Chapter 605 - Homeless

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Chapter 605 Homeless

She really didn’t want to tell her that, actually, her father didn’t want them anymore because he had his own things to do. Perhaps it had nothing to do with love; however, he still gave them up in the end. That’s why they only had each other now.

“Don’t be scared. Rainy will help Mommy. Rainy will wash clothes and be good.” Rainy hugged her doll a little tighter, her small hand tightly gripping onto Xia Ruoxin’s clothes. She was going to keep Mommy company just like before because Mommy said before, she was a very good child.

Not too far away, a sea of red roses bloomed, its faint fragrance intoxicating the air. Xia Ruoxin stood up once again. Then, she held her daughter’s small hand and left. Their two figures slowly faded before finally disappearing at the end of the road. A man walked out of the entrance.

He leaned against the door, slightly lost in thought. Even his lips were pressed together very tightly.

“Brother, you clearly don’t want her to leave. Why are you letting her leave? Or did you want Bai Luoyin to chase her out? Do you not know that this will make her very sad? Furthermore, why did you have to marry Bai Luoyin? We don’t even need anything from their family. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself. Whether Bai Luoyin lives or dies, that has nothing to do with us.”

Don’t blame him. He wasn’t getting angry at Gao Yi; his heart was just aching for him because he personally ended everything.

I just wanted to make her live a little happier because she already had no more happiness here. Gao Yi’s hands that were in his pocket, clenched tightly together. Actually, he didn’t want to let go. Even if there was just a slight possibility, he wouldn’t have let go. He didn’t want to make her lose her smile anymore, and he didn’t want their relationship to be put to an end in the Bai family, in the hands of Bai Luoyin.

The Bai family, it was never a place she could stay in. They couldn’t leave; they could only wait for war. He just wanted to lessen the damage. It was not that he was cowardly. It was just because this was a gamble he couldn’t afford. He couldn’t afford to lose Wei Lan and Gao Xin. Actually, he couldn’t afford to lose himself as well.

It was even more because he realized that she actually didn’t love him. That’s why he kept himself here and let her leave.

Gao Xin called out again. “Brother, tell me. Did Bai Zhenfeng say something to you?” Gao Yi’s complexion was bad the entire time, ever since he wanted to marry Bai Luoyin.

Gao Xin had a feeling that this incident definitely had something to do with Bai Zhenfeng.

“That’s right.” This time, Gao Yi didn’t hide the truth. It was all because of that Bai Zhenfeng that he decided to marry her. It also gave him a reason to let Ruoxin leave and made him lose his reason to persist. Actually, Bai Zhenfeng really did help him.

“What did he say to you?” Gao Xin’s body tensed. “Did he use Sister Ruoxin to threaten you?”

“No.” Gao Yi shook his head. “It has nothing to do with Ruoxin.” Evidently, Bai Zhenfeng knew that if he used Ruoxin and Rainy as an excuse, it would only serve to garner more disgust. Therefore, the one that he used was Wei Lan.

“Brother, then…” Gao Xin still wanted to ask more questions; however, Gao Yi patted his shoulder. “Some things have already become reality. Don’t be caught up with the reasons. What use is there finding out?”

He smiled, but his eyes weren’t smiling.

Bai Zhenfeng certainly had a hold of his weakness; however, in the future, he would also have a hold of Bai Zhenfeng’s weakness.

The two of them had each other’s Achilles’ heel. All that was left was to see who was more ruthless and who was more persistent.

Outside, it was drizzling. Within the rain, Xia Ruoxin held her daughter’s small hand. Then, she took off her clothes and placed them over her daughter’s head.

It was just that she didn’t know where they could hide themselves from the rain.

Within the drizzle, she held her daughter’s small hand. Then, she placed down the luggage that she was carrying in her hand onto the ground before taking off her own clothes and placing it over her daughter’s head. After that, she held her daughter’s small hand and made her stand at the entrance of the Bai family’s house. It was the one and only place for them to avoid the rain. After she helped her daughter settle down and stood back up, another luggage was thrown out from inside the house.

‘Bang!’ The large door shut behind them, and faintly, she could still smell the subtle fragrance of roses inside.

“Stand properly; Mommy will be back in a while.” She was still smiling as if nothing had happened.

Rainy flattened her mouth and obediently nodded her head. Her pair of innocent eyes gradually became misted.

Xia Ruoxin carried her luggage over, and then with one hand carrying her luggage and another hand carrying her daughter, she ran into the rain.

At that moment, in the manor, Bai Luoyin plucked a rose and placed it under her nose, sniffing it. The bright red color of the rose looked just like fresh blood, and it also made her clouded eyes appear red.

“You’ve chased them out?”

She asked the helper who had just returned.

“Yes, Missus. I’ve already chased them out. Their belongings have also been thrown out as you wished.”

“Is that right?” Bai Luoyin’s lips curled into a smile. Her smile further widened as she stepped on the rose petals on the floor. The bottom of her shoes was tainted with a layer of fragrance which was ruthlessly washed away by the rain after.

“Are you cold?”

Xia Ruoxin opened her luggage and took out her clothes from within. She wrapped them one after another over Rainy’s body. Then, she touched the clothes on her daughter’s body. Thankfully, they weren’t wet. It was just that she had forgotten. She was, at that moment, drenched from head to toe-even her hair was drenched. Her hair was twisted into several small clumps as well, with drops of water dripping from them.

Her complexion was very bad. It was pale and ice-cold. However, the smile in her eyes was as warm as a spring breeze.

Rainy shook her head.

“Mommy, Rainy isn’t cold.” She reached out her tiny hand and helped her mother wipe away the rainwater on her face. However, tears rolled down drop by drop from those two large eyes.

“Don’t be scared, Rainy. Don’t be scared.”

Xia Ruoxin carried her daughter that was among all the clothes, waiting for the rain to pass.

The rain here came quickly and ended quickly as well. While waiting for the rain to stop, Xia Ruoxin thought in her head. They could rent a small apartment and then find a job to do. Their conditions back in those years were way worse and tougher than that of the present. She already pushed through all that. She believed that as tough as it was going to be, it would never be as tough as it was before. That time, Rainy didn’t even have any milk to drink.

Furthermore, she still had some savings and income from her website. Although the expenses overseas were very high, her salary would be able to keep them alive for quite a few days. As for all the cards that Gao Yi gave her, she didn’t want them. Instead, she placed them in the Bai family’s house.

Gradually, the sound of the rain finally started to become softer. The rain was about to stop.

Rainy had already fallen asleep; however, her sleep was unsound. Xia Ruoxin placed her hands in front of her chest to warm it up. It was only after her hands heated up a little that she helped tidy up her daughter’s soft hair, and it was only after the rain stopped that she carried her daughter in one hand and pulled the luggage in another, leaving to find another place to live in.

By the time the sun was about to set, she finally found a hotel to stay in, but she had yet to find a house. The hotel was very cheap and fairly priced. They could make do with it. The issue of finding a house to rent, they could take that slow. At the very least, they had to get through this night first.

Just then, the phone in her pocket rang. She hastily took out the phone. Thankfully, the phone didn’t get drenched by the rain. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even have had a communication device.

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