Chapter 603 - He Wasn’t Marrying Her

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Chapter 603 He Wasn’t Marrying Her

The sensitive child hadn’t seen her father for a long time already. That’s why she was overthinking and afraid as well. She was afraid that she wouldn’t have a father, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to see him ever again.

Tears welled up in her eyes, seemingly about to fall.

Xia Ruoxin squatted down and hugged her daughter’s tiny figure in her arms. How was she supposed to say it? How was she supposed to tell her daughter? How was she supposed to tell her about this situation? Tell her that perhaps her father really didn’t want her and her mother anymore.

“Mommy.” Rainy tugged at her mother’s sleeve only to realize that tears were shimmering in her eyes. They looked just like jewels, and she wanted to touch it. However, all the jewels suddenly shattered with a ‘bang’.

Rainy placed her tiny hand on Xia Ruoxin’s eyes and moved her small face closer.

“Mommy, is there sand in your eyes?”

“Yes.” Xia Ruoxin’s voice was hoarse. She wanted to smile at her daughter, but all that she managed to pull out was those instantly shattering jewels instead.

“Look, there’s sand in Mommy’s eyes. The wind here is too strong, right?”

Rainy touched her own small cheeks. As expected, she felt the wind blowing against her face as well. It was very, very cold. She strenuously tip-toed on her tiny legs. Then, she placed her small hands onto her mother’s face. “Mommy, Rainy will help you blow the sand out.” As she spoke, her tiny mouth blew hard at her mother’s eyes. It was just that the more she blew, the more tears welled up in Xia Ruoxin’s eyes.

“Mommy, there’s even more sand.” Rainy was so anxious that she was about to cry.

Xia Ruoxin smiled and lifted her face, wanting to let these tears flow back into her stomach. It was just that her efforts were in vain.

She once again felt that she had been abandoned. Everything that she had persisted on and everything that she wanted. What exactly was long-lasting?

She just wanted a home. A home that belonged to herself. Was it her fault for wanting that as well? Perhaps, she was really asking for too much. She was this sort of a woman, one of her arms was crippled, and she had also sold herself before. What right did she have to impose on such a good man? The Bai family’s house, this place… it was so complicated. Some things could not be broken apart. For example, a married couple. For example, a married couple who has been together for ten years. For example, Wei Lan and… Bai Zhenfeng.

Rainy was tired from crying. She fell asleep laying on Xia Ruoxin’s shoulders. Xia Ruoxin carried her daughter up and brought her into the house to sleep. The sky, at that moment, was a little dusty.

It turned out that the rain overseas was cold as well.

The yard was filled with blooming roses, and its thick fragrance spread out all around.

Suddenly, ‘Da, Da’. It seemed like it had started to rain.

Those raindrops dripped down one drop at a time. After a while, the rain became heavier. At a distance, the sky remained ash-blue as if it was repressing something.

Xia Ruoxin carefully placed Rainy onto her bed before helping her take off her shoes. She realized that even her child had lost quite a lot of weight. Actually, they really shouldn’t have come.

They should have just stayed in their small place before. The two of them against the world, wasn’t it great?

The wind from outside the window blew up the curtains, and the faint smell of the red roses was beautiful.

She reached out her hand. The raindrops that fell ruthlessly from the sky seemed like they were dancing on her fingertips. Every step as though dancing on the edge of a knife. Her fingertips suddenly hurt, and she was actually somewhat unable to withstand this kind of never-ending pain.

As if it was on her heart. As if it was in her eyes and on her fingertips.

Suddenly, her relaxed fingers clenched together. Within the rain, that man had seemingly stood for a long time. Nobody knew exactly how long he had waited.

On top of his clothes, there were trails of rainwater; and rain also dripped down from his hair.

“Ruoxin, I have something to say to you.” A slight breeze with rain blew over, also messing up the man’s gaze. At that moment, within his two black pupils were several streaks of blood that looked just like spider webs.

The rain fell into his eyes, and he closed them slightly, seemingly concealing a few shimmering drops of tears.


Xia Ruoxin moved her red lips. She didn’t know what Gao Yi was going to tell her, but she felt a sense of uneasiness, an unprecedented sense of uneasiness.

The two of them sat down, and Gao Yi placed his fingers on the table, gently tapping away.

One after another. Then again.

This sound and the cold breeze melted into Xia Ruoxin’s heart. Thump, thump… thump, thump.

“Ruoxin,” Gao Yi called out her name again.

“Yes.” Xia Ruoxin lifted her face. A look of sudden comprehension gently flashed across her face. Gao Yi felt his throat turn dry. He suddenly closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, certain things were hidden and lost,

“Ruoxin, sorry, please move out.”

‘Bang’. The cup that Xia Ruoxin held in her hand fell onto the ground.

She hastily picked up the cup; however, she couldn’t control the stinging at the corner of her eyes. She clumsily placed the cup back onto the table, and her two hands tightly clenched together. Yet, she didn’t know where to place them.

“Ruoxin, did you hear what I said?” Gao Yi reached out his hands. He was used to the action of fixing somebody’s clothes, and he was also used to the person in front of him. It was just that just as his hand was about to reach out, his body jerked as well. Then, he put his hand down just like that, keeping it by his side and clenching it tightly into a fist.

“Can I ask for the reason?” Xia Ruoxin couldn’t describe this feeling. It was as if this form of support that she always relied on suddenly disappeared. It was also as if the heavy mountain that she had been carrying on her back the entire time suddenly collapsed.

It was only at that moment that she understood this: so it turned out that sometimes company, reliance, and habits were also a form of love. It was just that when those things collapsed, she felt her heart ache once more; and she also felt hurt. She wasn’t rejecting him; she just needed some time. It was just that seemingly, nobody was willing to give her that time.

Gao Yi placed his hands into his pocket. Then, he took out a card and placed it on the table.

“Ruoxin, hold on to this. It’ll be enough for you and Rainy to get by for a long time. If you’re fine with it, then take Rainy with you and leave.”

Xia Ruoxin’s both hands hugged the cup, her pale lips gently quivering.

She wasn’t going to leave, not because of anything else, but because she wanted an explanation, a reason. Yet, what he gave was a card. She didn’t know how much money was inside it; however, this bought her trust… this father that Rainy had for close to a year.

This transaction, was it really good? Was it really worth it?

“Gao Yi, are you troubled by something?”

Xia Ruoxin still refused to believe that this Gao Yi—who saved Rainy that was not in any way related to him—would so easily give her and Rainy up.

If it wasn’t for him in this world, there wouldn’t be Xia Ruoxin. If it wasn’t for him, this world wouldn’t have Rainy.

It was just that, why would he…?

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