Chapter 604 - Requesting For Her Help

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Chapter 604 Requesting For Her Help

“What troubles could I possibly have? You should understand… everything in this place belongs to the Bai family. Can I request that you not ask any more questions? Just treat it as you’re helping me, alright?” Gao Yi’s eyes looked down, concealing a certain something within them.

“Ruoxin…” He reached out his hand and placed it on Xia Ruoxin’s face. Xia Ruoxin didn’t move, and suddenly, she smiled at him. That smile was just as before, and yet Gao Yi’s expression was cold. His calm eyes were serene and aloof.

“Tell me, what more do you want to gain from this place?” The man’s husky voice clearly sounded very pleasing to the ears. However, the words that he said were laced with thorns.

Tears welled up in Xia Ruoxin’s eyes, and something flowed down her nose. Perhaps it was that heavy rain outside.

“I understand.” She looked down and avoided Gao Yi’s hand that was about to reach out again.

The sound of light footsteps resonated by her ear, followed by the sound of the door shutting. Then, her world fell into silence.


That was the sound of the rain outside.

‘Hu’, that was the sound of her breathing.

“Thump, thump’, that was the sound of her heartbeat.

Then, something shattered. She hugged her own arms tightly, and in the silence, she sobbed.

Inside the room, Xia Ruoxin packed up her belongings. She hadn’t brought much to England in the first place. A few of her clothes, a few of Rainy’s clothes, and the doll that Du Jingtang gave them. She carefully packed all of them into the luggage. Rainy obediently hugged her doll and stood in front of Xia Ruoxin, confusedly watching her.

Xia Ruoxin stood up and touched her daughter’s small head. Then, she walked in front of a shelf and took out a box from inside. She opened it, and inside, there was a pearl necklace. According to hearsay, it brought people fortune, happiness, and good luck. But why didn’t she have any of that?

All that she had was tears and a sense of loss.

She closed the box. A teardrop quickly flashed across her eyes, but it didn’t fall. She placed the box deep inside the luggage and then closed the luggage up.

“Mommy, why are we packing our things? Are we going home?”

Rainy asked, not understanding the situation because the last time Mommy packed things it was to come over here. Were they going back this time?

“Yes.” Xia Ruoxin hugged her daughter in her arms. “We’re going home; we’re going back to Rainy and Mommy’s home.” They were going to live their lives like before. Just like in the past, with only her and Rainy.

Rainy leaned into her mother’s embrace, smiling happily. She was going home. That meant that she could see Grandpa, Granny, Uncle, and that other weird uncle.

In the future, there won’t be anybody to bully her and Dolly anymore. She stuck her doll close to her own tiny face.

Xia Ruoxin unwittingly rubbed her daughter’s hair, simply looking forward. In her eyes, there was not much perplexion. Yes, if she didn’t leave, what was she going to stay here for? Gao Yi was already marrying another person, and this place was never her home. That’s why she had no choice but to return to her own home as well. To the Rainy and her small home.

The entire Bai family was already preparing for the wedding, and she was the only person who stayed in their room apart from her daughter. She didn’t want people to laugh at her daughter, especially that Bai Luoyin. That’s why she could only trouble Rainy to stay in the room with her. However, just because she didn’t look for Bai Luoyin, it didn’t mean that Bai Luoyin wasn’t going to look for her.

When Bai Luoyin stood in front of her with a look of felicity, Xia Ruoxin locked her daughter inside another room. She faced this woman who had never liked them and even saw them as her enemy, alone.

“What, you’re still here? This house doesn’t seem to be a place that you can afford to stay in anymore. I want you to leave. I don’t like you polluting the air in our house.”

Bai Luoyin’s voice was filled with impatience. Of course, she won. It didn’t matter what methods she had used; in the end, the person who won was still her. She said before that in this world-other than her, there was nobody who could become Gao Yi’s wife.

Gao Yi was originally hers, hers. Nobody could snatch him away.

“You can’t bear to leave, can you? But I won’t let the person I despise stay here for another day.” She smiled, a look of disdain flashing across her eyes. She hadn’t forgotten that Gao Yi married her not because of love but because of Wei Lan. However, she was confident that she could make Gao Yi completely hers in the days that were about to come, from his body to his heart.

Just then, a helper walked into the room. Without explanation, she picked up Xia Ruoxin’s luggage and dumped it outside.

Bai Luoyin sneered. “Quickly take this bastard’s child of yours and leave. Leave my line of sight; otherwise, I will definitely throw you out just like your luggage. Don’t continue to stay here so shamelessly. You’re not welcomed here.”

If she didn’t chase these two people out today, she wouldn’t be Bai Luoyin.

Xia Ruoxin redirected her gaze away from her luggage. She turned around, opened the small door, and held her daughter’s tiny hand. Then, she squatted down and pulled her daughter into an embrace.

“Rainy, let’s go home.” She pressed her daughter’s small face against her chest. In this world-even if nobody loved her, she would love herself and love her daughter even more.

One step followed by another, she left the Bai family’s house, just like how she left the Chu family that year. Throughout the entire time, Gao Yi didn’t show himself. Perhaps he didn’t even want to see her.

Outside the door, she held Rainy’s small hand. Beside them was their luggage, and behind them was the place that they had lived in for a while. Suddenly, she cried-genuine tears scattered into the air of this foreign country.

Gao Yi, it doesn’t matter what your actual decision was, I have never blamed you for it. I still owe you so, so much. If this is what I can repay you with, then I’ll do it. This is what you requested of me, that’s why I’ll definitely do it.

“Let’s go.” She carried her luggage in one hand and held Rainy’s hand in the other. Rainy lifted her head and asked her mother. “Mommy, isn’t Daddy going back with us?” She didn’t understand why they came here in threes but left in twos. Did Daddy not want them anymore?

Xia Ruoxin placed down the luggage in her hand and squatted down. She smiled warmly at her daughter. “Rainy, in the future, you’ll have to live with Mommy just like in the past. Is Rainy scared? Your Daddy will be very busy in the future. We’ll rarely get to meet him.” She held her daughter’s tiny hand tightly. Actually, she didn’t know how to reply to her daughter’s question. This question was very sharp.

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