Chapter 703 - How Hard-Hearted

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Chapter 703: How Hard-Hearted

Song Wan stayed with Chu Xiang in the hospital every day. This reminded Chu Lui of how he had barely done anything as a father when Rainy was sick back then.

The thought of the past tormented him.

“How’s Chu Xiang?” Xia Ruoxin asked. The man had been returning rather late recently. It was probably because of Chu Xiang, and she was a little envious of that.

Compared to her Rainy, Chu Xiang was much more fortunate.

“Still waiting for a kidney.” Chu Lui reached over and carried the small child in his arms.

Thank god, it’s not you, Rainy. Else, what would Daddy do?

It was clear that Chu Lui was not doing too well. Xia Ruoxin would not say anything to stress him out now. As for Chu Xiang, she could not help much; but she hoped that the child would find a suitable donor as soon as possible. Medicine was really advanced now, and there was a high chance of recovery.

Everyone was trying to keep their spirits up, except for Song Wan who was worried sick. Every time Chu Xiang cried, she would have palpitations from her panicking. However, they never found a donor.

Song Wan could not keep waiting. The doctor’s words were like a looming death sentence every day. He said that Chu Xiang would die if they did not find a suitable donor soon.

She had to do something herself.

A child’s would be the best.

At this point, she was conflicted. She had thought of something, but in truth, it was illegal. She could not bear to do it. She could not make a decision, but Chu Xiang could not afford to wait.

She gritted her teeth and came to a decision.

“Director, do you think this will work?”

In the orphanage, Song Wan had been discussing the matter with the director for a while. They were familiar with each other. Even though the director was not exactly sure of why Song Wan was there, she was not dumb.

“Madam Chu, can you tell me if the reason you want to adopt another child is Chu Xiang?”

Song Wan froze. In her desperation, she was not sure of how to answer.

“Madam Chu, there is still hope for Chu Xiang. Please don’t give up on her,” the director said after pondering for a while. It was not her place to say it, but all life was equal before God.

Song Wan knew that the director had gotten the wrong idea, but she did not explain.

She felt like her life had been sucked out of her when she left the director’s office. She was lethargic.

The sunlight from outside shone on her face, and the wrinkles on her face seem to have increased dramatically over the past few days. As the light shone in her face, her eyes seemed to ache a little.

She was about to leave, but she heard the voices of two children. They were probably around Chu Xiang’s age.

“Sister, what do you want the most?”

A little girl asked. The voice was a little familiar to Song Wan, but she could not put a finger on whose it was. Children’s voices often sounded rather similar even between genders.

Guo’er propped her face up as she sat in her wheelchair.

“Guo’er wants to help Brother earn a lot of money. That way, he can go to school and not suffer anymore. He would not have to save his candy for me every time.”

Not every child believed in the fairy tales that the adults told them. Guo’er, for example, understood some things but chose to ignore them herself.

The other girl bent down and said something. Guo’er smiled when she heard it before the girl ran away.

Song Wan was about to leave, but for some reason, she walked over and squatted down next to Guo’er.

“Are you a child from here?” she asked, looking at Guo’er’s leg. The child only had one leg, and she sat in a wheelchair, which made her seem extra small.

“Hi, Granny, I am. My brother and I are both children from the orphanage,” Guo’er replied.

Song Wan stood up and wanted to leave, but she gripped her hand tightly and held in her sense of guilt.

“You want to give your brother a better life?”

“En.” Guo’er nodded.

“What if Granny could help you achieve it?”

“Really?” Guo’er tugged on Song Wan’s sleeve. “Can Granny really help and give Guo’er a lot of money?”

“Yes, I can.” Song Wan smiled stiffly. “I can, but Granny needs something from Guo’er’s body.”

As she spoke, she felt a devil’s arm reaching towards her and gripping her neck. She felt like she was unable to breathe. She did not even know what she was saying or doing, but the words just flowed out of her mouth naturally.

“What does Granny need from Guo’er? Can it be grown out?” The child naively thought that it was replaceable, just like her leg, which her brother had said would grow out.

“Of course.” Song Wan smiled stiffly. She placed her hand on the child’s hair. The child was a little like Rainy. Rainy had such soft hair, too. Could she do something like this?

However, when she thought of Chu Xiang who was suffering and on the brink of death in the hospital, she hardened her heart.

She told herself that she only wanted one. Even though it would not grow out, that would not be a problem at all. The doctor had said that. Her Xiang Xiang would only have one kidney in the future.

“Guo’er, will you promise Granny?” She felt like a cannibalistic witch luring a child into her trap.

“Guo’er promises.” The child smiled, unaware of the danger. She reached out her pinky. “Granny, can we pinky-promise? Granny has to promise to give Guo’er a lot of money, to let Brother go to school and learn to draw, okay?”

“Okay, Granny promises you,” Song Wan replied. She felt awful, but she resolved herself to it as she committed the child’s name to her memory. It was Guo’er.

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