Chapter 606 - We’re Doing Pretty Well

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Chapter 606 We’re Doing Pretty Well

It was Gao Xin.

“Sister Ruoxin, where are you?” Gao Xin was so anxious that his voice became a little high-pitched. “I was really scared to death. Finally, I managed to get a hold of you. Are you okay? Is Rainy okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. We’re doing pretty well.” Xia Ruoxin pulled her daughter’s blanket up a little higher. “I’m living in a hotel with Rainy. Tomorrow, we’re going to find a house to rent temporarily.”

Upon hearing that they were alright, Gao Xin finally heaved a sigh of relief. His heart that was about to jump out of his mouth also finally felt at ease. “Sister Ruoxin, don’t worry. Let me find a way around the house issue, and on my brother’s side…”

Xia Ruoxin didn’t feel like continuing the conversation. She interrupted Gao Xin.

“Gao Xin, Rainy might wake up soon. I need to go check on her. Also…” Her voice paused for a moment. Then, she finally continued. “Your brother’s really good. I’m the one who isn’t good enough. We all have the right to choose what kind of life we want. We don’t just do what others think we should do. Let’s not mention all these again in the future, okay? If you could help me find a house, then that would be great. Of course, you don’t have to push yourself too hard.”

After receiving Gao Xin’s agreement, Xia Ruoxin put down the phone. However, her heart felt blocked up by something. It was agonizing

Once again, she was kicked out of a house. However, this time wasn’t the worst. At the very least, her luggage was thrown out with her.

While Rainy was asleep, she carried her luggage out from below the bed. There were a few articles of clothing. Not much and not very new. Inside, a few pieces of rough sketches were also safe and sound. It started raining again outside, and this rain, she heard that it was going to last for a long time. Thankfully, she found a small hotel; and thankfully, they were not wandering along the streets.

The second day, Gao Xin went over to them super early in the morning.

The moment he saw Xia Ruoxin, he heaved a sigh of relief.

She seemed alright. Although she looked a little pale, she wasn’t sick.

“You’re here.” Xia Ruoxin had just ordered a glass of warm milk, and she was about to let Rainy drink it. Rainy was about to wake up, and once she woke up, she would whine about being hungry.

“Here, drink this.” Without thinking, Xia Ruoxin passed the glass of milk in her hand to Gao Xin.

“That’s okay, I’m not thirsty.” Gao Xin kind of disliked milk. This thing, only young children like Rainy would like it. He didn’t like it at all. Furthermore, there was a lot of sugar inside it.

She opened the door, and inside, Rainy had already woken up. She didn’t disturb the adults. She got up on her own, wore her clothes, and was already playing with her doll.

Xia Ruoxin took Rainy’s milk bottle over and washed it clean. Then, she poured milk inside, and after checking that the temperature of the milk was suitable, she handed it over to Rainy.

“Thanks, Mommy.” Rainy took the bottle of milk, hugged it, and started drinking. Her two eyes stared at Gao Xin, and when she realized that Gao Xin was looking at her as well, she let out a wide smile. However, her smile made Gao Xin feel extremely ashamed. His brother was too much.

“Sister Ruoxin, I’ve found a house for you.”

Gao Xin hastily stood up. “I’ll help you pack up your belongings. I’ve already gotten people to clean up the house over there. You guys can move in right away. The landlord is an elderly couple. They usually don’t come to England; that’s why the house has been empty for very long. The rent is also very cheap.

“Hundred-fifty pounds a month.”

A hundred-fifty? Xia Ruoxin calculated the price in her head. Hundred-fifty pounds… it really was cheap. According to her country’s rental prices, two hundred pounds would be about a thousand and five hundred. Furthermore, this was the price of a three-way city. Although it was still a little costly for her, the money that she had saved up was enough for them to get through life for a while. When the time comes, she could just find a job. As long as she had a livelihood, that was enough.

Don’t ask her why she wasn’t returning to her country. Actually, for her, whether she returns to her country or not, there wasn’t much of a difference.

Gao Xin didn’t say much as well. He just wanted to help her pack up.

“You don’t have to be in such a rush.” Xia Ruoxin was a little helpless in the face of his impulsive personality. After all, they still had to wait for Rainy to finish drinking her milk. She couldn’t carry her while holding the milk bottle.

Gao Xin touched his head, feeling a little mortified. Then, he walked next to the bed and picked Rainy up. As for the milk bottle that was in Rainy’s embrace, he genuinely didn’t like it. This weird-smelling thing, did it really taste good?

“Uncle, do you want to drink this?”

Rainy was a very generous child. She handed the milk bottle in her hand over to the uncle, letting him drink some.

Gao Xin cringed. This was milk; what’s more, it was in a milk bottle.

He hastily rejected. “Uncle doesn’t want to drink it. Rainy can drink it. Uncle’s fine with water.”

It was only then that Rainy placed the milk bottle back in front of her face. She sat there and drank her milk. She was very obedient: she didn’t cry, and she didn’t whine. Of course, she also didn’t ask for Daddy.

“Sister Ruoxin, about my brother…” Regarding this matter, Gao Xin always found it hard to bring up. He also felt apologetic towards Xia Ruoxin. They brought her all the way here and chased her out in the end. This wasn’t something that a man should have done; it wasn’t honorable at all.

“It’s fine.” Xia Ruoxin smiled. She remained squatting on the ground, packing her belongings.

“Sister Ruoxin…” Gao Xin was just about to say something when he heard Xia Ruoxin’s voice that was practically a mumble.

“I know your brother’s true thoughts, but it doesn’t matter what the reason is. He asked me to leave so I left. I don’t want to trouble him.”

Suddenly, Gao Xin felt tears well up in his eyes.

Actually, Sister Ruoxin was the one who understood Big Brother the most, and she was the one who truly treated him well. However, no matter what the reason was, their relationship… perhaps, it was already over. From the moment Bai Luoyin kicked Xia Ruoxin and Rainy out of the house, perhaps it was already destined to end back then.

“It’s here.” Gao Xin pointed to the small apartment in front of them. “It has two floors, and the scenery here is decent. The house is surrounded by farms, and buses also pass through this area. Not too far away, there is a hospital, a supermarket, and places of that sort. There’s also a small park. In the morning, you guys can go there to take a walk and smell the flowers. Right, the people here grow a kind of rose for their livelihood. That’s why the roses here are extremely well-known.”

Xia Ruoxin was very pleased with the environment. If it was a thousand for this place, she was probably still the one who profited from the deal. She had originally thought that it was a share house. After all, the rent for this place was always as such.

However, after she entered the house, she realized that nobody else lived there. It was only her and Rainy.

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