Chapter 665 - We Have a New House

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Chapter 665: We Have a New House

Xia Ruoxin walked over, sat down, and tucked her daughter's hand into the blanket. The child's hand was warm and fuzzy.

"Sleep." She stood up and kissed her daughter's face. She then proceeded to go prepare the meal. It was getting late, and Rainy would need food later. However, she unknowingly walked over to the window and peeked out from behind the curtains. The conspicuous car was gone.

It's good that he's gone. It's a good thing.

She felt relieved. She did not know what she was bothered by. She sometimes felt that CEO Chu's constant presence was annoying, but Wei Lan was right. He was Rainy's father. Even though he was not fit to be that person, but blood bonds could not be cut like that.

"Thank you for the trouble." Xia Ruoxin shook the teacher's hand.

"It's no worry." The teacher smiled. She had a round face doe-like eyes which gave her a doll-like appearance. It was Teacher Xiao Meng from the kindergarten.

Xiao Meng held Rainy's hand in hers, and she replied reassuringly.

"Miss Xia, don't worry. Rainy's in safe hands. She's really obedient. She's no trouble at all."

Xia Ruoxin heaved a sigh of relief as she squatted down to talk to her daughter.

"Remember to listen to Teacher."

"Okay," Rainy promised.

"Be a good girl and eat your food."


"Mommy will come pick you up when school is over." She kissed her daughter and tidied up her braids. "Mommy's leaving now." She had to work as much as she could so that they could get a huge house that would be warm in winter and allow them to shower as much as they wanted.

She had chosen this school after comparing a number of schools. Despite its small size, the school had a lot of good reviews with a good meal plan. Most important but unexpectedly, there was someone they knew in school. Teacher Xiao Meng's presence was an added bonus, which offered reassurance.

She had received a reply immediately after she sent out the information on property purchase yesterday. She had inquired about it, and the houses seemed to fit her requirements in all respects. Most importantly, it was close to the kindergarten that she had found, which made picking up and sending Rainy to school easy.

She dared not put it on hold since it was a great place. Buying a home was an important decision. From being homeless, to the small house, and to the big home now. On her own power, she now had another home that truly belonged to them.

She hurried over after getting in touch with the person.

She glanced around. That was the home she had in mind. It was not very high up, the renovations were nice. It was a relatively new house that was only on sale because the owner's family was moving abroad.

There were furniture and electrical appliances inside that they left behind. They were all almost brand new.

It was a fire sale so it was rather affordable. Xia Ruoxin liked the place, but she did not have enough money, given that the owner wanted cash. She had to take a trip to the bank.

Thankfully, she had read up about loans beforehand. She had brought the necessary documents and her proof of income. If she hustled a little more, she made about ten thousand a month which meant that she could repay her loans in four to five years. She had a ten-year contract with the company so she was not worried that she would not be able to repay her loans.

She had thought that it would take a lot longer for the loan to go through, but it had gone through surprisingly fast. She was still a little confused when she left the bank.

Is this real? She pinched herself in disbelief. Everything seemed to be going to well to be true, but she did not have the time to think about it. She still had papers to get done, and the running around from today would be exhausting.

When she was done with all the paper, it was almost dark; and Xia Ruoxin was tired beyond words.

Rainy was waiting for her mother as she sat on the steps.

When Xia Ruoxin rushed over, most students had left.

"Mommy…" Rainy's eyes lit up when she saw her mother. She leaped up from the steps towards her mother and hugged her mother's legs.

"Sorry, I'm late." Xia Ruoxin apologized to Teacher Xiao Meng as she patted her daughter on the head. She felt bad, given that she was late on the first day.

"Don't worry, it's still early. There's still a lot of kids left; you're not late." Teacher Xiao Meng pointed at the other kids.

"Thank you." Xia Ruoxin held her daughter's hand and picked up her school bag.

Rainy looked back and waved at Teacher Xiao Meng.

"Bye, teacher."

"Bye Rainy." The teacher waved back. The child was pretty, not to mention she was obedient, polite, and intelligent. She was the true winner!

"Gosh!" Teacher Xiao Meng cupped her face. "How can a child like this exist?"

Xia Ruoxin brought Rainy home. She would get the new place cleaned up tomorrow, and it would be ready for move-in. The thought of living in their new place excited her.

She beamed in joy.

"Is Mommy really happy today?" Rainy asked as she grabbed her mother's hair.

"How did you know?" Xia Ruoxin inched towards her daughter. She really wanted to share her joy with someone, even if Rainy was still young.

"Because Mommy's doing this." Rainy beamed, her eyes turning into crescent moons. "Mommy used to be like this." She changed her expression. "Never like this." She changed her expression again. The changes in her expression amazed her mother. Her daughter seemed to have a flair for performing. She should become a child actor—she looked better than a lot of the other child stars on TV.

However, that was just a passing thought. She had no intention of selling her daughter to showbiz.

She suppressed her joy, and the mother-daughter pair had a nice dinner. After that, she painted while Rainy did her homework.

Rainy was an obedient girl who did all her homework herself. Xia Ruoxin was unsure where Rainy stood in terms of her learning, but the little girl did not seem to have any trouble with her homework.

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