Chapter 563 - Who Cut Her Hair

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Chapter 563 Who Cut Her Hair

“I’ll be fine.” Chu Lui pulled his hands away and picked up his pace to catch up to Xia Ruoxin. It was his own body, and he knew it best. As tired and unwell as he was, he could endure it. He was fine, but his daughter-right now, she was still unhappy. She was currently asleep, but what about when she wakes up later? Was she going to cry again?

He had already made her cry enough. He couldn’t let her cry anymore. He was a father. If he couldn’t even protect his own daughter, then he was really unworthy of being a parent and unworthy of having a child.

In the past, he didn’t know that he had made the tiny her suffer so much, but now that he did, he had no reason and no authority to let his daughter continue suffering.

They got off the car once again, and Chu Lui carried Rainy as he walked out of the car. His two hands felt a little weak, but he continued to hug his daughter tightly. He lifted his head, and the bright glass door entered his vision.

“Ruoxin, do you remember this place?” His voice was slightly sentimental. This office-it was here that he got to see a different side of Xia Ruoxin. Perhaps, it was also at this place that he fell for her. Of course, more importantly, this place was the start of her descent to hell. Him back then was sincere, and he had also truly forgotten all about his schemes and plots.

“I don’t.” Xia Ruoxin turned her face away. She hadn’t forgotten; she just didn’t want to remember. This place started off with a lie and ended with another lie.

What else did she need to remember? Then again, what else was there to remember?

“Ruoxin, actually that day, my feelings were genuine; but I denied myself… and I denied you.” Hearing her say that she had forgotten about this place, Chu Lui’s heart instantly felt a pang of pain. However, he understood that all this was what he deserved.

It didn’t matter if she forgot about it. As long as he remembered, that was enough.

“Don’t worry, I won’t force you anymore. Neither will I snatch Rainy away from you.” He lowered his head and looked at the child within his embrace. His fingers gently caressed his daughter’s small face, “I won’t force you to do things that you don’t want to do. As long as you can let me see both of you more often, that’s enough for me.

“I really have too much to apologize for, but I know that my apology is actually the cheapest thing to offer.” At that moment, Rainy gently fluttered her eyelashes and opened her eyes that were red from crying. Oh man, she was going to cry again.

“Alright, baby, Daddy’s bringing you in.” He placed his hands on Rainy’s small face gently caressing it. The smile on his face was extremely gentle. Only towards the people he loved was it possible for this coldhearted and ruthless man to show such a heart-warming expression.

Xia Ruoxin lifted her head once again. She raised her legs about to enter this eccentric place. This was the place that gave her dreams. She thought that Cinderella could finally become a princess but only understood at the end that she wasn’t Cinderella. Cinderella had the love of a prince while all she received was hate.

This place, Du Jingtang furrowed his brows. Why would Cousin come here? This person had always been a ruthless and greedy trickster. Wanting him to personally lift a finger, money was a small issue; but one would never know what ploy he could have up his sleeve.

Du Jingtang shook his head and walked inside, leaving only Xia Ruoxin standing outside. Deep inside her heart, it had actually long become a cloud of mess. She clasped her hands together. Whether this man was a swindler or not seemingly had nothing to do with her.

Qin Luo sluggishly sat atop a chair. Upon seeing Chu Lui enter, his eyelids barely lifted. It was only when his gaze landed on the woman who last entered that he finally sat up and placed the wine glass in his hand aside.

He immediately stood up and approached Xia Ruoxin. “Hi, we meet again. Do you still remember me?” He lowered his head, carefully using his eyes to outline Xia Ruoxin’s face that had seemingly not changed a bit in four years.

Xia Ruoxin lightly nodded her head. This man’s looks were extremely peculiar; he was more stunning than a woman, making it hard for people to forget.

“Well, that’s just great, such a pity. If-back then-you went through some repackaging with me, you would definitely have become the most dazzling star. It was just a pity that this man…” He tilted his head. Everybody knew who he was referring to right.

“He was so tyrannical, didn’t even give me a chance. But have you changed your mind now? That’s true, you guys aren’t married anymore, and you’re still an unadorned beauty[1]. Although slightly older.”

“Enough, Qin Luo!” Chu Lui’s eyes shot daggers. However, he still made sure to carefully protect the little fella that wouldn’t stop crying in his arms. He wasn’t here today to let him look at some jade; he was here for him to take a look at his daughter.

Furthermore, four years ago, he had already warned him not to get any ideas about Xia Ruoxin. Wasn’t this attention-seeker’s memory getting a little too hazy?

“Ok, I understand. You don’t have to glare at me like that. My memory’s good. You said before that she’s your wife and not any other woman. Just that now, she isn’t anymore.” Qin Luo raised both of his hands, his mouth practically never shutting up. As for Chu Lui’s cold expression, he saw it several times anyway.

It was truly a pity that his decent face was expressionless all day. It was really a waste.

Xia Ruoxin took a step back, not wanting to let her heart be shaken up again. Wife? What kind of wife was she?

A smile tugged at her lips, but it was a self-mocking and lonely smile. Chu Lui pressed his thin lips tightly together, extremely displeased by Qin Luo’s useless rambles. Could he not mention the things that happened four years ago?

“Alright, I’ll stop talking.” Seemingly sensing the weird atmosphere between the two of them, Qin Luo hastily shut his mouth; and his expression became a lot more serious. “Speak, what are you here for today? I know that there’s no way you’re looking for an image change because you’re not so ridiculous.”

“Then her?” He pointed towards Xia Ruoxin; however, Chu Lui remained speechless.

“Oh, it’s not.” As expected, there was not much expression on Xia Ruoxin’s face. Qin Luo could also confirm that it wasn’t her.

“Then, him?” He pointed again to Du Jingtang, to which, Du Jingtang frantically shook his head. “Not me. I think I look pretty good already. I don’t need your touch-ups.”

Narcissistic. Qin Luo unconcernedly lifted his lips. He was already so ugly. Even if he wanted touch-ups, Qin Luo also wasn’t going to be willing to help.

“Not you, not him, and not her. Then you don’t mean to say… the only one you want me to help is that one in your arms?”

Actually, he had realized that Chu Lui was carrying the small one since the start. If he guessed correctly, she should be his daughter.

[1] The direct translation is unpolished Jade.

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