Chapter 654 - Mother’s Mother is Grandma

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Chapter 654 Mother’s Mother is Grandma

When he sat in his car and drove off, the sun was already high up in the sky and had spread its warmth around the place.

Xia Yixuan sat down with a cold expression. It was empty in front of her eyes as there was no one around. She had already sat there for half an hour, and her father had gone to accompany her-no-Xia Ruoxin’s mother to the airport again. They went there every day; wouldn’t they get tired?

She stared at everything around with much hatred. Was this better than the Xia household? Her father was really poisoned by Xia Ruoxin’s mother, and Brother Lui was also poisoned by Xia Ruoxin. The more she thought, the more indignant she felt to the point where she almost exploded in anger.

At the airport, Shen Yijun sat on the resting chair. Ever since Xia Ruoxin and Rainy left, she waited here for their return almost every day. Just that, would they really come back? Would they really willingly come back?

It was precisely because no one knew the answer, and no one could tell her so she waited here every day. Day after day, she waited for a month; then, she waited for tens of days. She waited until her hair turned white.

At this point, she finally realized that she was old, really old. She had spent a big part of her life living for herself and had never loved her own daughter. She had even given her only daughter nothing but hatred so now, she was willing to give up on everything just to get her daughter’s forgiveness.

“Yijun, let’s go home.” Xia Mingzheng came to accompany her for as long as she was here. He placed his hand on his wife’s shoulders and sighed as he could not do anything else. He was out of his wits. If he had stopped her, she would most likely get depression. He could only accompany her quietly.

Shen Yijun shook her head and stared at the arrival hall, afraid that she would miss something.

Then, she suddenly saw something and stood up emotionally.

“Mingzheng, Mingzheng. You see, it’s Ruoxin and Rainy. They’re back,” she cried. Xia Mingzheng sighed even louder, and with much helplessness, he said. “Yijun, it’s not them. You must be mistaken. Let’s go home.” It was already the umpteenth time that she had thought it was Xia Ruoxin once she had seen a woman carrying a child.

“No, it’s not. It’s really them. Really.” Shen Yijun held onto Xia Mingzheng’s hand nervously and held it so tight until his hand started to hurt.

“It’s not.” Xia Mingzheng shook his head and looked at the direction she was pointing to. He opened his eyes wide and blinked his eyes in disbelief. Was the person really…?

Xia Ruoxin pulled Rainy’s hand, and Rainy rubbed her eyes from time to time. She had just woken up so she was still in a daze while carrying the doll in her arms and following her mother.

“Mommy, which home are we going to?” She lifted her head and asked Xia Ruoxin as if she had many homes. Actually, if she said it like that, she indeed had a few homes: one was their own, one was Gao Yi’s, and naturally, Chu family’s one as well.

“Rainy is, of course, going back to Mommy and Rainy’s place.” Xia Ruoxin ruffled her daughter’s hair and guided her forward by her hand.

“Ruoxin, is that you? Ruoxin?” The coarse voice made Xia Ruoxin stop in her tracks. She pressed her lips tightly together as she saw Shen Yijun standing in front of her. She did not tell anyone that she was coming back so how did she know?

“Ruoxin, it really is you. I finally waited till you’re home, my daughter.” Shen Yijun held out her hand, but Xia Ruoxin stepped backward with Rainy, avoiding her hand.

“Ruoxin…” Shen Yijun looked at her own hand and was greatly disappointed, causing her tears to roll once again. She finally understood the feeling of being rejected; she was like that to her daughter’s in the past and was even more heartless.

“Ruoxin, since you left, your mother would wait here for you every day, No matter how wrong she is, you should forgive her.” Xia Mingzheng walked forward and held Shen Yijun’s slightly shivering body.

“Ruoxin, Xinxin…” Shen Yijun called Xia Ruoxin’s name, but Xia Ruoxin still stood there in front of them without saying a word.

Her lips quivered, but she still could not call ‘mother’. Who was the one that said she was not her daughter? Who was the one that said she did not have a daughter like her? It was not that she did not want to forgive, but what was the point of doing so?

“Grandma…” A small and soft voice sounded. Not only was Shen Yijun stunned, but even Xia Ruoxin looked down at the Rainy she was holding hands with. What did she call just now? How did she know?

“Rainy, yes. It’s Grandma. I am.” That small call made her touched and tears fell like a waterfall. This was Ruoxin’s daughter, her granddaughter. She looked exactly like Ruoxin when she was young.

“We need to go.” After quite some time, Xia Ruoxin said this one word and held onto Rainy’s hand tightly before leaving. This was because she was afraid. She was really afraid that she might cry out loud, too.

Mom, why did we end up like this? Did you know why, Mom? I don’t even know what motherly love was anymore. The mother in my memory was the one that rather starved and would still buy snacks for me when I was four.

However, she was not Shen Yijun. Shen Yijun was Xia Yixuan’s mother, not Xia Ruoxin’s.

She held onto Rainy’s hand and walked even faster to the point where Rainy had to run to follow her. She seemed to have sensed her mother’s discomfort so she kept on running after her mother as she walked on.

Xia Ruoxin stopped and let go of her daughter’s hand. She gently caressed her daughter’s face, “Are you tired?” Her voice was filled with unspeakable heartache. It was all her fault that she made Rainy walk so fast.

Rainy shook her head. “Rainy isn’t tired.” Then, she smiled at Xia Ruoxin sweetly and kept tip-toeing on her feet. Actually, her feet did hurt, but she did not say anything.

Xia Ruoxin bent down to carry her daughter. “Let’s go, Mommy will carry you.” Obediently, Rainy hugged her neck, but she turned around and looked at the Shen Yijun who was already far away.

“Mommy, is that Rainy’s Grandma?” She asked Xia Ruoxin, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

“How did Rainy know that was Grandma?” No one had ever told her this so how did she know?

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