Chapter 652 - Please Don’t Come Anymore, Miss Xia

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Chapter 652 Please Don’t Come Anymore, Miss Xia

Xia Yixuan was left at a loss of words.

“Brother Lui, is it because of that child? If we get together, we can take over the child. I can be a good mother.” Xia Yixuan tried her best to look past Chu Lui’s cold words. Didn’t he really want that child? If that’s the case, there was a perfect ending.

“Go out; I want to get to work.” Chu Lui picked up his pen, unwilling to talk to her about anything. This woman had no understanding of anything. Even if he could get Rainy back now, he would not do something like that.

He loved Rainy, but so did Ruoxin.

“Brother Lui…” Xia Yixuan called out urgently, but Chu Lui was already burying his head in his pile of documents. He treated both her words and her presence like they were thin air.

Xia Yixuan stomped before she left angrily. However, Chu Lui stopped her when she was at the door.

She turned back hurriedly, her face full of smiles. Did he finally work things out with himself and have agreed to it?

“Remembered to close the door,” the man said without even looking up from his documents. Xia Yixuan suddenly felt awful. He only stopped her to get her to close the door? What did the door have to do with her?

“And…” Chu Lui was not done speaking. This time, Xia Yixuan held her breath and kept a poker face as she awaited his words.

“I don’t hope to be interrupted by outsiders the next time I’m working. If there’s nothing big, please don’t come here again. My secretary needs to work, too. You may leave now.” He cut to the chase.

That was the way he had been towards people he did not care about.

Xia Yixuan tried to hold her temper in. Since young, she had never been belittled like this. She was the princess of the Xia household. Everyone revolved around her, even Shen Yijun and Xia Ruoxin. Since when did she have to tiptoe around people?

She really wanted to lose her temper, but she did not dare. Chu Lui was not someone she could yell at.

She took a deep breath as she walked away in her stilettos. They clicked heavily on the floor as if expressing the wearer’s discontent.

The secretary heaved a sigh of relief when Xia Yixuan left. Women were not exactly easy to deal with, especially women who knew the CEO. Thankfully, this was the only woman, or else the 18th floor would be a living hell.

This time, the phone on her table rang for real.

She hurriedly picked it up.

She nodded before she patted herself on her chest before she hung up. The CEO had already said the woman was no longer allowed to be in there anymore. If she was allowed to bother him in the future, she could go home.

For the sake of not losing her job, she had to keep a tight watch of her territory. This job was hard to come by. The welfare here was to die for, and many people were waiting to take her job.

For the sake of her livelihood, she had to keep her eyes wide open.

Chu Lui set his pen down again. He looked outside the window. He had no idea how long he spent looking outside. He narrowed his dark eyes. It was dark outside.

The skies outside the airport were dark. After a night of flying, a long journey, another country. Xia Ruoxin struggled to fall asleep while Rainy slept like an angel. She caressed her daughter’s soft hair. She missed being back home.

She missed the air, the people, and not being the minority.

Everything felt familiar to her, just that it was only the two of them this time.

Xia Ruoxin picked her daughter up. She looked up to see that people were already boarding. It was time for her to leave this place, too. She looked up as if looking for something, except that there was nothing but throngs of passersby.

When they arrived, it was a trio. Right now, it was just her and Rainy left.

Goodbye, Gao Yi. Remember, I still owe you. I’ll repay you if I have the chance. If not, I’ll do that in my next life. She picked up her daughter and walked towards the plane.

Her affinity with Gao Yi seemed to have ended there.

She never even had the chance to bid goodbye, thank, or apologize to him. She owed him, and she might never be able to repay him, not in this life.

She did not know that a man walked out from the side when she turned. His face was sunken in. His clothes looked baggy on him. He caught the attention of everyone who walked by, perhaps because he looked gloomy or that he was too skinny.

He stood there, allowing everyone to eye him like he was a monkey. He put his hand in his pocket, and a cool breeze blew into his sleeves.

It was Gao Yi. It was the man of the same name, but it was no longer the same man from before.

He said that he was not going to send them off, but he came anyway. He brought them here, and he could only watch them leave.

“My dear girl, you will be happy.” He suddenly smiled, his smile increasingly bitter.

If she had turned, she would have seen the pain on the man’s face that increased with each step she took. The pain swallowed him by the end of it.

He watched her walk and disappear into the airport. She never turned since she assumed that no one was sending her off. He was too late.

He also turned as he heard the plane take off. The booming seemed to cut off everything between the two of them. From now on, they would be in two countries, two worlds.

Xia Ruoxin carefully covered his daughter with her coats. She caressed the little girl. Just sleep, my dear. When you wake up, we’ll be home. When they came, she slept all the way; but now, she could not do that. She had to take care of her daughter, but all the hardship would be worth it.

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