was crying so sorrowfully. The more he consoled her, the harder she cried. How could this be? Rainy cried so much that he was practically at a loss of what to do.

He could make her happy and make her laugh, but facing a child that was crying her eyes out, he was practically helpless… the same as with that bloody ribbon.

“Little cutie, don’t cry. Your daddy and mommy will be here in a moment.” His head and heart ached as he ceaselessly coaxed the child in his arms. However, the child simply cried with more grief as time passed. Her eyes and her tiny nose were red from crying, and the more he tried to console her, the harder the child sobbed. People passing by ceaselessly accused him. How could a big man like him bully a little girl? Simply atrocious.

Du Jingtang awkwardly lowered his head. This time, he was really ashamed. However, as long as this little fella stopped crying, it was enough for him. She had already been crying for about half an hour. Was it still not enough?

At the entrance, Chu Lui stopped the car. His complexion was poor because he was still having a fever, and his entire body felt weak. He got out of the car and coincidentally met with Xia Ruoxin who had hastily rushed over.

“Ruoxin.” Chu Lui stepped forward with haste and grasped Xia Ruoxin’s hand. Why was she here? Without question, Du Jingtang must have called her over as well.

“Don’t worry, Rainy’s fine. Let’s go in and take a look first.” His extremely composed voice consoled Xia Ruoxin, knowing that she must have been worried about her daughter.

Xia Ruoxin had no reaction, and she unintentionally let Chu Lui hold her hand. Right now, she was only worried about Rainy. She didn’t even notice that Chu Lui’s hand, which was tightly gripping hers, was actually of a higher temperature than an ordinary person’s. His hands gave her slightly cold hands a new-found sense of warmth. She was so worried about her daughter that she had failed to realize-in that instant, Chu Lui’s body temperature was evidently abnormal. His complexion was also appallingly wretched.

“Let’s head in first.” Gripping the hand in his palm tightly, Chu Lui felt that for the first time his life seemed perfect. This feeling-he only experienced it four years ago, and only she could make him feel that way. How could he have been so dumb back then? Denying himself so obstinately.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be under such circumstances now.

However, now was not the time to be overthinking. The only person they were worried about was their daughter. Two people who didn’t live together were brought together by a common point-their daughter.

From afar, they could already hear Rainy’s wailing traveling periodically towards them.

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