Chapter 66 - True or False

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Chapter 66: True or False

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“Woman, is there anyone who would call her husband by their full name?” Chu Lui smiled suddenly and cupped her face with one hand. She was touched, her face filled with emotions and fear she couldn’t mask.

“Call me by my name next time, Ruoxin.” He pressed his lips softly against her forehead then shifted down. Every kiss was soft and full of doting love; every kiss was as if it was for his most treasured woman.

“Say it for me to hear.” His voice was alluring, making Xia Ruoxin’s body shiver.

“Say it,” he murmured softly, gently. It was such an intimate gesture. She could not escape; neither did she want to. Was it really coming true? Could she really get what she wanted?

“Ah Lui…” It was such an intimate way of addressing him. Her lips opened and closed, and her words made Chu Lui’s eyes darken.

“Good girl, say it one more time. I like hearing you say my name.” His lips grazed along her lashes to her face, making her unable to escape. If this really was a trap, then she would gladly fall into it.

“Ah Lui…

“I love you!”

Chu Lui’s heart skipped a beat. Her declaration of love pierced through the depths of his heart, making him remember this sour feeling for a very long time. It was unforgettable.

He did not speak but used his actions to reply to her instead. His lips continued moving down.

He reached her lips, and Xia Ruoxin lifted her head, her long lashes brushing against his face. His lips were touching hers slightly, not pressing deeper. She realized her heart was racing, almost engulfing her and making her breath stop.

She wound her hands around his neck, kissing him back for the first time. They were kissing inseparably in the car. Chu Lui’s eyes flashed with something indescribable that went unnoticed by Xia Ruoxin.

That night, they interacted with a never-before lingering gentleness and passion. She was completely devoted, giving every part of her body and her heart—as well as her soul—to this man.

In the dark, the Xia Yixuan in the picture hanging on the wall seemed to smile even brighter.

Morning came, and sunlight lit up the entire room. Xia Ruoxin opened her eyes slightly and realized that she was held tightly in Chu Lui’s embrace. She lowered her head shyly, still in disbelief that the passionate and aggressive woman from yesterday was her.

“Why, are you shy?” Chu Lui’s deep voice rang beside her head. He ran a callous hand across her back under the blanket and stopped at her collarbone, sending shivers down her spine.

“Don’t do that.” She pushed him away lightly. It was ticklish. Her face—extremely pale—was tinted a light cherry pink, and it was so gorgeous.

“Haha…” Rich male laughter rang beside her ears, and her heart seemed to be in sync with his vibrations. Thump, thump, thump…

It was just like Beethoven’s fated musical notes. She wasn’t sure whether it was going from fast to slow or from low to high—or if it will go from resounding to tranquil… just like fate.

“I like your behavior yesterday. You really made me feel satisfied.” He moved in closer to her ears on purpose and took her sensitive ear lobe into his mouth gently. He never had a shortage of women so he knew the female body like the back of his hands, but the innocent and pure Xia Ruoxin had nothing to compare his experience with.

Xia Ruoxin was a little taken aback. His actions made even Xia Ruoxin’s chest blush a tantalizing pink.

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