Chapter 562 - Small Watermelon

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Chapter 562 Small Watermelon

Chu Lui hastened his steps quite a bit, but his hands were still tightly holding onto Xia Ruoxin. He wanted to use his own body heat to warm up her hands a little more. She was too nervous.

“Mommy…” Upon seeing Xia Ruoxin, Rainy hastily crawled down Du Jingtang’s legs, feeling unbelievably wronged. She ran towards Xia Ruoxin and hugged her leg. “Mommy.” She lifted her small face and looked at Xia Ruoxin, letting out short sobs from time to time. Her small face was practically about to be flooded with tears, and her eyes—they were redder than a rabbit’s.

Xia Ruoxin quickly picked up her daughter and ran her fingers through Rainy’s hair that had become considerably shorter. Right now, she looked practically like a small watermelon. Where was her daughter’s hair? Where was the hair that she had painstakingly grown out? Why was it gone?

“Jingtang, what the hell is going on?” Chu Lui’s body temperature was extremely high, yet, his voice was chilly. Why was his daughter crying with such agony? What on earth did he do to her?

Chu Lui’s cold expression made Du Jingtang feel extremely wronged. It was just that he didn’t know how to explain himself as well. He did indeed make the little cutie cry, and what’s more, she was crying so miserably.

“I don’t know as well.” He touched his nose. “I just brought her to cut her hair. She was clearly well-behaved at the start, but she just suddenly started weeping endlessly.” Up until now, he still couldn’t understand; what was she crying about?

Xia Ruoxin gently patted her daughter’s back and placed her hands on Rainy’s short hair. “You guys haven’t forgotten that Rainy was once sick, right? She went through chemotherapy so for a while, she had no hair. She was terrified of letting others see what she looked like without hair, and that’s why during that time, she refused to go out. Even if she went out, she always had to wear a sun hat because she thought that other people would laugh at her and dislike her.”

Xia Ruoxin gently caressed her daughter’s soft hair. Although she had already tried her best to stay by Rainy’s side, that incident had still left behind a scar in her daughter’s heart. In actual fact, she knew that Rainy wasn’t afraid of being bald; she was afraid of falling sick again.

Du Jingtang paused for a moment. He didn’t know about that, and candidly, that hairstylist was of such low caliber. Look, he made the little cutie’s hair look almost like a watermelon.

“Now what do we do? We can’t just let her keep crying now, can we?” Du Jingtang really had no more strength this time. How could he be the one to upset the little cutie again? He didn’t even know where he had gone wrong, and there was no way he could make her hair long again.

Chu Lui shot a glare towards Du Jingtang making him lower his head, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Xia Ruoxin could only incessantly patted her daughter’s back, not knowing how to stop her tears. Those days were not only a nightmare for her but also for Rainy.

Rainy clutched onto Xia Ruoxin’s neck. She cried so much that there wasn’t any more sound. It was only her tiny shoulders that kept trembling as she continued crying.

Rainy didn’t like crying at all. But when she cried, she was really hard to coax. As a matter of fact, she had a temper too, a really big temper at that. For example, right now, she was just as obstinate as her parents.

“Let me do it.” Chu Lui suddenly reached out his hands and carried the child in Xia Ruoxin’s arms over. Rainy lifted her head and glanced at him. Her small mouth flattened from time to time, and her hands pulled at the shirt in front of his chest.

“Don’t be afraid. Daddy’s here. Daddy will make you very pretty.” Although his daughter would still be cute even if she was bald-as long as she didn’t like it, then as her father he was going to help her change it no matter what.

“Don’t worry, I have a way.” Chu Lui hugged the child in his arms a little tighter and gave Xia Ruoxin a comforting smile. That smile really wasn’t something that should’ve appeared on this icy and tough man’s face. He rarely smiled, but when he did, it felt as if the ice had melted. It was just that at that moment, his somewhat sickly complexion had revealed the fatigue and the horrendous condition of his body.

Xia Ruoxin’s arms were empty. Her lips moved slightly before her gaze finally landed on Rainy who was in Chu Lui’s embrace. He had a solution, a solution… was there really a solution?

“Don’t worry, follow me.” Chu Lui’s hands carefully protected the child in his arms. Rainy was already tired from crying, and her small face leaned against his chest. Despite this, her eyelashes fluttered occasionally, and each time her eyes closed, teardrops would fall from her eyes.

She didn’t want to be a watermelon; she wanted to be Rainy. She didn’t want to be sick, and she didn’t want to be in pain.

“Mommy, Rainy doesn’t want to be bald. I don’t want to be in pain.” Her tender voice spoke. Tired from crying, her voice had a little hoarseness to it. Chu Lui stopped walking for a while and asked Xia Ruoxin who walked behind him the entire time.

“Back then, was she really in a lot of pain?’

Xia Ruoxin paused for a moment and then lightly pressed her lips together. “Yes, she was in a lot of pain. She had to get injections every day, and because she was very small, her blood vessels were extremely thin. Sometimes, they had to make many attempts before finally finding her tiny blood vessels; and after the treatment, she wouldn’t be able to eat. She would end up puking anything she consumed, and not only did she vomit, but she was also very scared.

“Sorry…” Chu Lui hugged his daughter a little tighter. It was all his fault. Back then, when she was trying so hard to save her daughter, what was he doing? He was humiliating her; he even gave up saving his daughter for a child that wasn’t even his.

No matter what he did, there was no way for him to make up for the things that he had done; and even if he outdid himself now, there was still no way for him to make up for all that lost time.

As for the woman he didn’t love, he was cherishing her and giving her his everything. The things that he could give, the things that he couldn’t give—he gave her all of it.

Yet, towards the woman he clearly loved, he was so ruthless and so cruel that he didn’t even dare to recall the things that he had done with his own two hands. He robbed her of her everything. The things she could lose, the things she couldn’t lose—he ruined all of it.

He was not able to forgive himself for it.

Another word of apology. Xia Ruoxin carried the child in his arms over. “You don’t have to apologize anymore. I told you before. I have already forgotten about it.” She carried her daughter and started walking a little faster.

All just to stop herself from overthinking. She refused to let this man’s actions affect her once again. She was only doing this for her daughter; it was only for Rainy.

Upon feeling that his arms were empty, Chu Lui’s body swayed to the side. Du Jingtang hastily held him up and clearly sensed the temperature of his body. It was unbelievably high.

“Cousin, you…” He frantically held Chu Lui back. He was sick right now, and he was also feverish.

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