Chapter 655 - Mr. Chu was Back, Too

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Chapter 655 Mr. Chu was Back, Too

“I saw it on television. Mother’s mother is Grandma. Was that not Rainy’s Grandma?” Rainy tilted her head; she did remember it pretty clearly.

Xia Ruoxin rubbed Rainy’s small head. “Yes, that is Rainy’s Grandma.” The stuff between her and Shen Yijun had nothing to do with the child. If she said she was Grandma, then so be it. Even if she did not save her in the past, but there was no denying of their blood relations.

“Let’s go. Mommy will bring you home.” She placed Rainy down as she still had their luggage in her hand.

“Okay.” Rainy obediently nodded her head and took the initiative to hold Xia Ruoxin’s hand. They then returned to the place where they had first lived. She had thought that flat was already rented out even though she had paid for the rent, but she did not come back in a while. Surprisingly, it was not and was still there. She was so focused on finding the keys and completely ignored the owner’s weird gaze.

She opened the door and was stunned when she saw everything that was inside.

The owner said that no one had rented the flat, but there was obviously someone staying there. If no one was there, it would not be this clean as she had already left for a few months. Not to mention that this place was tidy, it completely did not have even a speck of dust. It was obvious that someone had come up to clean the place regularly.

“Mommy, our house is really clean.” Rainy stood next to Xia Ruoxin. Even though she was young, but she could still tell that the floor was clean and spotless. Their furniture was also really clean. Even though they were old, but they still had their original clean scent.

After she placed down her stuff, she closed the door and placed Rainy on the bed with its blanket folded nicely. Then, she walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Even though there was not much stuff inside, but they were all very fresh as if it was put inside not too long ago.

She leaned on the wall and could not figure out who on earth had lived here. Could it be that the owner had remembered wrongly that he had rented the flat to someone else? She took out the keys in her hand. If it really was so, then did they just trespass into someone’s flat? They could even be labeled as thieves.

Hurriedly, she walked out and was prepared to leave.

Just that, when she reached the door, she had already heard the door opening. She stood motionless on the spot while Rainy had already long fallen asleep on the bed, with her eyelashes moving from time to time, and the doll in her hand had already been thrown aside. She was obviously tired.

When the door opened, a large figure had blocked the sun from outside. Xia Ruoxin looked towards the door, and in the dim light, she could see the man’s facial features. He was holding a bag with groceries in one hand and his other was on the doorknob, but his fingers started to tremble.

He only looked at Xia Ruoxin and opened and closed his mouth.

Xia Ruoxin looked up once again but felt that she could not make any sound.

That was because the man standing there was not anyone else but…

Chu Lui.

“Ruoxin…” The bag in Chu Lui’s hand was almost thrown to the floor. He could not believe his eyes and could not believe that the person in front of him was her. Actually, he had imagined this more than once: one day, when he came home, perhaps she would be there. Just that, everything was part of his imagination. When he came home, he would always call out ‘I’m home’; and when he left, he would say ‘I’m going’. However, not once did someone reply to him, and he was already used to such a life.

Just that, he really did not expect that she would appear in front of his eyes. It was so real, so true; it was not his hallucination or his imagination. He held his hand holding the grocery into a fist but still did not dare inch forward and even more so to blink. He was afraid that a mere action of his would cause the person in front of him to disappear. His lips trembled, and his eyes started to tear a little while his voice was stuck in his throat and was unable to make a sound.

Xia Ruoxin looked at Chu Lui’s face and the things in his hand… and knew immediately who had been the one living here. No wonder the owner did not collect rent from her and said that someone had already paid for it. She thought it was Gao Yi, but she never expected it to be Chu Lui.

She did not even expect that he would give up on his luxurious mansion to live in this small house that was not even fit for him. Everything here seemed to have his aura, his scent, and his shadow. It was no longer her and Rainy’s home.

Hurriedly, Xia Ruoxin walked to the bedside and carried her sleeping daughter while holding her luggage on the other hand. It was no longer her house so she must leave as she did not like living in other people’s place because it was not hers.

“Sorry, we’ll leave now.” She left the keys in her hands on the table and lowered her head before walking towards the door.

Anxious, Chu Lui placed his groceries down and pulled her arm, but he did not dare use much force just in case it would hurt her and pain her. Her hand had already been hurt once and had not recovered yet. He was also afraid that she would be disgusted; he knew clearly how much she hated him.

“Ruoxin, where are you going?” He finally found his own voice and said the sentence coarsely after the roller coaster of emotions. There was unexplainable nervousness in him as if he was no longer himself once he met this woman like he was no longer the harsh Chu Lui from the business world.

He was just a normal man that had lost love and was waiting for love.

Xia Ruoxin was forced to stop in her tracks. The luggage in her hand felt like it weighed more and was too heavy for her to lift.

“This is your place. Sorry, I didn’t know so I came in by mistake. Don’t worry, I’ll leave really soon.” Xia Ruoxin tried to remove her arm from his grasp. His hands were big but seemed to be able to burn her skin.

She tried to push away, but at that time, she was holding Rainy in one hand and the luggage in the other. She could only maintain this position and distance from Chu Lui.

One wanted to leave, but the other did not allow it.

“Ruoxin, if you go now, are you sure you can find a house?” Chu Lui let go of her arm and had successfully stopped Xia Ruoxin’s tracks again. She could only stand there with nowhere to go as the sky outside was already dark. Could she really find a flat? Also, there was not a single hostel nearby. At the start, she stayed here because it was cheap, but its afford-ability came with remoteness.

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