Chapter 657 - Really Did Not Leave

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Chapter 657 Really Did Not Leave

That was because his daughter was staring at him the whole time. Actually, she was curious about his car instead of him.

Even so, he was still willing to let his body suffer.

“Rainy, come and shower.” Xia Ruoxin came out from the bathroom. She had already prepared some hot water as what they really needed now was a hot bath, so that they could have a good night’s sleep the whole night.

“Okay.” After opening the window, Rainy looked at the window again before following Xia Ruoxin into the bathroom. Half an hour later, Xia Ruoxin had carried her out; and her face was powdery and soft like a big bun.

“Mommy, do you think the car will leave?” Rainy still remembered the car outside and turned towards the window with her hand lightly scratching her mother’s hair. Xia Ruoxin was stunned for a while as she used the towel to wipe her daughter’s hair dry.

“The car had left already. I’ll teach you some words later.” She pressed her lips. Actually, she was lying to her daughter as she did not hear the sound of the car moving; and so the car was still parked there.

Chu Lui… Her lips quivered, and the sour feeling in her heart worsened. However, she did not know if it was because of the old her or the new him.

The sky started getting darker, and Xia Ruoxin stood up while Rainy was lying on the bed and writing words quietly, focusing on every stroke. Now, she still was not sure if she was going to send her daughter to kindergarten or just let her stay at home like the past.

Just that, she just got adjusted to the kindergarten overseas. If she changed again, Xia Ruoxin did not know if the child would be used to it.

Forget it, she would wait and see. She picked up her luggage and opened up to reveal her and Rainy’s clothes. Even though there were not a lot of them, but it was their everything. She did not bring the rest back. She took out the box containing the pearl necklace and felt as if it was heavier. Perhaps, it was because her heart was heavy.

She opened the drawer and placed the box inside before picking out her clothes and opening the shabby closet. Just that, her eyes widened to the size of saucers. That was because the man’s clothes were hanging inside. One could tell that he had been staying here for a long time.

She stood rooted to the ground and did not know what to do with these clothes for the time being. She wanted to return them to the man, but how to do so? Just throw them down the window? Sorry, she could not do so.

She turned back and saw the two bunches of keys on the clean table. She had not forgotten that he was the one who rented or had even bought the flat. After much hesitation, she hung her and Rainy’s clothes inside. Due to the extra person, the closet seemed to be squeezed, but it felt more like home.

She hurriedly stopped her train of thoughts and closed the closet. This could just be her and Rainy’s home, and they could live happily on their own.

She walked to the window and pulled the curtain slightly open. Like what she thought, the car was still there and was just like the man’s personality; it was still a body of black just like his car. He seemed to like the color black a lot because he had always liked the darker colors.

After closing the curtain, she lay down and turned the bedroom lights off. Rainy rubbed her eyes again.

“Are you tired?” She gently took her daughter’s hands down as such a habit was not good.

“Yeah, Rainy’s a little tired.” Even though she slept a while just now, she was still very tired as she had walked a very long distance just after departing the plane. Besides, children originally did not have much strength. She would probably need to sleep a long time to catch up on her rest.

“Then, sleep.” Xia Ruoxin hugged her daughter and lightly patted her back.

“Mommy, my dolly.” Her sleepy voice sounded, and yet she still did not forget about her doll.

Xia Ruoxin found her doll and placed it in her arms. Then, Rainy went to dreamland peacefully. Xia Ruoxin patted her daughter’s back, but her eyes were blurred as if she had returned to the old days. Just that, she was not used to it anymore.

Unwittingly, she looked at the window again, but her heart was surprisingly calm. She felt a sense of security, but she did not know if it stemmed from the car parked outside… or perhaps that man.

The bedside light was turned off, and in the small house, there was finally a rare silence. In the decent-sized bed, Xia Ruoxin held her daughter in her arms, and their similar faces were next to each other. Actually, this was also a type of happiness.

Chu Lui stared at the house without a light, and in the dark, he could see a few of his features.

“Goodnight, Ruoxin and Rainy, Daddy’s well-behaved daughter, sweet dreams. “He muttered to himself, and only he could hear his own voice. He leaned against the seat rest. Waves of pain were still coming from his gastric, and the hunger had made his entire body uncomfortable, especially his stomach. He closed his eyes, and his tightly-knitted brows should just how much pain he was enduring.

In the dark, that car did not leave the entire night like the past; but no one knew that this time, there was a man who sat there the whole night.

The sun shone its rays in Chu Lui’s face, and he hurriedly used his hands to block it as he was not used to the light. He opened his dry eyes, and his face was still unusually white. There was also a slight crease between his brows.

He checked the time on his watch, and he should be going to work at this time. He looked at the closed door once more before starting his car. He needed to work, and as for them, he believed that they would still be here and would not leave. This was their home, and Ruoxin loved her daughter a lot so she would not let her suffer. Besides, they were used to this place so they would not want to move.

The car engine startled Xia Ruoxin and made Rainy turn her body like a shrimp and shrunk her body. Xia Ruoxin pulled the blanket back for her daughter and walked out. Perhaps it was because she was very tired, but she had such a good sleep last night. She did not sleep till morning in a long time.

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