Chapter 661 - Baby Gave Her Rice to Uncle

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Chapter 661: Baby Gave Her Rice to Uncle

Their house was run down but homely.

After Rainy fell asleep, Xia Ruoxin then stood up and freed her time to clean up the house. She also took her drawing materials out and took the time to do a few more paintings. Actually, the space in the house was too small, and she could only place the stuff against the couch. While her daughter was fast asleep, she was busy.

The car stopped outside yet again. Every day at this time, the man would come. No matter if he managed to see them or not, it became part of the man's responsibility.

Perhaps just looking from the outside; perhaps because there was their scent in the area. The two women were the most important people in Chu Lui's life, and they were his everything.

He got off his car and did not dare go too close.

The door opened. Xia Ruoxin held her daughter's hand and walked out.

"Come, throw this here." Xia Ruoxin pointed at the garbage bin in front and said to Rainy. "Rainy, you need to remember you can't leave your trash lying around. You need to help Mommy clean up, too."

"Rainy knows." This was not the first time Rainy had helped her mother with the chores so she was decent at it. She picked up the small bag and tip-toed to throw the rubbish into the bin before running back to hold her mother's hand.

"Let's go. Mommy will bring you to wash your hands." Xia Ruoxin held her daughter's hands tightly and closed the door behind them as if separating them from the outside world.

She took some water and placed the bucket on the floor.

Rainy rolled her sleeves up and placed her two soft hands into the water before putting soap on them. In the end, she accidentally rubbed it all over her face. She scrunched her nose and wanted to use her hands to rub the bubbles away, but the more she did it, the more bubbles there were. Bang! She did not stand properly and accidentally rolled backward like a ball towards the couch. Luckily, the couch was soft; if not, she would have gotten hurt.

When Xia Ruoxin came out and saw Rainy sprawled on the floor with bubbles all over her face, she opened her eyes wide in shock and confusion.

She walked over and picked her daughter up before bringing her back to the bucket. Both the mother and daughter squatted down beside the bucket. Xia Ruoxin used the wet towel to wipe the bubbles off Rainy's face before helping her wash her small hands.

"Let's go eat." She pulled her daughter's hands and sat her down at the dining table.

Then, she went to take rice for Rainy.

Rainy held her bowl but did not take a single bite.

"What's wrong? Is it yucky?" Xia Ruoxin tried her cooking. No, it was not salty nor bland. The taste was sweet and sour, just like the way this child liked it. Why was she not eating it today? Was she full?

"No, no." Rainy shook her head vigorously. "Mommy cooks the best food." Her mouth still remembered to butter up to her mother.

"Then, what's wrong?" Xia Ruoxin picked the bones for her daughter.

Rainy sucked on her thumb before placing her bowl on the table and continued eating the fish that her mother gave her while her feet kept kicking below the table.

Xia Ruoxin felt that the child did not grow physically but grew mentally. She now knew how to hide things from her.

"You eat on your own. Mommy has things to do," Xia Ruoxin said to her as she pinched her daughter's cheeks.

"Okay." Rainy ate her food obediently. She raised her hand and smiled at her mother brightly, her eyes in the shape of the crescent moon. Xia Ruoxin then walked into the room but did not close the door. Even though Rainy was well-behaved, but she was still a child so she needed to keep an eye on her, even at home.

After seeing her mother enter the room, her eyes turned in mischief; and she carefully got off the chair. She pushed the stool to the door and stood on it. Ka! The door was open.

She ran to the table and brought out the food that she barely touched. Then, she walked like a duck towards the car parked outside.

However, Chu Lui did not notice any of this. Just nice, he received a phone call and talked for a very long time before he placed it down. Just as he looked up, he saw a small child standing in front of the car.

He was shocked, and the phone dropped in the car. Luckily, the phone was strong. It had not spoiled even after numerous falls.

Hurriedly, he opened the door and carried the child.

"Rainy, what are you doing here?"

It was rare for the child to be so familiar to him and willingly wanted to talk and smile at him. Her sudden appearance without any reason indeed gave him recognition of his existence.

"Uncle, here is Rainy's food." Rainy placed her bowl in front of Chu Lui, and she had even brought her cartoon spoon.

Suddenly, Chu Lui felt his tears well up for this mature daughter of his.

He had done so many things to let her down. When she was sick, he did not take care of her and had even let her life slip away from her; and yet now, the child was willing to sacrifice her own food for him.

"Uncle, don't cry." Rainy saw Chu Lui's eyes and thought he was about to cry. She extended her hand and patted Chu Lui's face.

"Uncle, it's okay. Rainy doesn't cry so Uncle shouldn't either."

"Okay, Uncle won't cry." Chu Lui held Rainy's cartoon bowl in one hand and his daughter in another while sitting in the car. Actually, from an outsider's point of view, he did look pretty silly.

A man dressed in a western suit and tie with a watch on his wrist that was worth millions… was actually holding a small pink cartoon bowl and a cartoon spoon to eat.

Suddenly, his stomach growled. How could such a small bowl satisfy his stomach? Besides, it was just plain rice. However, he felt that it was the best meal he had ever eaten his whole life.

Was this Uncle very hungry?

Rainy felt that the Uncle was quite pitiful so she reached into her pocket and searched for a while before finally pulling out a piece of sweet and placing it in Chu Lui's hands. She then blinked her eyes at him.

Tears welled up in Chu Lui's eyes, and the heart in his ribcage beat like it never did before today. The happiness that he had made him tear up involuntarily as if he was not himself.

When Xia Ruoxin came out, she could not find her daughter; and the door was open. This was not the first time. Ever since the little fella learned how to open the door, she kept going out on her own so she needed to change the lock.

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