Chapter 610 - The Pancake that Fell from the Sky

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Chapter 610 The Pancake that Fell from the Sky

“Ruoxin, are you alright?” She gripped Xia Ruoxin’s hand tightly, a lump rising up in her throat. She choked up as she asked, “Where’s Rainy? How come I don’t see Rainy?” She had doted on the child for so long already. Although she was not her biological granddaughter, she still really liked that child. Although, now that Ruoxin had left, her son was getting married. Rainy had also left with her mother, and Wei Lan’s life disappeared with her.

“Rainy’s at a friend’s house.” Xia Ruoxin smiled slightly as she replied, also drawing out her hands as she spoke. Then, she placed the gift that she had bought into Wei Lan’s hand.

“Auntie, this is my gift to Gao Yi. It isn’t expensive. I also didn’t have that much money to buy a gift. However, this represents my regards to Gao Yi. I hope that he’ll accept it.”

“Okay, okay.” Wei Lan secretly wiped away her tears. She actually wanted to smile; however, with such a smile, the nerves in her face twitched. What came out in the end was a smile, as well as bitterness.

“Auntie, I’ll get going.”

Xia Ruoxin nodded her head at Wei Lan, not staying any longer at this place as well. She knew that the people here didn’t like her. That’s why she still felt that it was better for her to keep a distance from them.

She walked along the streets without any strength left in her. Was her life still considered peaceful and glorious? She placed her hands on her eyes, and in a moment, she was blinded by this dim ray of light.

She blinked her eyes until the stinging sensation passed, and it was only then she realized that the pain in people’s hearts could really be felt through their eyes.

Rainy used her chopsticks to clumsily pick up a piece of fish, placing it on a plate at the side. Then, she picked up another piece of fish. Xia Ruoxin bought those chopsticks from the Chinatown in England. A lot of the items there were from China, and she was still used to them. After all, she had been accustomed to using them for many years already.

After a while, Rainy picked up another few pieces of fish, placing them onto her plate. In a blink of an eye, she had already grabbed five pieces of fish; and yet she hadn’t eaten much.

“Are you saving them for later?” Xia Ruoxin rubbed her daughter’s hair that had grown longer. In due time, she’d be able to tie her hair into braids.

“No.” Rainy shook her head. “These are for Daddy. Daddy loves to eat Mommy’s fish as well. Rainy’s afraid that Daddy won’t get to eat them. That’s why I’m saving them up for Daddy. When he comes home, he’ll have fish to eat then. Right, Mommy?”

With a ‘clank’, the chopsticks in Xia Ruoxin’s hand fell onto the table. After that, she picked up the chopsticks as if nothing had happened and started removing the bones in the fish before feeding it to her daughter.

“Mommy, when’s Daddy coming home?” Rainy climbed down the chair herself and ran over to hug her mother’s leg. She leaned her head on top of her mother’s knee as well, her curly eyelashes weakly fluttering.

“Daddy will be back soon.” Xia Ruoxin coaxed her daughter before removing another bone from a fish. She removed the bones one by one, picking them out one after another before feeding the fishes into her daughter’s tiny mouth. Those few pieces of fish that Rainy had saved up remained on the table, nobody touching them.

Xia Ruoxin placed those few pieces of fish into the refrigerator. Yes, he’d eat it when he comes back, just like before. However, the moment she closed the refrigerator, she remembered something.

Once again, she opened the refrigerator and took out the few pieces of fish. She placed the plate of fish onto the table and then removed the bones from them before putting them into her mouth piece by piece.

Silly, he wasn’t going to come back.

She walked in front of her computer and opened it. The moment she went online, yes, it turned out that he was still there.

Summer’s Not Over, “Are you still there?” A Sunny Day will Come, “Yeah, you, too? Has the child in your house fallen asleep yet?”

Summer’s Not Over, “She just fell asleep. She usually sleeps very early. Most of the timeafter eating dinner, she’ll play for a while and end up falling asleep.” A Sunny Day will Come, “Do you have pictures? Can you send me a few?”

Xia Ruoxin looked through her computer, and to her surprise, there were actually a few pictures of Rainy. She picked out a few and sent them over. The child in the picture was naive and cute. She was playing with another little swarthy girl. One dark-skinned, one fair, and yet they both similarly had clear eyes. Children of two different skin colors and two different countries, the friendship between them was something that adults wouldn’t understand.

A Sunny Day will Come, “Your daughter’s very beautiful.”

Summer’s Not Over, “Thank you.”

The corner of Xia Ruoxin’s lips curled up. She was proud of this fact. Yes, her Rainy certainly looked really pretty; since she was young, she was always beautiful. In the future, she would definitely become a stunning lady.

A Sunny Day will Come, “Coincidentally, I have something to let you know. We’ve decided to hire you as our main painter. You’ll get a salary of eight thousand a month, and the paintings that you submit will be of the same price as before, three hundred a piece. What do you think?

Xia Ruoxin carried a glass of water over. She sat down and placed the cup of water to her lips. Just as she drank a mouthful of waterwith a ‘pu’ sound, she spat it all out onto the computer screen.

Thankfully, there was no one there except for herself. Otherwise, if this unsightly scene of her were to be seen by others, they would definitely find it appalling. She hastily took over a cloth and meticulously wiped the computer screen clean. The image on the screen was still there. She re-read the words one by one, unable to believe it.

Was this real? Eight thousand a month, and on top of that, each painting of hers could be sold for extra revenue.

Could there be such a good thing in this world? She propped up the sides of her face, staring straight at the ceiling. She just wanted to know… was a large pancake going to come crashing down in a moment?

People were crushed by pies, whereas she was crushed by a pancake. This pancake was seemingly a little too big. She was really scared. Scared that she wasn’t going to be able to finish it.

A Sunny Day Will Come, “What do you think? Please reply as soon as possible.”

Only an idiot wouldn’t agree. Xia Ruoxin hastily typed out two words: “I agree.”

She counted with her fingers: eight thousand a month, and every month she would have about ten pieces of paintings. If more, sometimes, even twenty. Three hundred a piece, ten pieces that would be three thousand already. If she painted twenty pieces then six thousand. In a month, she would be able to earn ten thousand plus dollars.

Furthermore, when her English gets better, she could go to a nearby school to teach. That was the job that Mrs. Mei Fu, who was also the little swarthy girl’s mother, introduced to her. Her understanding about this profession was sufficient. After all, in the past, she worked in a school. It was just that there was a language barrier now. In the future, if she managed to get this job as well, her one month’s salary would definitely be enough to cover her and her daughter’s expenses. At the very least, they could eat good food, and she could buy fish and a variety of vegetables that her daughter liked for her.

She closed her laptop. These few days, she had been feeling pent-up. Finally, she could slightly loosen up. Perhaps her future was still bright. No matter what, she still had to continue getting through life.

The red roses continued to bloom, filling the entire farm with its fragrance. This place wasn’t the well-known perfume town in France. There was no need to spray any perfume; this entire place was already filled with nature’s perfume.

People who walked out of this area would have a faint refreshing fragrance on their bodies. There was a Japanese rose fragrance, tulip fragrance, and also a beach rose fragrance.

Bai Luoyin picked up a palm-sized crystal piano from the table, and then she used her two hands to hold it up.

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