Chapter 615 - How did You get so Skinny?

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Chapter 615 How did You get so Skinny?

“Brother, this is not an unspeakable secret. Why can’t we say anything?” He sat across the man at the table and opened the computer, ignoring Chu Lui’s cold face.

“Tsk, who is this Little Swarthy?” he cried out in surprise.

“Ah, my little cutie has grown up.

“Eh? She’s at school. That’s good, she’s a young lady now. Now, she’s a young girl.

“Wow, there are so many Caucasian girls, but my little cutie’s still the prettiest.” By Caucasian girls, he meant the young toddlers that needed to be carried around.

Chu Lui leaned against the window as he wrapped his arms across his chest, his dark eyes tinted gold.

The last bit of sun was blood-red.

Xia Ruoxin woke up early in the morning. After she sent Rainy off to school, she had a bunch of time. First, she packed up the pictures that she had drawn nicely and mailed them out at the post office. Even though international mail took a while, these pictures would only be used months later so time was not of the essence here.

She pushed her bicycle along, ready to return home.

However, she was blocked off by a car. As she paused in her steps, so did the car.

When the car door opened, a man stepped out. The man was a little sunken. He looked gloomy and had greenish circles under his eyes. Even though he did not look very different, but he felt different. Maybe a little more or a little less of something.

“Long time, no see.” The man smiled, his smile the same as before.

Xia Ruoxin always remembered how righteous the doctor was the first time she saw him.

The second time, he was calm and quiet.

Right now, when she saw him again, it felt like they were in a different time and space. She was not sure what kind of emotions she was feeling exactly. There were grief, injustice, and… unfamiliarity.

“Wh-what happened to you?” She set her bicycle aside and hurried over towards the man.

“Gao Yi, what happened to you? How did you lose so much weight?” It had only been a month or two, but the man had lost weight at a rate that could be discerned by the naked eye.

“It’s nothing.” Gao Yi pulled his lips into a smile as he touched his bandaged arm. “I’ve just been tired.” Something was off about his body, but there was too much that had to be done. Every time he was about to go to the hospital for a check-up, more things to be done would pop up. However, other than the weight loss, he did not feel anything else was off. Perhaps it was just from the stress, probably nothing of concern.

“Ruoxin, have you been doing well?”

The man smiled, albeit more distantly. Nothing could happen between them now. The promises made in the past were in the past. He had promised to take good care of her, but he had let them down.

“En.” Xia Ruoxin replied as she forced back her tears.

“That’s good. I’ll be on my way now.” The man opened the car door. The man left as fast as he came. Instantly, the car disappeared from Xia Ruoxin’s line of sight as if it had never appeared.

“Don’t worry. I’m doing well, and Rainy will, too. Please take care of yourself,” Xia Ruoxin mumbled as she clenched her hands and put them before her chest.

Her voice was faint and distant. No matter where the wind carried her voice, the man would never hear her.

“Ruo, it’s you!” Madam Mei Fu walked over. Her round body was dense as always, and her dark skin glistened under the sun, a sight to behold.

“Mei Fu, you’re here, too?” Xia Ruoxin was a little surprised. What a coincidence!

“Yeah, I was delivering some things.” Madam Mei Fu patted Xia Ruoxin on her shoulder. “Was that your friend?”

“En, an old friend. “Xia Ruoxin rolled her sleeves up a little as her eyes dimmed. They were friends… only friends now. Who knew that-weeks ago-her daughter called him ‘Daddy’, that they were talking of marriage? They used to depend on one another. She came here for a better future, to give her daughter a home… but little did she expect to still be alone.

“I feel like this man’s a little weird.” Madam Mei Fu touched her arm. “I can’t put a finger on it though. Oh, well, let’s go back first.”

Xia Ruoxin straddled her bicycle. Unlike the crowded roads back home, the roads here were empty and wide. Rarely did a car come by. The surroundings were all earthy farms.

Living there settled one’s heart. They would be able to enjoy life and live well.

Gao Yi had left the way that she had left the Bai family. Our relationship has already come to an end. He has a wife now, and I have my daughter.

Madam Mei Fu would bring her daughter over regularly. They liked the Chinese food that Xia Ruoxin made, but eating it was a little tough as they were not very good with chopsticks.

However, everything tasted amazing.

Rainy taught Little Amy to use the chopsticks. They alternated between English and Chinese, making the adults burst out in laughter.

Then again, the two little guys persisted in their own little world.

The adults’ world and the children’s world were so different.

“Right,” Madam Mei Fu said as if having recalled something.

“Ruo, remember the man we saw in town the other day?”

“Which one?” Xia Ruoxin put some dumplings into her own bowl. The foreigners envied her ability to use the two wooden sticks to pick up food.

Xia Ruoxin was confused as to which person Madam Mei Fu was talking about. They ran into many men and women on a daily basis.

“The tall, Chinese man.”

Madam Mei Fu motioned. He was rather tall.

She’s asking about Gao Yi, right? Xia Ruoxin thought to herself as she bit her chopsticks.

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