Chapter 651 - The Other Miss Xia

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Chapter 651 The Other Miss Xia

He sat back down at his desk as he awaited Miss Xia, except this was a different Miss Xia than the one he was looking for. The latter was probably doing very well.

He was fine as long as she was happy.

A figure flitted into his office like a butterfly, sticking out in his monochrome office. Chu Lui leaned back into his chair, tapping his pen on the table.

“Brother Lui…” Chu Lui remained unmoved by the sweet voice, not even blinking.

“Brother Lui, your secretary’s so annoying. She won’t let me in; I had to stand outside for so long. My feet are sore now,” Xia Yixuan whined in the same tone that she always used with Chu Lui.

The man stared plainly and coldly at her.

“You cannot come in. I don’t think my secretary has made a mistake. If she let you in, she can feel free to go home now.” Chu Lui set his pen down and placed his hands on his legs.

“Brother Lui…” Xia Yixuan was a little embarrassed but tried hard to maintain the innocent smile on her face as she hurried forward and stood before Chu Lui. As she regarded the man’s chiseled features, she felt her heart palpitating. The man’s charm only seemed to increase as time passed.

Even she seemed to have gained an interest in him. The more she saw him, the more she lost her interest in other men and turned her attention towards him.

“Brother Lui, have you considered what I told you?” she asked expectantly. Since Xia Ruoxin left, she had been to Chu Lui’s office countless times. Her efforts must have moved him.

“Brother Lui, my sister’s already married now, and you’re divorced with that Li Manni already. You can’t stay single forever. How about me? Didn’t you use to love me and dote on me? I won’t object to it as long as you’re willing. You didn’t forget, right? We were about to get married four years ago.” At this point, Xia Yixuan wanted to slap herself. If she had known that she would still be in love with Chu Lui, she would never have left. It was only now that she realized none of the men mattered as much as Chu Lui did.

Everything was fine as long as she got Chu Lui back. With him, she would not have to put up with the judgment from everyone. She could live as happily as she did before as long as Chu Lui was willing to marry her.

The man stared blankly ahead without blinking. His eyes were dark as if he had lost all the light, and his gaze was gloomy and dark. It was impossible to detect any emotions from them.

“Brother Lui…” Xia Yixuan never received any responses from the man. He just stared ahead, without uttering a single word or moving at all. His behavior made her anxious. Would he agree?

She needed him now; she really did. Her mother, no, Xia Ruoxin’s mother had left the Xia household, and her father had moved elsewhere as well. She was the only one living in such a big space. She had trouble sleeping every night. She could not sleep. She felt neglected, unloved, and alone.

She did not know how she could live on.

Chu Lui was her only hope.

Chu Lui moved his lips sarcastically. Everything that happened four years ago was a mistake, a mistake that he instigated. He had lost something so important to him that day.

He coldly looked at Xia Yixuan who was before him. “Sorry, Miss Xia, but I’m picky about my women. I don’t like anyone who has been involved with others. It’s dirty,” he said harshly, without care for Xia Yixuan’s pride.

Everything that he had said was the truth.

This woman disgusted him.

He did not know if she was dumb or naive to think that they could start afresh. He could pick anyone, but he would never go for her who had been with countless men. Besides, he never had any intention to start anything. To him, he had a wife and daughter. As for Xia Yixuan, she was never part of his consideration.

“Brother Lui… no, it’s not, I didn’t…” Xia Yixuan shook her head frantically as she tried to explain things to him, but the man only laughed coldly. “You didn’t what? You don’t have a boyfriend? You didn’t have several boyfriends, that you didn’t do anything with them?” His words were cold and cutting.

However, they left Xia Yixuan dumbfounded.

“Brother Lui, we’re possible. As long as you’re willing, I can abandon everything else. I’ll only love you. We can be like we were before. You used to dote on me so much. No matter what I did, you would always forgive me.”

Xia Yixuan placed her hand on Chu Lui’s table as she blinked. A tear slid from her eye, but it only seemed artificial.

Chu Lui only removed the amulet from his neck and placed it on the table.

“If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t even look at you.” He looked mockingly at her as he wrapped his arms across his chest. If this woman had not taken Ruoxin’s amulet, he would never have come into contact with her.

Xia Yixuan’s expression turned ugly as she regarded the amulet on the table. She had almost forgotten that she was her inferior sister—Xia Ruoxin’s replacement.

“Brother Lui, what’s so good about her? She can’t compare to me in any way. I’m the real daughter of the Xia household. She doesn’t even know who her father is. How is she better than me in any way? Weren’t we doing great before? Why can’t we start afresh now?”

She did not understand, not at all.

Why does everyone like that Xia Ruoxin now? The Chu family, her parents, and Gao Yi.

“Of course, you’re better than her in every way, including your selfishness,” Chu Lui replied plainly. His words were a little cruel, but so was he. He had lost everything, everything except for his body and his status.

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