Chapter 602 - He Wanted to Get Married

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Chapter 602 He Wanted to Get Married

No, there was another person. She was the only one who had no worries and lived carefreely. That person was her Rainy. Rainy gripped Xia Ruoxin’s hand tightly. The sensitive her had perceived the weird atmosphere in the room, and she unwittingly moved closer to her mother.

“Rainy, come over here to Daddy.” Gao Yi reached out both of his hands. After that day, he seemingly rarely hugged the child as well.

Rainy somewhat hesitantly gripped her mother’s hand tightly. Perhaps because she hadn’t seen him in a few days, she felt somewhat estranged.

Gao Yi’s hands remained in the air, and the smile on his lips seemingly widened a little. However, the disappointment in his eyes thickened as well. Since when did Rainy become estranged from him as well?

Xia Ruoxin released her daughter’s hand and rubbed her hair. “What’s wrong? Does Rainy not recognize Daddy anymore? Go on.” She pushed her daughter’s tiny figure forward; however, Rainy still remained standing at the same spot. Finally, she walked in front of Gao Yi.

“Daddy…” she said softly, seemingly a little afraid and alienated.

It was only then that Gao Yi pulled Rainy into a tight embrace, letting her sit on his lap. The addition of this soft and tiny figure in his arms, he found it very endearing. He had always known that this child was extremely sensitive, but he didn’t expect that she would be able to perceive the undercurrent between adults as well.

“Ruoxin, take a seat. What are you standing there for?” Seemingly noticing the stale atmosphere, Wei Lan hastily beckoned Xia Ruoxin over. The entire time, Gao Yi only spared a glance at her, just one glance. However, that one gaze made Xia Ruoxin pause for a moment, feeling a little perplexed. It was also the first time that she sat down so quietly, just like an extremely hard piece of wood.

She didn’t know what she had done wrong. Why did Gao Yi look at her with such an unfamiliar gaze? Was it because he was angry? Because of her reaction that day? It was just that she was already using all her strength and efforts to try to accept him again. She just needed a little more time, really just a little more time.

Gao Xin miserably ate his food. A change of cuisine… it was just that he liked Xia Ruoxin’s dishes more, whereas—this right now, he had already long gotten sick of it. He glared at Gao Yi. It was all his fault; he was the one who made him have to eat this food that he disliked.

“Mom…” Gao Yi suddenly spoke. Under this stale atmosphere, his voice sounded extremely clear. However, it also appeared cold and hard.

“What’s wrong?” Wei Lan confusedly asked her son. Was there something wrong? Why was his expression so grave?

“Mom, I’m going to get married.” He lowered his head and fed Rainy some food. His fingers gently touched Rainy’s small cheeks without end, seemingly wanting to remember the sensation.

“I know, I will prepare for it as soon as possible.” It was only then that Wei Lan let out a genuine smile, and the sorrowful look on her face had seemingly faded a lot. If hypothetically—there was something in this world that could still make her happy, then it would probably be her son’s happiness.

Her son was finally creating a family, and Ruoxin—this child—she really did like her a lot.

Xia Ruoxin’s fingers that were gripping chopsticks trembled for a moment. She lowered her head, a look of bewilderment flashing across her eyes. She didn’t understand why he—who hadn’t mentioned this for a long time-actively brought it up at this time.

Actually, this was good, too. Perhaps, as long as they got married, the unsettling feeling between them would disappear; and they would return to how they were before.

“Ah, congratulations, Big Brother Gao, you finally brought it up. I thought that you were going to wait till Rainy grew up and till you grew old to bring it up,” Gao Xin jokingly said. He picked up a few vegetables and placed them into his mouth. Yeah, actually this taste wasn’t too bad either, right?

“The person that I want to marry isn’t Ruoxin; it’s Bai Luoyin.” Gao Yi’s voice remained calm. However, everybody who was listening was shocked.


“What did you say?”.

Gao Xin immediately stood up. The chopstick in his hand fell onto the table just like that, and the other chopstick fell onto the floor. He didn’t hear it wrongly, did he? His older brother said what? He wanted to get married not with Sister Ruoxin, but with that Bai Luoyin that they all despised? He was joking, right?

“Xiao Yi, what are you saying?” Wei Lan strangely asked her son. He couldn’t have said it wrongly, could he?

“I didn’t say it wrongly. I’m very awake, and I know what I’m saying.”

Yes, he wanted to marry Bai Luoyin.

Xia Ruoxin lifted her head, and her face instantly paled. Why did he suddenly want to marry Bai Luoyin and not her?

“Ruoxin, I’m sorry.” Gao Yi placed down Rainy who was in his arms, and the moment Rainy’s feet touched the floor, she ran towards her mother. She tightly hugged onto her mother’s legs, a look of fear evident on her small face.

“Ruoxin, I’ve been thinking for a long time. We’re really not compatible with each other.” He didn’t say much because, for certain matters, there wasn’t much use saying anything more. As long as she knew his decision, that was enough.

He picked up the chopsticks on the table and expressionlessly ate the dishes on the dining table. Nobody saw the wry smile on his lips.

“Xiao Yi.” Wei Lan still wanted to say something. However, she was interrupted by Gao Yi. “Don’t say anything more, Mom. I’ve already made my decision.”

He spoke very gravely, and with much determination. Wei Lan was very sad, and yet she didn’t know how to change her son’s opinion. She felt really sorry for Xia Ruoxin. This piece of news was really unexpected and appalling. So appalling that everybody present was having a hard time accepting it.

Xia Ruoxin lowered her head, reaching out her hands to grip her daughter’s tiny ones. Regarding this situation, she could only helplessly laugh. If she didn’t laugh, did she need to cry?

Was this the feeling of getting dumped? How coincidental, she experienced it again.

She carried Rainy in her arms, and then she fed Rainy some food because she knew that her daughter wasn’t full. She could starve, and she could not think of eating. However, she didn’t want her own daughter to go hungry.

The few days after this, Gao Yi never appeared in front of her again. After he had that notion, and after he made that decision…

Xia Ruoxin kept thinking: did she do something wrong? Or was he doing this on purpose?

Because Bai Luoyin was forcing him or because Bai Luoyin was threatening him.

She wanted to meet him, and yet she didn’t dare to. She wanted to ask him about it, but again, she was afraid of hearing his answer. She seemingly had no right to question him why.

“Mommy, where’s Daddy?” Rainy ran over and tugged at Xia Ruoxin’s sleeve. Why hasn’t Daddy come see Rainy in so long? Does Daddy not want Rainy anymore?

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