Chapter 704 - Let's Play Hide-and-Seek

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Chapter 704: Let’s Play Hide-and-Seek

After Song Wan left, a girl came over and squatted in front of Guo’er’s wheelchair.

“Sister, what did you say to Granny?” She blinked and asked curiously.

“Hm, I’m not telling you.” Guo’er rolled her eyes and smiled innocently and cutely until her eyes formed a crescent moon shape.

The girl pouted. “Even if Sister doesn’t say it, Rainy knows, too. Granny wants something from Sister to exchange for money, right?”

“It can grow out.” Guo’er tugged on her own clothes.

“Oh…” Rainy sat on the floor. “It can grow out.” She repeated Guo’er’s words. However, she bit on her finger. Why did she not want Sister Guo’er to go? It was because that Granny had Xiao Jie Jie. She was not nice to Rainy so she definitely would not be nice to Sister Guo’er either.

The next day, Song Wan came over to fetch Guo’er. All she said was that she had fate with this child so she wanted to bring her to see Chu Xiang. Perhaps when these two children came together, Chu Xiang’s mood would get better. This would also be beneficial to the child’s condition.

Naturally, the ignorant director agreed but still added a sentence.

“Mrs. Chu, I think you’re destined to meet the two siblings, Lin Qing and Guo’er.”

Song Wan did not understand why the director would say that; what destiny did they have?

“Why? Did you forget, Mrs. Chu?” The director then smiled and explained. “Back then, the Xiao Qing you wanted to adopt is Guo’er’s brother. However, Xiao Qing did not want to leave his sister who was a disabled girl with only one leg.”

After Song Wan left, she kept thinking about what the director had said: she wanted to adopt Lin Qing who was Guo’er’s brother.

There was a moment where she really did not want to continue and give up. However, when she thought of her meticulous plan and Chu Xiang who was on her deathbed in the hospital, she was determined.

She brought the one-legged Guo’er to the shopping center and bought her many things including school bags and clothes that Guo’er carried. All girls loved dressing up, and Guo’er was not an exception.

“Granny, can you buy some clothes for Brother?”

She asked Song Wan softly, “Guo’er had clothes to wear, but Brother didn’t.”

“Okay, Granny will buy them for you.” How could Song Wan not agree to this child’s small request? Let alone one thing—even if it was one hundred or one thousand things, she would still buy it. After all, the money spent on clothes could be earned back; but there was only one organ which could not even be bought with money.

She brought Guo’er to the boy’s clothes section and bought quite a few things for Lin Qing. Guo’er smiled happily while carrying the bunch of clothes.

“Granny, you’re very nice.”

She laughed sweetly but had no clue that this Granny smiling so amiably was actually pushing her to her grave. Right now, she only had one leg left; and if she was going to lose a kidney, what was she going to do for the rest of her life? How was she going to live?

Her calling Song Wan ‘Granny’ made Song Wan’s smile freeze.

The surgery she had scheduled with the doctor was today. Everything was ready on the other end, and when they arrived, they could do the necessary checks. If it was a match, the surgery could happen immediately.

“Guo’er, go back first. Granny will pick you up in a while, okay?”

Song Wan squatted down and caressed Guo’er’s bony face. Compared to Chu Xiang, this Guo’er was really too skinny. It was almost hard to believe that she was going to be six-years-old.

“Okay,” Guo’er agreed elatedly.

When she returned to the welfare home, Rainy came over to play with the sister.

“In a while, Granny will bring Guo’er to cut something off. We can play together again when I’m back.” Guo’er used her skinny hands to hug Rainy.

Rainy tugged on Guo’er’s sleeves.

“Sister, don’t go.”

Guo’er was still older and thus more mature. “Brother once said that I need to do what I agreed with other people so I must go.”

Rainy frowned and sat on the balcony, rubbing her small face. She was not very happy as someone was going to come over in a while. Rainy heard footsteps so she hurriedly hid in a corner. She saw the Granny come over and smile at her sister before the man behind had carried her.

Rainy bit on her lip and followed behind them quietly. When they were halfway there, Song Wan suddenly felt her stomach churning. She turned to the man beside her and said, “After you send the child to the hospital, bring her to surgery immediately just like what we had agreed on.”

“Yes, okay.” The man replied stiffly, without much expression on his face.

“You better shut your mouth and not say anything.” Song Wan warned yet again.

The man nodded and brought the kid away. Guo’er, who was being carried away, had completely no idea what they were talking about; she was still thinking about playing with Rainy and her brother when she returned.

Rainy bit her finger and saw Song Wan disappear into the distance before following the man who was carrying Guo’er.

After the man placed Guo’er behind the car, his phone rang. He came down to pick up the phone and had no clue that some other midget had run in and squeezed into the car.

“Ra…” Guo’er was startled. Rainy immediately placed her finger on her lip.

“Shh. Sister, let’s play hide-and-seek,” she said as she curled her body up. Guo’er understood immediately and laughed secretly. Yes, they had to hide and not let anyone find them.

Not long after, the man got in the car and drove away. Rainy hid her small body well, and no one had noticed her at all. When she played hide-and-seek with her mother, her mother could not find her either.

The car sped off quickly, and the two children fell into a daze. Coincidentally, a pillow in the car had dropped in front of Rainy, covering her small body completely.

After the car stopped, the man got off, opened the door, and carried the Guo’er inside out. He did see the pillow that had dropped in the car but did not think too much about it before going on his way. However, after they left, he felt as if he did not close the door properly. Seeing the child in his hands, he thought he should not bother with it as he might get into unnecessary trouble. It was better to bring in the child first.

He had no clue that once he left, an even smaller child jumped down from behind the car and chased after the man.

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