Chapter 7 - Deeply ashamed

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Chapter 7: Deeply ashamed

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However, after a long while, all she felt was hot air on her face. She peeled her eyes open and saw an unmistaken sneer on the man’s lips.

“Xia Ruoxin, I won’t do anything to you because you disgust me,” rasped Chu Lui. He lifted her face but he never moved his lips down—he didn’t dare touch her lips.

Xia Ruoxin felt wavered, her steps staggered a little. She went limp and almost fell to the ground, but she couldn’t—she really couldn’t.

Her eyes started to get blurred with tears, but she could still see the cold, rigid facial expression on her mother’s face, the merciless mockery on her step-father’s face, and even the harsh and unkind smile on Chu Lui’s face.

All of them were laughing at her. She, however, started weeping.

Xia Ruoxin looked around, slowly taking in her surrounding. She hugged herself even tighter when she saw a wedding portrait still hanging on the bridal room wall, and it was a portrait of Chu Lui and Xia Yixuan. So, he could be gentle when he wanted to: to smile and to love. But that love would never be hers to have.

Could things possibly be any crueler than this? She bit the back of her hand. Was he reminding her that she had no place in his heart? That she was his foe and also his plaything?

Chu Lui forcefully opened the door with a push, and then sauntered in. He was still wearing the same suit that he had worn at the wedding. He crossed his elbows and then looked at Xia Ruoxin, who was sitting by the bedside, in a condescending manner.

There was not an ounce of expression on his face except for the cruel and unfeeling sneer.

“What’s the matter? Are you satisfied now after marrying me?” He stood there and placed his hands inside his pockets.

Xia Ruoxin raised her head but was clutching the front of her clothes firmly in her hands. At that moment, her bright eyes seemed to have lost some of their sparkle.

“What? Nothing to say? You were willing to kill your sister over these things.” mocked Chu Lui. “It’s such a joke that a woman like you expects to receive happiness even after what you’ve done, for that, you’ll be a sinner for the rest of your life.” His cruel words pounded on Xia Ruoxin relentlessly, as if they were cold beads.

“N-no… I didn’t…”

Chu Lui cut her off in a haste. She was still defending herself, even till now! Did she really think that he wanted to marry her?

“Take off your clothes.”

Xia Ruoxin shuddered as she put her hands down and started to undo the buttons on her clothes one by one.

Small spheres of goose bumps appeared on her soft white skin instantly. She was unsure if it was due to the cold or from her fear. She lowered her head and sat there helplessly.

“You seriously thought that I would be interested in you? I feel disgusted when I see you.” Chu Lui folded his arms at his chest and stood there. He had to admit that this woman had a pretty good figure. She might have been slightly skinny but overall, well balanced.

A pity that she simply had a wicked heart.

“No…” Xia Ruoxin shook her head. She had not wanted this. Not one bit.

However, Chu Lui had run out of patience. He walked up to her, “You tried every possible way to get me to marry you. Isn’t this what you wanted?” Chu Lui approached her. His icy intense eyes casted a shadow on her. It was filled with endless hatred—blood-thirsty hatred.

“It is not like this. Chu Lui, please do not treat me in such a cruel manner.” Xia Ruoxin looked up with her tear-streaked face. There was not a shred of dignity left as she stood in front of him.

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