Chapter 705 - Rainy will Suffer Instead of Sister

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Chapter 705: Rainy will Suffer Instead of Sister

The man boarded the lift, and the door closed behind him. She tilted her small head and counted the number of floors. Her mother had said before if the light went off, it was that floor. The lift went up all the way, and the light only went off on the fifth floor.

“Oh. Whose kid is this?” The nurse had a good impression of Rainy when she saw the small child that was really pretty.

“Hello, auntie.” Rainy smiled sweetly before pointing at the buttons in the lift. “Mommy is upstairs. Baby needs to go up to the fifth floor.”

“Okay, Auntie will bring you there.” The nurse kindly held Rainy’s hand and brought her to the fifth floor.

“Thank you, auntie.” Rainy thanked the nurse politely after arriving. Once she hid in a small corner, she saw the black-faced uncle from just now carry Guo’er into one of the wards before leaving for the toilet.

Rainy sucked on her finger and ran over. Gently, she pushed the door open and saw Guo’er sitting on the bed, waiting obediently without making a commotion.

“Sister, Sister…”

Rainy came over and yelled for Guo’er.

Guo’er turned around and reached her hand out. “Why are you here?”

Rainy placed her finger on her lip again. “Sister, let’s play hide-and-seek.”

Guo’er did not say anything this time.

Rainy ran over and held Guo’er’s hand. “Sister, are you afraid of injection?” Rainy was in the hospital for quite some time and had been injected a few times so she knew that her butt and her hand would hurt during one.

“I’m not afraid.” Guo’er bravely shook her head. However, once she mentioned ‘pain’, she started to back out.

“Will it… really hurt?” she asked softly.

“Yeah.” Rainy nodded her head. “It’ll hurt quite a bit.”

Guo’er bit her lip before squeezing her hand into a fist. “Guo’er isn’t afraid. It’ll just hurt a little. After a while, the pain will go away.”

Rainy hesitated and was as if she had made a decision. “Sister, let Rainy suffer for you,” she said as she patted her chest. “Rainy was hurt before so it wouldn’t hurt now. Mommy said that Rainy had very thick skin.”

“No, no.” Guo’er shook her head. “They want to cut something out.”

“Is it nails?” Rainy bit her finger. “It’ll grow out again. Sister still needs to grow your legs out so Rainy will grow my nails out really fast. We’ll each grow one. It won’t be long.”

The two girls chattered for quite some time, and alas, Guo’er climbed down the bed and sat on the floor before crawling into a small corner and used something to cover herself. Meanwhile, Rainy climbed onto the bed that was not very high.

“Sister, let’s play hide-and-seek. You can’t make a sound.”

Guo’er nodded her head and bit her fist. Just that as she bit, she fell asleep.

At that time, Song Wan walked over and asked softly, “Is she inside?”

The man stood up and nodded. “She is. Madam, do you want to go in and take a look?”

The hand clutching her bag tightened before Song Wan shook her head. Forget it, she was not going to see her. Even if she had seen her again, the ending would not change. Actually, she was afraid that she would regret it. If she did, she would not be able to brave herself to do such a decision anymore; then Chu Xiang would inch closer to her death. It would be a lie to say that she did not love the granddaughter she had adopted for a year.

A doctor came over in white and was wearing a white mask, only his eyes were exposed to the public.

“Is the person here?” the doctor asked Song Wan.

“Yes, she’s inside.” Song Wan sighed before answering.

“Are you sure she doesn’t have any parents?” the doctor asked again. The sale of organs was illegal, let alone that of a girl’s. Even though he had taken their money, they did agree at the start that the child was someone who had no parents; an orphan with no identity. He did not want the family members to come looking for him after the surgery. By then, he would have earned the money but would not be alive to spend it.

“She’s an orphan,” Song Wan said confidently. “Her parents passed on in a car accident. She only has one brother who is ten.”

The doctor took off his mask and hesitated for a while before squinting and walking into the room, closing the door behind him.

Inside the room, there really was a small girl. As he went closer, his eyes met with a pair that looked like black grapes. The orphan had such a beautiful mother. If it was true, he really wanted to adopt one to be his daughter. It was a pity that his only son had a whole lot of debt outside. If not, he would not do something so cruel and immoral.

“So small?” The doctor ruffled Rainy’s hair. At that time, he really could not bear to do it, but he had already taken the money. Since he had decided to be immoral, he could only stick with his decision.

“Let Uncle take some of your blood.” The doctor took out a needle, and Rainy cooperatively stretched out her own arm.

“How well-behaved.” The doctor pinched the child’s face again. Just that, he actually could not inject her anymore. However, when he thought of the person outside, he could only toughen his heart and jabbed the child’s skinny arm.

When he looked up, the child was very obedient and did not cry. There were only a little bit of tears at the corner of her eye.

“Don’t worry.” He comforted the child. “When you’re done with the surgery, Uncle will adopt you. Even though you’ll lose a kidney, nothing will happen to you. Uncle is a doctor so I’ll ensure your health for the rest of his life.

He had made a decision. He must adopt this child.

Rainy still did not understand what Doctor White was saying. What kidney? Was he not cutting her nails?

The doctor took the blood and was ready to do a test match.

Rainy touched her arm and sniffed before tightening her first. Yes, Rainy was a brave girl. No fear, it would grow out.

“Xiao Qing, did you see Rainy?” Xia Ruoxin asked Lin Qing who was learning how to draw. Where did that child go? She had been acting so mysterious, but now, she was nowhere to be found.

“She’s sleeping. I saw her just now.” Lin Qing pointed at the lounger. There was a mini lounge here made for the teachers. When Xia Ruoxin brought Rainy over—if she wanted to sleep, she would head inside and sleep the afternoon away. Sometimes, when she brought the child over, she would just be a lazy bum and spend most of her time sleeping.

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