Chapter 59 - He Hurt Her Again

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Chapter 59: He Hurt Her Again

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His kiss was extremely forceful as if he was going to consume her soul. She could only accept his plundering. They were like this from the start—him capturing and her succumbing.

Chu Lui finally let go of her and placed a hand on her cheek, gently tracing her slightly swollen lips. He was the one who had made her lips rosy red. His eyes darkened slightly.

“Xia Ruoxin, remember, this is mine.” He put his hand on her lips. “Only I can touch them.” Then his hand shifted down to her waist. “Your body is mine, too. Only I can look. And…” Did something flash across his dark eyes?

His fingers went to her upper chest. “This is mine, too. Your whole being, your soul, your life. All of you belong to me.

“Do you understand?” He grasped her sharp chin and looked at her blinking, gentle, bright, and big eyes. They were beautiful—one of the most beautiful he had seen, but they were also the most wicked. He still had not forgotten how his Yixuan had died.

“Xia Ruoxin, you killed Yixuan. You must use your whole life—your everything—to pay me back.”

His voice was like a huge black net, capturing Xia Ruoxin’s heart securely.

Xia Ruoxin just nodded her head lightly. She knew and understood her place in this marriage, but she just wished he could treat her less cruelly and hurt her less. She could take the pain in her body, but please, don’t hurt her heart anymore.

This man was always like this. Just when a person started thinking he was treating them differently, he would hurt them instead.

“You’re crying again.” Chu Lui placed his finger under her eye, rubbing away her tears gently. He then put his finger against his lips. This was the first time he took the initiative to taste a woman’s tears.

He never thought it would be so salty between his lips… and slightly bitter.

Sometimes, hatred was a double-edged sword. When a person hated someone, that person might actually be hating themselves, too.

When he was hurting someone… maybe, he was being hurt, too.

This battle between them seemed to reach a deadlock.

“Good girl. Remember to wait for me tomorrow.” He bit her earlobe but realized that her soft ear had turned red. It was cute.

Not only did Xia Ruoxin’s eye rim turn red, but her eyes were also turning red, too. He said ‘tomorrow’. Was there really going to be a ‘tomorrow’?

She was extremely moved by Chu Lui’s small kindness, but she never thought that behind his kindness, there might be an ulterior motive.

Chu Lui put his hand on Xia Ruoxin’s head, his lips curving into a perfect smile. She was not sure what meaning the smile held.

However, it definitely was not a genuine smile. It would never appear on someone as cold as Chu Lui.

Xia Ruoxin was waiting for tomorrow nervously, the tomorrow he said.

She had already changed into a new set of clothes. In the mirror was a woman smiling brightly with a hint of silliness and naivety. She was not crying anymore… but smiling.

Chu Lui, her husband. She sat at the top of the bed, her fingers brushing gently against another pillow. Last night, they spent yet another quiet and blissful night together again. He kept holding her as they slept. He thought that there was nothing but hatred between them, but that was not the case now. Their relationship was improving gradually; it kept changing.

He could not love her, but at least hate her less.

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