Chapter 614 - It’s Not a Woman, Is it?

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Chapter 614 It’s Not a Woman, Is it?

Little Swarthy brought roses over again.

Xia Ruoxin left the two little guys to play in the room while she went to the kitchen to make rose cookies for them. For lunch, she made dumplings for Amy’s parents.

“Thanks for all going to all the trouble.” Madam Mei Fu thanked Xia Ruoxin as she took over her doctor. “Thank you for helping me to take care of Little Amy.”

“You’re welcome.” Xia Ruoxin patted her daughter’s head, and she held her hand. “I should be thanking you and Little Amy for coming over to play with Rainy. Otherwise, I’m afraid this child won’t talk much.”

“Oh, right, Ruo,” Madam Mei Fu said as if recalling something. “Do you want to send Rainy to school? She could go together with Amy. Rainy’s speaking abilities have reached a conversational level. I have a relative who’s working there; plus, my little one will be there, too. Everything will be fine.”

“Let me think about it,” Xia Ruoxin said as she held her daughter’s tiny hands. She knew that it was time for her Rainy to go to school, given that she was four. Then again, they were abroad, and she was afraid it would be hard for the child to take it.

If Gao Yi were here, he would be able to give her some advice. Right now, she was all alone.

Summer’s Not Over, “I want to send my daughter to school.”

A Sunny Day will Come, “It’s about time. I remember she’s about four years old, right?”

Summer’s Not Over, “Yeah, she’s turning four next month.”

A Sunny Day will Come, “Are you worried about the language barrier, or are you worried that the child won’t take it well?”

Summer’s Not Over, “Both.”

A Sunny Day will Come, “Trust me, children adapt a lot better than you can imagine. When I was three, I lived abroad with my parents for a while as well. I went through the same thing, but my parents decided to enroll me in the kindergarten there, too. All I did was nod or shake my head back then, and I didn’t talk much.”

Summer’s Not Over, “Are they trying to force a prodigy out of you?”

A Sunny Day will Come, “No, they just thought that I was a third wheel that got in the way of their alone time. So don’t worry, children interact differently than adults. The education system there is different, too. You won’t have adults pointing at a child and saying things like ‘look, that bastard child is so pretty’.”

Xia Ruoxin choked on the water that she was drinking when she saw the phrase.

She had a feeling that ‘A Sunny Day will Come’ that was a little strict. He would have a routine lifestyle, a nine-to-five job. He would work overtime occasionally, sleep at ten… wake up at eight. He would be the kind of person whose works sounded like bad jokes.

However, she really had to take ‘A Sunny Day will Come’s suggestion into consideration. After all, the children’s world was different from that of adults, as were their habits.

Let’s give it a go. She decided to send her little girl to school as she gnawed on her cup. It was a good idea to send her daughter for formal education. Or else, who knew what her daughter would become.

Madam Mei Fu had always been efficient. She gave Xia Ruoxin a kiss when she came by the next day and heard that the latter had agreed. Xia Ruoxin touched her hand awkwardly. Did I just get taken advantage of by a woman?

However, Madam Mei Fu’s enthusiasm was infectious. Xia Ruoxin laughed along, slowly becoming more relaxed as time passed.

By the next day, the paperwork for the children’s admissions had been completed. There would be a bus here to pick up the children every morning. The same bus dropped them off at the end of the day. It was a really safe arrangement.

Xia Ruoxin squat down and removed the uniform from her daughter for washing later.

Rainy chattily filled her mother in on the happening in school and squawked about going to visit Little Amy so that the two girls could play together.

As the two little girls ran carefreely in the flower field, Xia Ruoxin leaned back in the chair. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to have come here. At least Rainy seems more cheerful than she was before.

Plus, it had been a long time since the child asked for or mentioned her father.

She always knew that Rainy was a mature child, but she was unsure if Rainy had come to a realization, or if she had forgotten due to her young age.

A Sunny Day will Come, “How is it? Is the little princess adapting?”

“En, she’s doing well. She likes school life. The teachers are kind to her and take good care of her as well.” Xia Ruoxin replied as her finger flew across the keyboard.

A Sunny Day will Come, “Your little princess is so pretty. I don’t think anyone can dislike her.”

Sometimes it had nothing to do with looks, but with the people. Xia Ruoxin sighed.

A Sunny Day will Come, “Send some pictures of your little princess. I miss my little lover already.”

Xia Ruoxin loved sharing about her daughter. Besides him, she did not know who else to talk to about this. The man that she had never met became her confidante. She knew that he had helped her out a lot. This man was her livelihood, and it was rare that he liked Rainy and called her his little lover.

He never talked about himself; neither did she ask. However, that did not affect the relationship between the two. He was her employer, her friend, and her confidante.

She sent a few photos over. In the photos, the children were making funny faces in the flower field. It was beautiful, despite the funny faces the children were making.

Xia Ruoxin’s proudest achievement was having given birth to a beautiful daughter like that.

At the same time, on the other side of the world was a nation different from the floral small town. A nation full of history, where the people have dark hair and raven eyes.

Du Jingtang rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time as he spoke while on the couch.

“Brother, what’s there to look at on your computer? You open and look at it every day. What’s inside there? It’s not a naked woman, right?” He suddenly jumped out to try and get a peek. Then, he almost screamed out loud when he saw the pictures on the screen.

Chu Lui closed his computer, his dark eyes narrowed threateningly. You’d better keep your mouth shut and not say anything you’re not supposed to.

Du Jingtang covered his mouth and nodded heavily. He knew, and he would keep quiet about it… but he suddenly realized that something was off.

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