Chapter 612 - Even Without You, There’s Nothing to Fear

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Chapter 612 Even Without You, There’s Nothing to Fear

“Yi, did you know?” She knelt down and held her own chin before pulling Gao Yi’s hand and placed it on her face, indulging herself in the warmth of his touch.

“Do you know? Hehe…” She laughed suddenly. “You’re a doctor, but did you know? To follow your footsteps, I studied medicine at the university, too, and I applied for pharmacy. All of this was for you.”

Her voice became lighter, and she held a syringe with unknown contents in her hand. Then, she pulled Gao Yi’s shoulders over and jabbed the contents into his arms.

“Don’t blame me. Please don’t. I just… don’t want you to leave me…”

She pulled open the blanket and placed her body into Gao Yi’s embrace before having a good night sleep.

When Gao Yi woke up in the morning, he had a slight headache and was in a daze. He shook his head and stopped suddenly in his movements. He looked down and saw a woman lying on him.

Rubbing his eyebrows, he somehow did not know when he fell asleep.

“Yi, you’re awake.” Bai Luoyin sat up straight, and the blanket on her body fell to her shoulders, revealing a pearl white skin with a few love bites on it. Needless to say, one would know where the love bites came from.

Everyone was already mature adults. There was no need to make a big fuss over what had happened.

Gao Yi was a doctor, and he was certain that he did not eat any psychedelic medicine or some sort… but it was weird. He had totally no recollection of whatever that had happened. He squinted his eyes slightly to look for his clothes, and he did not realize that there was a small needle hole on his arm.

Bai Luoyin used the blanket to cover herself, and at that moment, she smiled devilishly. No one knew the despicable things hidden behind that smile.

“Brother!” Gao Xin yelled as he walked over.

“Yeah?” Gao Yi replied lightly. In the past, his mouth would always be curved up, but now, it was pressed tightly in a line. Even though Gao Xin did not know what happened to his brother, he could sense that his brother was not in a good mood.

“Brother, I want to go out to walk.” He broke into a smile as he felt that it would be amazing to see the world outside.

Gao Yi’s lips quivered and then he stood up. He was surprised Gao Xin had such a decision, and of course, he supported it. “It’s good that you’ve thought it through. You’ve grown up already. You should go out to experience new things and learn to be rational and tolerant.”

“I know, Brother,” laughed Gao Xin cheekily. The two brothers had not talked to each other this relaxingly in a long time. “Oh, yeah, Brother… are you going to see Sister Ruoxin?”

He held his fist very tightly which hurt his own finger bones.

He turned around and leaned against the pillar while beneath his leg grew many red roses. In the Bai family’s yard, different types of roses were grown; but most of them are the same color, which was this bright red that looked just like blood.

That was why Gao Xin did not like coming here as he felt an eerie feeling about the entire Bai family. He was not sure whether the people who lived here had mental problems, especially Bai Luoyin, as he would feel terribly uncomfortable all over his body every time he saw her.

Suddenly, he extended his leg and stepped on a few roses beside his feet. Actually, the flowers were innocent; only the people who planted them were sinners.

“How is she?” Gao Yi asked with his eyelid slightly converged as though he only asked about it casually.

Gao Xin continued to step. Every step he took, he destroyed the roses till red liquid was leaking from the petals. The liquid was as red as blood which made his skin stand. He hurriedly kept his legs and suddenly remembered that his brother had asked about something previously.

“Brother, what did you ask me just now?” He scratched his hair. Sorry, he still could not remember it.

“Nothing much.” Gao Yi turned around and looked into the distance like he was thinking of something unpredictable.

Gao Xin was also leaning against the guard rail like him, just that he was further away from the bloody garden.

“Brother, do you regret it?”

Gao Yi’s lips twitched and said, “What is there to regret? Since I’ve made that kind of decision, I need to be responsible for the consequences. Perhaps we are doing something we regret every day, but if time could go back, perhaps the different choices that we make will still end up like this in the long run.”

“Hang in there, Brother.” Gao Xin held Gao Yi’s shoulders.

“You, too,” laughed Gao Yi at last. “I hope that when you return, you will be completely different from now.”

“Of course.” Gao Xin smiled and revealed his sparkling white teeth. Actually, for certain things, if one looked at it from another angle, one could really let go of the past and see something new. Sister Ruoxin was right: the Bai family—that he always thought was awful—was actually not all worthless. At the very least, he, his mother, and his brother had lived here together for a really long time already.

“Brother, I went to visit Sister Ruoxin a few days ago. Before I leave, I’ll say goodbye to her, too. I really like the fish that she makes.” Gao Xin stared at the sun from afar and smiled very relaxingly for the first time.

“Really?” Gao Yi asked, but he was not sure whether he was asking Gao Xin or himself. Actually, he liked to eat it, too.

“Yes.” Gao Xin recalled the savory flavor of the fish. “I still want to eat it now. The fish that Sister Ruoxin makes is delicious. It’s sweet and sour at the same time; even Rainy loved to eat it. Oh yes, Rainy was really smart; and she now has a black friend. When the two of them stand together, one white and one black; they still look compatible. When Rainy first came, she could not speak a single word of English, but now, she could converse with her black friend. Sister Ruoxin’s English had also improved, and not long later, she could go work at an art studio.

“Brother, you don’t need to worry about her. I believe Sister Ruoxin will do just fine, even without you.”

That sentence, perhaps, Gao Xin had said it unintentionally. However, when Gao Yi heard it, it made his heart ache; and that kind of pain was very obvious. Even if it was momentary, it was unforgettable for life.

Was that so? Even without him, she would do just fine.

That was right… Ruoxin, Xia Ruoxin. She had suffered since young, from her Xia family, from Chu Lui, and even from him… but no matter what she had to face, that woman was like duckweed. Even without her roots, she could still root herself and grow wherever she went.

She would live on strongly, even without the Xia family, without Chu Lui, and without him.

At this moment, a body with a flowery scent stuck close to his from behind, but he had no feeling. Gao Xin had long left the house after he packed his belongings in a relatively small bag and told Wei Lan.

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