Chapter 659 - Give This to That Uncle

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Chapter 659: Give This to That Uncle

She unlocked the knob and jumped off the stool before opening the door. Curiously, she stared at the items at the door and squatted down to touch them lightly with her hands. She let go and touched again carefully as if there were thorns on the items. Her brows were knitted together, and her small hands touched her nose from time to time. This was weird; what exactly was this?

Upon seeing his daughter's confused look, Chu Lui laughed unknowingly.

Rainy opened the bag and blinked her eyes unwittingly.

"So pretty!" She took out a cute toy and kept playing with it in front of her eyes.

"Mom, Mom…" She kept calling Xia Ruoxin. Xia Ruoxin thought something had happened and hurried over. When she saw Rainy at the door and two bags beside it, she felt helpless. When did this fellow learn how to do this? She was not even afraid she would fall and hurt her butt.

"Mom, there are so many things here." Rainy opened her arms wide and pointed at the two big bags on the floor. Xia Ruoxin walked over, squatted down, and opened the bag. There was everything in the bag. She looked up at the car not far away and could easily guess who brought the items here.

"Mom, can Rainy bring these home? Rainy likes them." Rainy raised her head and hugged the toys in her arms. Xia Ruoxin ruffled Rainy's hair and could not bear to refuse her daughter's small requests. She had never taken the initiative to say 'no' to her daughter at all, and this time was not an exception. She thought if she really rejected these, then two people would be upset.

Her heart was not made of stone, and she was not heartless. Let this be. These presents were for Rainy and not for her so she had no right to make that decision.

"Okay, Mommy promises you, you can bring it back. However, next time, do not open the door yourself. If you do it again, I'll punish you." Rainy hurriedly nodded her head.

"Okay," she replied swiftly.

Xia Ruoxin carried all the stuff inside. Just that, when she saw all the toys in her arms, she sighed deeply. Why did he buy all the same things? Children grew up very fast, and she would be four soon. She probably would grow out of them before she even touched some of these items.

He probably had never bought anything for a kid before. That was true. He only bought gifts for women but never for a child.

The door closed again, and the bag outside had been taken in. Chu Lui, who was sitting in the car, then heaved a sigh of relief. There was finally a smile on his face, and the hands on the steering wheel had let go.

All was good if she accepted them.

He placed his hand on his stomach. He was really hungry as he had not eaten anything for a day. He was hungry, starving. However, he could not bear to leave this place even by an inch. He missed his daughter—he missed her. He did not ask for much; all he wanted to do was look at them quietly even if they were separated by a door. It was enough to just know that they were living there.

In the house, the Rainy—who had played for a long time—stood up and pulled open the curtains. She stuck her face to the glass and saw that the car was still parked there. When the windshield was down, he could see the man in the car. It was that uncle.

"Rainy, what are you looking at? Come and eat." Xia Ruoxin came out from the kitchen, holding dishes in her hand. Rainy lay by the window sill and continued to watch outside. What was going on? Did she not want to eat?

"Okay." Rainy obediently sat on the chair and kept shaking her two legs. Xia Ruoxin thought for a while and headed back into the kitchen to take out a bowl. She portioned out some food she cooked and some rice.

"Rainy, come." She called for her daughter.

Rainy put down the spoon in her hand and jumped off the chair to Xia Ruoxin's side before raising her head to quietly wait for her mother's instructions.

"Rainy, bring this to that…" She paused. "Uh, give this to that Uncle." She patted her daughter's head lightly. "Remember, be careful when you walk. Don't fall down."

Rainy held the bowl and nodded her head vigorously before taking big steps out of the house.

Xia Ruoxin only sat down when she saw her daughter making her way towards the car. It turned out that she still could not bear and could not harden her heart. He must be hungry. If he was going to stay there for another night, then he would be hungry for another day again.

When did this man start treating himself so badly? It seemed as if he had never done this before. Forget it, she would be nice on behalf of Gao Yi.

When Chu Lui opened his eyes, he saw Rainy walking towards him with a bowl in her hand. She seemed to be wobbling even while walking. Hurriedly, he opened the door and grabbed the bowl in her hand. In the bowl was food that smelled amazing. To him who had almost everything in the world, it was very fragrant to the point where he did not dare eat it.

"Is this for me?" He lowered his body and caressed his daughter's cheeks.

"Yes." Rainy nodded her head. "Mommy said this was for Uncle." She was very honest and repeated whatever her mother had said without a lie.

When Chu Lui heard her calling 'Uncle', his face darkened. However, he still smiled in the end. If it was 'Uncle', then let it be 'Uncle'. It was better than living in two different countries.

"Uncle, why are you not eating? It will get cold, and then it won't be nice. The food that Mommy cooks is delicious; Rainy loves them." Rainy remembered to praise her mother.

"Okay, Uncle will eat; Uncle will eat." Chu Lui held the bowl in his hand and ate it in big gulps. At this moment—even if someone used delicacies to exchange for this simple bowl of rice, he would never agree.

Rainy smiled sweetly and ran home because she needed to eat her food, too. The door closed once again, but Chu Lui was still standing in front of his car, wolfing down his food.

This was really the most delicious thing he had ever eaten.

It seemed like he had never tried her cooking. Who knew it would taste this good? He had already lost four years and had even lost more than what he imagined, which brought him even more pain.

At night, Chu Lui sat in the car and placed his hand on his stomach. Due to the meal he ate just now, he was extremely comfortable now and was not hungry. He raised his head to look at the dark flat before closing his own eyes. After busying himself the whole day, he needed rest, too. Even though the car was not comfortable at all and he could return to his luxurious Chu family villa or even his office to sleep, he rather slept scrunched up in his car and not go anywhere.

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