Chapter 611 - A Congratulatory Word

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Chapter 611 A Congratulatory Word

Was this nice? She was looking around for a very long time, but she still did not know what was so good about these average crystals. No, they were even man-made, cheapskate products. She hated Gao Yi for taking this kind of products as precious jewels, just like that woman.

She had a sudden realization and took a deep breath. Was it because…?

“Give it back.” Gao Yi extended his hand to take back the crystal piano.

“No.” Bai Luoyin hid the crystal piano behind her back and said, “I kind of like this; why don’t you give it to me?”

“Give it back!” Gao Yi’s eyebrows furrowed and inched closer towards Bai Luoyin. He took another step forward, and his facial expression was as cold as ice.

Bai Luoyin shivered in fear, and she bit her lip, hiding her jealousy. Then, she brought her hands in front of her, and it was obvious that she was holding the small crystal piano.

In the end—with a wobble of her hand and a letting go of her fingers, a ‘piak’ sound was heard. The piece of crystal piano dropped on the floor, shattering into tiny pieces in moments. No matter how fake the crystal was, it was still crystal and could never be made out of plastic; and this piece could be considered half-crystal.

The shattering of the crystal reflected two vastly different emotions, one expressionless and the other, delight.

That was right. What she could not have, other people would not be able to have it either. What she disliked-even if it was shattered, she would not let it appear in front of her face again to upset herself.

Bai Luoyin placed her hand on her mouth and gasped, “Oh, my god, how could I be this careless to drop this?”

Gao Yi’s line of sight landed on her face, and his coldness caused Bai Luoyin to bite her lip lightly before she went forward and hugged his waist, allowing her petite body to fit into his embrace.

“I’m sorry, Yi. I didn’t do it on purpose, really. Please don’t be angry.”

Her voice was gentle, and her attitude was sincere as if she was a child that had done something wrong and was waiting for the adult’s forgiveness. Just that, the expression that her smile was hiding… was purposeful, mature, and intentional.

The shattered pieces reflected their thousands of faces.

Humans all had thousands of different faces, but no one knew when it was one’s truest face.

The eighteenth of March-within the ocean of roses, a beautiful wedding was held; the roses represented love, marriage represented happiness, and the blessings represented sincerity. This was a town that specialized in roses so the fragrant scent of roses could be smelled everywhere. Early in the morning, many cars were already transporting large quantities of fresh roses from the farm.

“Ruo, aren’t you going to see the wedding?” The muscular Madam Mei Fu asked as she hugged Little Amy and waved to Xia Ruoxin. “Let’s go see the wedding! It’s held at the neighboring village. I heard the couple is from your country; they all have yellow skin and black eyes.”

“Thank you, but it’s okay.” Xia Ruoxin pointed at the sketch in her hands and continued, “I still have other work to do. I’ll pass.”

“What a pity.” Madam Mei Fu raised her dress, carried Little Amy, and ran with the crowd. She was physically very fit as she could still run as fast as the wind while carrying a child.

“Mommy, what are they going to do?”

Rainy brought a whole bunch of flower petals over after picking them up. Her mom said she wanted to give her a flower bath, and she would smell nice after her bath so she went to pick roses. She was very well-behaved, and she did not touch any of the flowers. She only picked the petals that had already dropped on the ground, and she had already picked many of them.

Xia Ruoxin extended her hand and patted her daughter’s soft hair. They… what were they going to do? They went to witness true love and a wedding. No matter whether the love was true or not—with so many people witnessing and blessing them, perhaps she should also say congratulatory words.

Her nose tingled, and then she carried her daughter in her arms.

Rainy happily hugged her mother’s neck, and her eyes shone brightly with a big smile on her face.

She still did not know about the hardships of life so she could still smile. Perhaps she did not know, but her mother could probably never smile again.

From afar, the church bells rang and amongst the sea of roses, a striking couple walked on the red carpet. Rose petals were scattered everywhere, leaving behind their fragrant smell.

Xia Ruoxin was always the one watching the other from afar.

This was the second time. Second time.

The first was Chu Lui; the second was Gao Yi.

One married her while the other vowed to do so, but were the words of men really believable? At the end of the day, she was still left alone. No, she had a cute daughter with her; and they would have each other for the rest of their life… with no one else, just like in the past.

At night, all the birds on the tree branches were quiet; and there was not a single sound. The streets were lit up with the street lights, and it looked spacious. In the air, there was a faint smell of fragrance. Wherever the fragrance went to, it symbolized love, meaningful yet not eternal.

“Yi, why would you?” Bai Luoyin asked shakily as her lips shivered. She was still wearing her white wedding dress which made her look just like an angel. However, the angel was now angry as the man in front of her had already taken off his suit and tie; even several buttons were already ripped apart.

“I don’t mean anything,” laughed Gao Yi, his lips curved up to a fifteen-degree angle. “I just want to sleep in the study room.”

Bai Luoyin’s face darkened, and she pulled on her dress from time to time. This type of embarrassment made her want to dig a hole and bury herself. She had already come to this step, but why? Why was he just not willing to accept her?

“Yi…” She stepped forward and hugged Gao Yi’s waist tightly. “We’re already married. We’re a couple now. Even if you want to leave, it just can’t be today, okay? I’m begging you.”

Gao Yi lowered his head. He wanted to remove her hands from his waist, but in the end, he did not do anything and just let her stick to him. Was he waiting, considering; or did he just accept his fate?

That night, nothing happened between them. It was their wedding night. Their damned wedding night.

Bai Luoyin sat up, walked barefoot down the bed, and opened a drawer. She took out something from inside, and in the dim light, half of her face was hidden in the darkness. She looked ferocious.

Again, she walked beside the bed and squatted in front of Gao Yi, extending her hand to caress his face.

“Yi, why must you do this to me? You know, I have loved you for so many years. Finally, we can be together. We will be together for the rest of our life, okay? We will never be apart.”

As she spoke, she took out something and placed it under Gao Yi’s nose, her expression was eccentric and creepy.

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