Chapter 57 - Unfair

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Chapter 57: Unfair

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She put her clothes on and kept the gown she had worn last night carefully hidden. If it was possible, she did not want to wear it again. She felt disgraced and embarrassed when she wore it. It reflected the current state of her reputation.

After mocking herself, she tied her hair up and walked out. She had not forgotten that there was no one else around. There was no maid because she was one.

The door opened, and it stunned her for a moment. It was spick and span outside. Even the floor had been mopped and there were still traces of water.

But who could have done everything?

“Ahh, Mrs. Chu. You are awake?” A young woman ran in from outside as she wiped her hands on her clothes. Her round face showed some anxiety.

“Mrs. Chu, I-I am new here. You can call me Xiao Hong.”

She lowered her head and smiled shyly. There was a tinge of simplicity about her, not one of complexed mind.

“Mhm, I understand. You can carry on.” Xia Ruoxin turned and walked back to her room. Luo Sha had left and Xia Hong was her replacement. She had nothing to do.

She sat by the bedside, took her sketchbook out of the drawer and started a new sketch. This time, the man in the drawing was not aloof or smiling. There was a weird confusion about him.

She still couldn’t recall what he had said before he left.

She stood up and drew the curtains back. She gazed out in a daze—the misty autumn colors was a warm yellow and tea. But her heart remained gray.

With her eyes closed, they gradually deposited a sense of indescribable loss.

‘Chu Lui, what was it you want? What was it you really want?’

When Chu Lui returned, he saw Xia Ruoxin eating and his eyes dangerously narrowed. Did she not take his words seriously? He had pushed Du Jingtang’s invitation away to rush back home. Yet, here she was, eating. Did she not think about him?

“Do you want some?” Xia Ruoxin asked once she saw him. She was slightly surprised, but she remembered to move away and offered him her seat. She had not been a fussy eater and would eat whatever was available. However, looking at the table of a few simple dishes, would he be able to do the same?

“Have you forgotten what I said?” Chu Lui advanced towards her. This bloody woman. To think he had wanted to treat her better. She really doesn’t know what was good for her.

Did she have to do the opposite of what he said and provoke him?

“What did you say?” It confused Xia Ruoxin. She put her chopsticks down, feeling weird. ‘Did he say anything?’

“Xia Ruoxin!” Chu Lui definitely raised his voice a notch while Xia Ruoxin merely stared at him with her innocent eyes. She really couldn’t recall or maybe she did. But what exactly did he say?

Chu Lui closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Otherwise, he might have strangled the woman to her death.

“I told you we are going out for dinner. Now you’ve eaten, what am I supposed to eat?” he said between clenched teeth. This was the first time he lost all poise before a woman. It was also the first that a woman had not taken his words seriously.

“I’m sorry. I really couldn’t recall. If you want to eat, I can fetch you a pair of chopsticks.” Xia Ruoxin stood up and walked into the kitchen. No one could see the look of disappointment as she turned around. She seemed to have missed something. She wondered if she would have another chance.

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