Chapter 660 - Reward Mr. Chu with a Bowl of Rice

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Chapter 660: Reward Mr. Chu with a Bowl of Rice

He shut his eyes tightly. Perhaps his body was in discomfort as he had been stuck in the car for a really long time, and his muscles were all aching. However, there was still a smile on his lips.

"Goodnight, Ruoxin, Rainy. See you tomorrow." He leaned his head against the backrest. Perhaps, he was really too tired so he still fell into a deep sleep even in the car.

In the morning, the sound of the door opening woke him up. Rainy walked wobbly out of the house and towards Chu Lui's car. Chu Lui was awakened and hurriedly opened the door.

"What's the matter?" He bent his body to meet Rainy at her eye level. Rainy had already washed up and the braids on her head with a rabbit clip had grown.

She extended her hand, but Chu Lui looked at her in confusion. What did she want? What did he have that he could give her?

He hurriedly reached his hands into his pocket, but other than a wallet, he had nothing else in it.

"Rainy, what do you want? Uncle will buy it for you right now," he asked Rainy. Whatever she wanted, he would be back with it as soon as possible.

Rainy still stuck her hand out and tilted her head weirdly.

"Rainy doesn't want anything. Rainy just wants to let Uncle hold me. Mommy said I can't take things from a stranger."

Chu Lui looked at Rainy's hand, and after hearing her soft voice, he extended his hand and held his daughter's with great caution. It was the first time his daughter had allowed him to be so close to her on her own accord.

Did she not hate him anymore?

"Uncle, let's go home." She pointed at the door that was already open. Inside the house, her mother was making delicious food; and she was willing to share it with other people. Be it her mother or this Uncle, she was willing.

"Okay, Uncle will bring you home." Chu Lui felt the sweat coming out of his hands as he did not know how to even hold his daughter's hands. Also, the word 'home' tingled his heart. Some things were accidentally let loose, and that feeling had traveled to the rest of his body.

He walked in, and everything looked the same just as he had left it. Nothing had changed, except that there were two more people. Xia Ruoxin came out from the kitchen and placed the last bowl of rice on the table. There were two big bowls and one small bowl; it looked just like a normal family: a couple and their extremely cute daughter.

"I did not touch your clothes, and your stuff is still in its original place." Xia Ruoxin said lightly before heading back to her kitchen. However, her voice had clearly told Chu Lui one thing. He could finally change out of the clothes he had been wearing for two days. Of course, there was also his rice for him here, and he no longer needed to starve in the morning. After a very long time, he was still standing at the same spot, unsure of how to react… until a pair of soft hands hit his big hand.

Rainy scrunched up her cute notes. "Mommy said if you don't wash up, you can't eat. Rainy had already washed herself super clean in the morning." She touched her own cheeks, and it was indeed very clean.

"Yes, Rainy is very clean." Chu Lui pinched his daughter's cheeks lightly and walked to the closet. He opened it and saw that there were clothes for three people in it placed tidily.

It really had the feeling of a home. In the past, his clothes were placed properly in sets, and everything was done for him by his helpers. It was the same even when Li Manni was there. He never had such a feeling before. His hands grazed past Xia Ruoxin's clothes. Her clothes were simple, but some were old. However, she still could not bear to throw them away. He took out his own set of clothes and walk into the small bathroom. All his toiletries were indeed placed at the same place and were not moved at all.

Ten minutes later, he had swiftly tidied himself up before going out. Rainy was already sitting on the chair and was shaking her leg from time to time. Of course, she was also touching the bowl in front of her as she was hungry.

Chu Lui rushed over and sat down as he was afraid his daughter would starve. The food on the table was not a lot and was all made from the ingredients he bought that day. He bought a lot, but it was all the same kind of vegetable as he only knew how to cook one kind so he bought the same ones. However, even if it was just one type of vegetable—after Xia Ruoxin's cooking, it became something with a completely different taste and was delicious.

Xia Ruoxin lowered her head and ate the food in her bowl. Just that, she was not sure if the person—who was used to eating delicacies made by famous chefs—would be used to eating her light porridge. She looked up, and her chopsticks stopped in their motion while Chu Lui looked a bit sheepish.

"Sorry, I'm really very hungry." He began wolfing down his food after he finished his sentence. He was not putting on a show or lying, but he really was hungry. He only ate a bowl of rice the day before so as a grown man, he was starving.

However, he did not forget about Rainy. He placed all the good food in her small bowl before looking at Xia Ruoxin, but Xia Ruoxin only looked up once before lowering her head for the rest of the meal.

After all, he did buy many things for Rainy. This meal was then a token of their appreciation. After he was done eating, Chu Lui stood at one side, but Xia Ruoxin did not ask him to leave. Then, he continued playing with Rainy. He stayed for a long time and had almost forgotten that he needed to report for work. If this went on, his reputation as a workaholic would be tarnished. Chu Lui had never been late even if he was very tired and busy.

Xia Ruoxin took her daughter's hand and stood aside, waiting for the man to leave. Even though she did not say much, but the look of chasing her guest away was clear on her face. Rainy clutched her mother's clothes and looked up at her with her eyes wide open.

Chu Lui held his own hand with much difficulty before opening his mouth.

"Well, I'll go first."

Xia Ruoxin did not say goodbye as there was nothing good about him anyway.

"Mommy, Uncle left." Rainy turned around and pulled on her mother's clothes.

"Yes, Uncle left." Xia Ruoxin carried her daughter back into the house.

"Rainy wants to sleep.

"Mommy, Dolly." Rainy rubbed her eyes and was looking for her doll again. Xia Ruoxin took the doll from the cupboard and placed it in her daughter's arms.

Rainy hugged the doll and rubbed her face against it. In no time, she was off to dreamland.

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