Chapter 601 - His Choice

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Chapter 601 His Choice

At that moment, Bai Zhenfeng’s voice was practically filled with rage. With every word that he spoke, his voice would get louder. In the end, he was already close to roaring out his words.

Also, at that moment, Bai Luoyin was mumbling periodically to herself as well. Her hoarse voice really tugged at people’s hearts; however, among those people, there definitely wouldn’t be Gao Yi.

His expression remained unchanged, and even his posture stayed the same.

Bai Zhenfeng was really disappointed in Gao Yi. However, he was even more disappointed in his own daughter. This desperate person, was it really his-Bai Zhenfeng’s-daughter? However, between a good-for-nothing daughter and a dead daughter, which one did he want?

He suddenly felt that he was somewhat shameless. “Gao Yi, you should understand that your mother actually can’t leave me. If you want your mother to be unhappy, then go marry that woman. If you treat Luoyin well, then I’ll try to treat your mother well. Isn’t that what she’s been wanting her whole life? Think about it.”

Gao Yi’s lips twitched. Then, he turned around. His footsteps never stopped, but he still walked with big strides out of the room. He reached out his hand and placed it between his brows, roughly pinching down it. Then, he forcefully tried to shake off the inexplicable emotions inside him.

Bai Zhenfeng watched as Gao Yi left the room, his expression unbelievably grave and somber. Then, he turned around and sat down. Towards the half-dead and unconscious Bai Luoyin lying on the bed, he felt a sense of agony and complexity.

He glanced at Bai Luoyin once more before finally leaving the room. However, his slightly curved back already told people that he was actually already old. He wasn’t young anymore. However, he did not know that he had-in fact-long lost too much. Certain things, perhaps he would never be able to get them back again.

The door lightly shut, and nobody saw that at that moment, Bai Luoyin—who was on the bed-opened her eyes. Then, she sat up, and a pleased smile flashed across her face.

She had said before that she would definitely get what she wanted. Everyone had a weakness, and of course, Gao Yi was no exception. He could disregard and not care about everything, but there was just one person that he would definitely not be able to let go of.

That was his mother, Wei Lan. That woman was his true weakness.

“Mother or wife, Gao Yi, tell me which one do you actually want? The person that you’ve lived with all your life. It wasn’t so easy to leave them, and neither was it so simple as to just give them up.

“Heh…” She suddenly laughed. That laughter was actually extremely ear-piercing.

“What’s wrong, Xiao Yi? Is there something on your mind?” Wei Lan often felt that there was something wrong with her son recently. Was there something troubling him?

“I’m fine, Mom.” Gao Yi concealed all his complex emotions and smiled at Wei Lan. “Right, Mom.” He pretended to casually ask. “Let’s leave this place, alright? You, me, and Gao Xin.”

Wei Lan’s body jerked, and she shook her head. “If you want to leave, you guys can leave.”

“Mom…” Gao Yi still wanted to say something, but Wei Lan interrupted him.

“You’re still not at Mom’s age. You don’t understand… no matter what happens between me and Uncle Bai, up till now, and up to this day, actually… I can’t leave him already. How many more years do I have left? No, even if I die of old age, I will still die here.”

She understood that as stubborn as she was —the Bai family—she couldn’t leave them, and neither did she have the courage to do so.

Gao Yi pressed his lips tightly together. The light in his pupils seemingly revealing a layer of… gloom.

Because of the rain just now—at that moment, the sky outside was exceptionally bright. Although it was England, the Bai family often ate Chinese food for their three meals a day. That’s why most of the time, Xia Ruoxin didn’t actually feel like she had left her hometown. Neither did she feel like she was actually already standing on a foreign land with a sea of white-skinned foreigners outside.

She sat on the grass patch at the side with an old doll placed on her lap. She picked it up and took a look, her fingers gently patting the skirt on the doll. Although she already tried her best, this doll had still become older than before. However, to Rainy, that child… this was still the same doll that she had always liked. It didn’t matter whether it was old; neither did it matter if it was dirty. It would still be her favorite doll.

She turned her head and watched the child playing with a soccer ball alone. That soccer ball was given to her by Gao Xin. In the past, she liked to play this with Du Jingtang. Even though she was a girl, she still really liked to play with the soccer ball. Even if she played with it alone, she would still be very entertained.

The soccer ball incessantly rolled on the ground, and her small legs stepped on the neatly mowed lawn from time to time, currently running forward. Xia Ruoxin faintly let out a sigh. Thankfully, this lawn could be stepped on now. Otherwise, she would feel really sorry for the gardener who would have to toil away at the grass.

She placed down the doll in her hand and just sat there peacefully. Rainy suddenly turned around and waved her small hand at her. On her tiny face was an extremely adorable smile, and suddenly, Xia Ruoxin started smiling with her daughter.

Not too far from them, a man stood leaning against the wall. He was watching them the entire time, and his eyes were slightly narrowed. On his face, there was a never-before-seen somber expression.

Xia Ruoxin lifted her head and looked in that direction. However, after a long time, seemingly nobody was there. That’s weird; she clearly felt that somebody was there.

A soccer ball rolled next to her leg, and she finally redirected her gaze. A pair of tiny feet already stood by her side.

“Mommy, Bally.” Rainy reached out her two tiny hands. She played so much that there was a little perspiration on her tiny face. Her tiny cheeks as well. Because she ran, it flushed a healthy shade of red. Xia Ruoxin rubbed her daughter’s hair before picking up the soccer ball and placing it into her daughter’s small hands.

Rainy hugged the soccer ball tightly. “Thanks, Mommy.” She sweetly smiled at Xia Ruoxin and then carried her soccer ball away to play on her own. Xia Ruoxin sat down again, and just like that, she kept her daughter company without even moving a muscle.

This had seemingly already become part of her daily life. Every day, she brought her daughter around with her; and seeing her smile, she would smile as well. It was just that her heart had become heavier as time passed.

She wasn’t happy, and she didn’t feel at ease. She seemingly felt a sense of repression, heavily pressing down on her body and her heart.

By the time she held Rainy’s hand and walked back into the house, the mother and the two sons of the Gao family had already long gathered together; and the dining table was lined with dishes.

“Ruoxin, come, come over. Today, we’re having a change of cuisine.” Wei Lan smiled. In her eyes, there was seemingly a faint look of worry; and her face… there was not much happiness on it as well. Recently, everybody in this place was like that. She was like that, and so was Wei Lan, Gao Yi, and now, even Gao Xin.

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