Chapter 608 - My Brother’s Getting Married

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Chapter 608 My Brother’s Getting Married

“So what if she’s suitable? So what if she’s not?” Gao Yi threw the bottle onto the floor. He had already agreed to this; how could he go back on his word? He personally sent his own self to hell; he would either live or die.

Alright. Gao Xin wasn’t going to try to persuade him anymore. He knew that his brother was definitely going to get married to Bai Luoyin, and having such a sister-in-law, he really-really-didn’t feel happy about it. The wind outside brought about a slight mist. Perhaps, it was going to rain again. Recently, it rained a lot; and the wind was chilly as well. Was it also going to dampen someone’s heart?

The roses inside the yard were still blooming, each flower a gorgeous bright-red, resembling blood.

Xia Ruoxin connected her computer to the power outlet. After living alone for so long, she felt that she had become all-round. Now, nothing could possibly stump her. Even setting up a computer, she didn’t need another person’s help with it anymore.

She pressed the on-off button, and thankfully, the computer turned on.

This computer was an old one. She troubled Gao Xin to buy it back. Although it was old, many of its functions were still operating. Technological products advance and get replaced very quickly. Actually, the original owner of this computer was a person who liked the new and scorned the old. Not long after buying this computer, he exchanged it for a new one. This old computer had also been withdrawn from the market, and now coincidentally, she managed to get it for a cheap price.

Her English wasn’t very good, and that’s why finding a job here wasn’t so easy. Being a waitress in a hotel? That she could do, but she wouldn’t be able to take care of Rainy.

She couldn’t send Rainy to a nursery school, too. There was a language barrier. That’s why, in the end, she still thought about finding some work online just like before. With an income of a few thousand dollars a month, it probably wouldn’t be that hard to get by.

She went onto her Penguin account, and thankfully, this computer wasn’t that hard to use. Gao Xin had also thoughtfully helped her set up a Chinese computer system. The moment she saw the familiar interface, tears even welled up in her eyes.

Once she got into her Penguin account, the first person she looked for was ‘A Sunny Day will Come’. She didn’t know if he still remembered her.

After all, she hadn’t taken up an illustration job for a long time already.

She contemplated for a moment before finally typing in one word.


For a long time, there was no reply; and her heart sank. Did she not have a chance anymore?

It was only after the other icon rang that she hastily opened their chat.

A Sunny Day will Come, “Long time, no see.”

Xia Ruoxin hastily typed on her keyboard. Summer’s Not Over, “Yes, long time, no see.”

A Sunny Day will Come, “How have you been doing?”

A simple sentence like that. Even though it was just five words, it unwittingly made Xia Ruoxin’s eyes tear up.

Summer’s Not Over, “Okay.”

She paused for a moment before finally typing in a few words. Was it going to work? She actually didn’t know. Anyhow, she still needed to give it a try. “I would like to know if there are still any illustration jobs available.”

A Sunny Day will Come, “You have time now?”

Summer’s Not Over, “Yes.” A Sunny Day will Come, “Is something wrong?”

Xia Ruoxin’s fingers paused for a moment. She had an urge to pour out all her woes… because to a stranger-a stranger that she had never known, she dared to say it. She could say it.

Summer’s Not Over, “Life overseas isn’t going well. It’s hard to find a job here, and my daughter’s still young. Today, I just wanted to try my luck. Thank you for giving me work to do.”

The person on the other end went silent for a long time. Then, a message was sent over.

A Sunny Day will Come, “You came at a good time. I was in a pinch as well. Recently, I took up a few orders, a little too much. Of course, they pay quite well. Do you have the time to take them up?”

Xia Ruoxin was overjoyed, and she hastily replied.

Summer’s Not Over, “I do, I do. I’ll take up as many orders as you get.”

She wasn’t afraid of a high workload. She had nothing to do now, and she just wanted to earn some money so that she could continue living here. This wasn’t the place she grew up in, and everything here brought her a sense of unfamiliarity and uneasiness. In this world, actually-it didn’t matter where, people needed money; and they couldn’t live without it as well.

‘A Sunny Day will Come’ was certainly very trustworthy. She waited for a while and, in just a moment, received quite a lot of workten pieces at once. Furthermore, the pay was a lot higher than before. If she finished drawing all of these, she would quite a lot of savings in her hand again. That was for the best. Actually, she was afraid that she would get work today, but none the next day.

However, A Sunny Day will Come seemed to always have quite a lot of work for her to do. He said that with the number of orders they were getting, even if she drew for four, five years, she still wouldn’t be able to finish them. Right now, he was still worrying that she would end up opening a booth for him or something of that sort.

Xia Ruoxin learned English while drawing, and she taught Rainy how to speak English as well.

She had seemingly already forgotten what she had come here for. In this foreign country, she lived alone with her daughter. She had forgotten about a man named ‘Gao Yi’ and also forgotten why she was still staying here. Was it for an explanation? Or was she still waiting? Or did she really not want to go back?

Sometimes, the environment could indeed affect a person easily. Just like Rainy, she made a new friend, a young swarthy girl who lived on a farm near them. The two of them often spent time together. Although they had a language barrier, it didn’t affect their friendship.

Rainy also habitually started to speak certain English alphabets. At those times, Xia Ruoxin would feel that living here was pretty good as well. At the very least—when Rainy grew up, she would have learned to speak another language.

She took her easel with her and sat outside. Rainy was currently playing with her friend Amy on the grass fields. Amy’s family raised a small cat, and Rainy really liked to play with Amy and her cat every day. The two little fellas spoke to each other in different languages, barely managing to communicate.

Xia Ruoxin placed the easel on her lap, took out her paintbrushes, and started painting.

“Sister Ruoxin…”

The sudden voice made the brush in her hand stop just like that, also leaving a long mark on the canvas. Was this ripping a piece of paper or ripping apart somebody’s life?

Gao Xin’s eyes were bloodshot, and his beard hadn’t been trimmed recently. He looked extremely shabby and hideous. He was always a clean and refreshing fella, but today, he looked like a homeless man.

“Come in.” Xia Ruoxin stood up and opened the door, letting Gao Xin in. From the looks of it, he hadn’t eaten as well.

She cooked a bowl of noodles for Gao Xin, and Gao Xin finished everything in just a few bites. He devoured it like a wolf, just as if he hadn’t eaten in a few days. After he finished eating, he let out a burp and fell into a daze.

After a long time, he finally opened his mouth to speak.

“Sister Ruoxin, my brother’s getting married.”

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