Chapter 658 - What Should He Buy?

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She walked to the curtain and opened it. Like what she expected, the car was already gone. She looked up at the wall clock and realized it was already eight. He should have gone to work already, and she actually woke up so late.

As for that man, he had already gone to work because he was someone that loved his work over his own life.

Surprisingly, she was slightly stunned as she realized that even after four years, everything about that man was still fresh in her mind. Even till now, she just needed to think for a bit; and all the information would come flowing.

She had never forgotten. She never ever did.

Chu Lui was still wearing the clothes from yesterday, and obvious signs of just waking up were on his face; even his clothes had creases on it. The man that had always been super particular about his appearance really shocked people this time around. He walked straight into his office, placed his things down, and headed to a mini bathroom in his office. After grooming himself, he then sat back on his office chair. Just that, he looked down and saw his clothes; there were no clothes for him to change into here.

He took off his outerwear as if it would make things better.

His table was already piled up with many documents. He sighed and began working. He had to finish all of these so he could go home earlier. Even though he could not enter the house, he was still willing to stay in the car and not leave.

In the afternoon, he put down the pen in his hand and felt that his back was sore. He then realized he had busied himself the whole day and did not eat. If he did not do so, he would never have been able to knock off on time. Even if he was the company's CEO, all those items were for urgent use the next day; he could not simply leave it alone. He looked at the watch on his wrist and hurriedly took his suit jacket. He still had many things left undone.

"Cousin…" The door opened, and Du Jingtang came in. When he saw the documents placed nicely on Chu Lui's table, he flinched.

"You finished reading everything?" he asked Chu Lui.

"Yeah." Chu Lui nodded his head slightly. "I have already marked those with problems. As for the ones that need changing, there are some files saved on my computer; you can take a look. The password is my daughter's birthday."

Once he finished talking, he walked away in big steps. Before Du Jingtang could even react, his shadow was long gone.

"Where is he rushing to? Normal people won't understand the mind of a weirdo." Du Jingtang shook his head and leaned on Chu Lui's office table while reading the documents on it. He was a weirdo. If it was him, he would need about three days to finish reading all the documents, and it would not even be as detailed.

He turned on the computer and typed in some numbers.

Indeed, it was Rainy's birthday. His cousin now remembered Rainy's birthday very clearly; he used her birthday for all of his passwords.

He sat in front of Chu Lui's table with one hand on the document and the other on the computer. It looked as if he was playing instead of working.

On the other hand, Chu Lui stopped in front of a department store and walked in. All sorts of children products were inside, but he was dazzled by the items in front and did not know what to do. Actually, he had never bought his daughter anything and did not know what to buy.

He stood there and picked for half a day but still did not know what he was doing.

"Sir, may I help you?" A young salesperson hurried over. After noticing Chu Lui's beautiful features, she was in a daze. What a handsome man, I wonder if he's married.

Just that, there were only children products here. Was he really going to buy those?

"I want to know what a three-year-old kid needs. A girl." Chu Lui furrowed his eyebrows. He was really stumped this time.

"This…" The salesperson professionally introduced everything in the place. "A girl would like many stuff like some hair accessories or toys that could be changed." She explained everything one by one to Chu Lui. "May I know if you're buying for your daughter?" She tried to fish for more information.

"Yes." Chu Lui nodded his head before taking out his phone to show a girl's photo. The girl inside extended her small hand and did a 'V' sign. She looked really pretty.

"Sir, your daughter is really cute," praised the salesperson unknowingly. She was a really cute child. Just that, she was disappointed. It turned out he already had a daughter and was long taken.

"Sir, are you done picking?" All she could do was to be more alert and put on her professional side; work was more important. She had to sell more items.

"What else do you have?" asked Chu Lui again.

"Oh, we still have this. These are all kid's favorites." She introduced a whole bunch of stuff again while Chu Lui listened on intently and made mental notes.

"Sir, what do you want to get?" The salesperson asked him impatiently. She had been talking for a very long time; could he really not decide what he was getting? Did he have no intention to buy and just wanted to look around under a pretense?

Now, she really wanted to cry; she could not have the man and the money.

"Wrap all of this up for me." Chu Lui took out his wallet from his pocket while the salesperson blinked her eyes with all her might. "Sir, what did you just say? I did not hear it clearly."

Did she hear wrongly? He said to wrap all of these up… did he not how much it would cost?

"Yeah." Chu Lui took out a card from his wallet. "I want everything."

The salesperson still could not believe what she had just heard and took the card in shock. Then, she hurriedly walked forward, afraid that Chu Lui would take back his words. She had never seen such a crazy customer. Judging by his looks, he wanted to buy everything in the store.

It looked like he really did love his daughter.

Chu Lui stopped his car, and the door was still shut. Just that, the curtain moved a little, and a small figure was staring at him by the window. He then heaved a sigh of relief; they really did not leave. He walked out and lugged two big bags out of the car. The bags were filled with items for his daughter, but he did not know if it was enough. If it was not, he could go back and buy again the next day.

He put the bags at the door and did not knock. He knew she would come out.

He sat back down in his car and just looked at the door and waited.

'Den, den.' Small footsteps sounded, and Rainy used her might to extend her hand. Just that, no matter how hard she tried, she still could not open the door because she was still far from it. After looking at her surroundings, she then brought a stool over and stood on it to open the door. See, she was a smart baby.

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