Chapter 62 - What Xia Yixuan Liked

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Chapter 62: What Xia Yixuan Liked

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“It’s nothing.” Xia Ruoxin just held his hand tightly. “I just want to thank you. The flowers were beautiful.” She looked at their linked fingers and shut her eyes slightly. This was enough; it really was. She was satisfied with just this.

Just like a slap followed by a candy. He was irresistible to her.

If she was called a fool, then so be it. She had never been smart before in the first place.

“I’m glad you like it.” Chu Lui turned back and placed his fingers on her face. She drew nearer; her eyes that looked like it was full of ripples held unconcealed love with no regrets.

She loved him, she really did.

Such a foolish woman. All of a sudden, he felt his heart waver for a little… but just for a few seconds.

“Let’s go.” He put down his hand and pulled Xia Ruoxin before sitting in the car. The place they were going to was a high-class restaurant that Chu Lui frequented. He had brought countless women there—obviously including Xia Yixuan. Now, it was her turn.

The car stopped. Chu Lui led her in with familiarity. The waiter automatically brought them to the table Chu Lui frequently reserved. It was by the window and had a clear view of everything, but people outside would not be able to see inside the glass.

“Order anything you want to eat.” Chu Lui slid the handmade menu in his hands across the table, which landed right in front of Xia Ruoxin. Xia Ruoxin opened it. Every dish sounded delectable, but the prices were sky-high.

Xia Ruoxin flipped through the pages for a long time before closing the menu shut and staring wide-eyed at the man who was sitting with his legs crossed elegantly.

“Why, is it not to your liking?” Chu Lui lifted his eyebrows and placed his hand on his leg and then narrowed his cold, black eyes slightly. Under the dim lights, his cold features seemed softened.

“That’s not it.” Xia Ruoxin shook her head. She was not sure how to say it. “I have never eaten all these before, and I don’t know what I should order?” Her smile was slightly pained. This sort of places was only suitable for Xia Yixuan; she had never stepped foot in here before.

Chu Lui reached his hand out to take the menu. He signaled to the waiter at the side with his finger, and the waiter stood in front of them knowingly.

Chu Lui ordered a few dishes randomly. This was orthodox French cuisine, and he liked it very much.

The restaurant was filled with a gentle tune played by a piano. There was a rotating glass stage illuminated by the soft lights from the chandelier, and underneath it was a young girl playing the piano. Her fingers danced across the black and white keys of the piano as she spread the dreamy notes around.

Xia Ruoxin looked around a little helplessly at the start, but as time went by, she seemed to get used to her surroundings—perhaps due to the man beside her.

Just him sitting there, or looking at the watch on his wrist, or just shutting his eyes, or even looking at her with an unknown gaze occasionally… all of these could make her heart feel calmer.

Once all the dishes have arrived, Xia Ruoxin looked at the dishes on the table in a daze. Her heart lurched suddenly. He still had this habit. They were all Xia Yixuan’s favorite, and her mom frequently had the chef make it especially for her. Every year, during Yixuan’s birthday, these dishes could be seen at the Xia family. Xia Yixuan might have liked it, but Xia Ruoxin? Not necessarily. She liked food with a light flavor, but she had to follow Yixuan’s preference.

It was like that in the past. Would it be like that even now?

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