Chapter 61 - Eternally Unchanging

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Chapter 61: Eternally Unchanging

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“I changed my mind at the last minute. Is there a problem?” Chu Lui just lifted his brows, trying to brush it over lightly, but his black eyes held a slightly cynical light. Yes, he did it on purpose. He wanted her to be restless and worried. He wanted her to go from heaven to hell… and then from hell to heaven repeatedly, to be tortured thoroughly.

“You…” Xia Ruoxin stared dumbly at him. Her eyes reflected a dashing man. There was only him in her eyes from the start, but she was still not used to this sudden surprise.

“For you.” Chu Lui stuffed the flowers into her hand and lied flawlessly. “It wasn’t on purpose. There was a sudden meeting, but I ended it early.” He pretended to explain to her as if he knew what she was thinking.

He naturally ignored her red-rimmed eyes. This woman was really easily touched. She was willing to die for someone if that person just gave her a bit of love. At the thought of this, the curve on his lips got wider. He liked this feeling. He liked it a lot.

“Thank you.” Xia Ruoxin hugged the flowers. The bouquet of purple Chinese bellflowers was really pretty. Her face brushed lightly against the petals as she breathed in the scent of the flowers deeply. It was the first time she received flowers, and it was such a big bouquet, too.

She was such a fool, smiling and crying. Chu Lui put his finger beneath her eyes. She cried when she was happy, and she cried when she was not happy. He had never met a woman who loved crying so much, and he knew that just a sentence from him could make the woman cry… or make her smile.

She seemed to have fallen deeper in love with him. His eyes darkened further, but it flashed briefly with a dim light that normal people would not be able to catch.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you out for dinner. I’ve already reserved a place.” Chu Lui stood up and rested his finger—stained with her tears—against his body and then rubbed his finger against his body forcefully, almost loathingly.

“Okay.” Xia Ruoxin nodded her head lightly and stored the flowers in her embrace before standing in front of him like an obedient wife, waiting carefully for his next command.

He took her hand, and her heart warmed instantly, touching emotions gripping her heart.

“Let’s go.” Chu Lui held her hand tightly. Her hands were extremely soft like her lips. Everything on this woman was amazingly soft, of course, including her heart.

Just a little more, and maybe it would shatter with just a light touch.

“Chu Lui…” Xia Ruoxin held his fingers tightly but spoke suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Lui did not turn back and just continued holding her hands tightly as if they could be together for as long as they live, for eternity.

“Chu Lui, do you know what these flowers are?”

Xia Ruoxin finally asked after a long silence.

Chu Lui paused for a while and spoke quietly.

“I don’t know. It was nice so I got it.” That was truly the case. He saw it the moment he entered the florist and pointed at it randomly before buying it.

It was just as she thought. Xia Ruoxin just gave a bitter laugh as her mouth was filled with immense bitterness. He did not know. If he did, he probably would not have bought it.

Chinese bellflowers. Her favorite flowers.

They represented…

An eternally unchanging love; sincere, gentle and melancholic.

What are you trying to ask? Chu Lui’s black eyes were always deep and always kept her from knowing what he was thinking and from understanding his hot and cold behavior.

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