Chapter 58 - Harmoniously

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Chapter 58: Harmoniously

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A bitter laugh. Some smiles were meant to fall helplessly.

She put a pair of chopsticks opposite her. She had not cooked a lot of dishes, and she wondered if it would be enough for him. After all, she had already eaten half of them. Would he like it?

Chu Lui’s eyes remained narrowed and directed at her as if he wanted to burn a hole in her body with his stare.

“I will go and change. Shall we eat out?” She did not sit as she wondered if it was too late to change.

“No.” The voice sounded cold, and she cowered at its tone.

Chu Lui sat down and lifted his chopsticks. All of a sudden, he did not feel like going out. He took a bite with his chopsticks. It tasted bland, with minimum salt and spice. It did not have an overwhelming flavor. However, to a man who had been starving, it was a delicacy.

Xia Ruoxin turned around. With her curved eyelashes slightly fluttering, she stared—unmoving—at the man who was eating the dishes that she had cooked. She could feel her eyes turning misty. She felt moved.

As it turned out, they could co-exist peacefully like a normal husband and wife without mockery, hurt, or hatred.

“Do you think I’ll be full?” Chu Lui looked up abruptly and stared at Xia Ruoxin, right into her pure and beautiful eyes. The corners of his lips curled up slightly. He seldom saw her look so silly.

It was easy to guess what went through her mind.

“Remember to wait for me tomorrow. Or else, you don’t ever have to eat again.” It was clearly a threat… but somehow, it was lacking.

Chu Lui had chosen to be a paper tiger in this instance.

Xia Ruoxin hurriedly nodded and sat down. She picked up her chopsticks and began to eat only the rice in her bowl.

“Why aren’t you eating with the dishes?” Her head was almost buried into the bowl. Did she think it was tastier to have just plain rice?

“There wasn’t much left. I was worried that it might not be enough for you.” Xia Ruoxin looked up and started counting the dishes left. It was indeed insufficient. She had eaten some, and so did he. If she continued, there won’t be any left.

“Remember to cook more next time. With so little, do you think you’re feeding a cat?” His fingers paused for a moment. Very seldom had a woman cared for him like this. Around him, women would refuse to eat because they were trying to slim down. Not because they were worried that he did not have enough. As for Yixuan, he was always the one to care for her and pamper her. Naturally, she did not have to do this for him.

This was care without any motive. She had really thought it was not enough. He had the impression now: if they had only one bun now, she would rather starve to death and let him have the whole bun.

He gripped his chopsticks tight. Without knowing why, he felt more conflicted with his feelings now compared to earlier.

He had held onto some things stubbornly and consistently. However, gradually, little by little, they had started to loosen.

“Come here.” He put the chopsticks down and reached out. Xia Ruoxin bit on her chopsticks and looked at him, bewildered.

“Woman, do not always make me repeat my words.” His voice deepened. Xia Ruoxin finally stood up and walked over to him. However, she did not know what he wanted.

Chu Lui pulled easily with a backhand. She landed on his lap, and her cries for help were muffled between their kisses.

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