Chapter 67 - Responsibility

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Chapter 67: Responsibility

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Simply looking at her roused Chu Lui’s desire easily. He stood up hurriedly and looked at the picture hanging on the wall. His eyes landed on Xia Yixuan, and the heat on his face finally subsided.

Xia Ruoxin caught on and raised her head, following his gaze to the picture. She shut her eyes gently. She was still not comparable to her.

“Don’t think too much. I just don’t want to be late.” Chu Lui’s voice came closer again, and he pressed his lips lightly against hers, swollen from all previous kisses he gave her.

“I can’t deny that Xia Yixuan will always be in my heart, and I’m not sure of what I feel for you right now. I have known Yixuan since I was young. I can’t forget her so easily. Do you understand? Ruoxin, we can’t forget our responsibilities. I have already tormented you, and you have paid for what you did, but I can’t forget her just like this. It’s unfair to her. She’s innocent.”

He raised his hand and placed it on her face gently. “I believe you didn’t do it on purpose, because you have let me come to know a different you.”

His gentle caress seemed to rub away the last defenses of the woman’s heart.

“Do you really believe me… that I didn’t…?” She wanted to say something, but Chu Lui placed his hand on her lips as if he did not want to hear what she had to say.

“It’s okay, we can stop talking about this. I’m hungry. Shouldn’t you be preparing breakfast for your husband?” He smiled slightly, the morning light falling on his face and neutralizing his slightly cold features.

“I got it. I’ll go prepare immediately.” Xia Ruoxin nodded her head lightly. She sat up and then realized that she was not wearing any clothes. She blushed furiously, turning around to wear her clothes. Even though they were already the most intimate of couples, she still was not used to exposing herself in front of him.

Chu Lui stared at her elegant curves from behind her. Her back still had the marks left from the passionate night yesterday, but Xia Ruoxin had not noticed it. His lips curved into a slight smile, extremely cold and callous; but perhaps it was because he was against the sunlight.

Xia Ruoxin finally put on her clothes. The moment she walked out, her legs gave out. Her face became even redder, and she did not dare to turn and look at him.

The door closed softly. Chu Lui then retrieved a cigarette from the bedside drawer. The huffs and puffs he took made his features blurry and fogged.

He only put out the cigarette when the cigarette butt almost scalded his fingers. He stood up and walked towards the bathroom. When he walked out, he was once again the superior CEO of the Chu group.

When he opened the door, the maid Xiao Hong scrambled up immediately the moment she saw him as if he was some tremendous flood. Chu Lui pursed his lips in displeasure… was he so scary?

However, if he looked into the mirror now, he would know himself whether he was scary or not. His perpetually cold expression, extremely sharp looks… coupled with his thin and fickle lips and icy, colorless black eyes. This was the business genius that was known to all, not to mention his effective methods and callous heart. If he was not in this industry that ate people up whole, he would have run out of bones to munch on.

He never had the habit of eating breakfast, but this woman changed him effortlessly. He realized surprisingly that he felt hungry in the subsequent mornings just after that one breakfast. Since she was the one who caused him to become like this, she would be in charge of feeding him in the future.

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