Chapter 707 - The Child was Missing

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Chapter 707: The Child was Missing

“Are you asking for Guo’er?” The director smiled. “Mrs. Chu brought her to see Chu Xiang who was ill.”

“Then, Director, did you see Rainy?” Xia Ruoxin felt something was amiss the more she thought about it. If Rainy was not here, then where did Rainy go?

The director shook her head. “I did not see Rainy.” She could confirm that Rainy did not come over.

Xia Ruoxin still had a bad feeling about it, and the director was starting to get anxious so she was comforting her. “Ruoxin, don’t panic first. Let’s ask the others at the welfare home. Perhaps they had seen Rainy.”

Not long after, a few social workers came over. After asking them, Xia Ruoxin found out that they did see Rainy. They said that the kid did come to the welfare home and had always been playing with Guo’er lately.

However, they did not see them in a while.

If Guo’er was taken away by Song Wan, would Rainy have gone with Guo’er, too? She knew that Rainy was very obedient and would not run off on her own. If she was not at the welfare home, she would have followed Guo’er to the hospital to see Chu Xiang.

However, she knew that Rainy did not like Chu Xiang. If she would not even go to the Chu family, how could she go visit Chu Xiang?

No. She had to look for her. She thought for a while and whipped out her phone to call Chu Lui.

“Oh, I see. Don’t worry. I’ll come over right away.”

Chu Lui put down his phone and did not look at the proposal he was doing halfway before he left the company in a hurry. He stopped for a while and took out his phone to give Song Wan a call.

“Mom, are you at the hospital?” he asked Song Wan.

“Yeah, what’s the matter?” Song Wan answered while panicking in her heart. Did her son find out about something?

“Mom, did you bring a kid called Guo’er to find Chu Xiang?” Chu Lui continued to ask and was wondering if his daughter had fallen asleep in some corner.

Guo’er? Song Wan almost jumped.

Did Ah Lui find out about something?

Impossible. Totally impossible. She hid this thing very well as she found the doctor and the hospital in secret. She did not tell anyone about it so it was impossible for her son to find out.

“No,” she denied it. She could not talk about it anymore… not now, at the very least. She had to wait until the surgery was over, and everything was settled. They could talk about the rest on a later date.

“The director said you brought Guo’er to see Chu Xiang?” Chu Lui asked as he continued walking. He felt something was wrong with Song Wan’s voice. Did his mother do something wrong?

“Oh, that child.” Song Wan acted as if she just realized what he was talking about. “I brought her over to see Xiang Xiang, but I asked the driver to send her back.”

“Really?” Chu Lui did not really believe it. It was not because he was suspicious; it was just that Song Wan’s words did not match. She said she did not bring the child out earlier, but she said she brought her again. So did she bring her or not? Did she not know if she brought the child with her or not?

“Mom, I’ll go see you in a while, and I’ll…”

Before he could finish talking, Song Wan immediately interrupted him. “Ah Lui, don’t come over. Xiang Xiang is sleeping already. She’s still sick, you know?”

“I’m not looking for her.” Chu Lui did not think that Chu Xiang could let him give up on his busy work just to see her.

He sat in his car and was on the way to the hospital.

“Ah Lui, you really don’t need to come.” Song Wan was anxiously stomping on her feet. What kind of doctor was this? Why had he not finished the surgery after going in for so long? If Chu Lui went to the hospital and did not see Chu Xiang, how was she doing to explain?

“Um… Ah Lui. You don’t need to come anymore. I found a doctor who is an expert in the field so I’ll transfer Xiang Xiang to that hospital. You might come for nothing in the end.” She stood up and was walking around in panic. One could tell from the anxiety in her steps just how conflicted her heart was.

“Okay, the doctor is coming. We need to go now.”

She hurriedly hung up and prayed for the surgery to finish as soon as possible.

At that time in the operating theater, the doctor had meticulously taken out a small kidney and stitched the wound for the child on his own. The flush on the child’s face had disappeared. The apple-like face that was originally beautiful had now lost its color. Perhaps it was too painful so the child kept crying even without waking; the child was still so small.

The reason why the surgery took so long was that he was very careful when taking out the kidney. He was afraid that he would affect the child’s blood vessel, causing her to not recover.

“There, there. Everything is fine, Baby. You just need to get well then Uncle will bring you home.” There were tears at the corner of his eyes as he quickly transplanted the bloody kidney to another child’s.

Chu Lui put down the phone and had the urge to smash it. He parked the car at a corner and called Chu Jiang.

“Dad, I’m Ah Lui. Do you know which hospital Mom moved Chu Xiang to?”

“No…” Chu Jiang, who was playing golf at that time, had never heard about this. “Your mother had not told me about this, and I didn’t hear anyone talk about it before. That hospital is already the best in the country regarding facilities or doctor experiences. Where else can she go to find a better doctor?

“Why? Did something happen?” Chu Jiang placed the club down and sat down at an isolated corner. “Your mother wants to transfer Chu Xiang out of the hospital?”

“That was what she said, but I don’t know what she was thinking.” Chu Lui leaned back against the chair. Something must be wrong if she was abnormal. Song Wan was obviously different from usual. Perhaps there really was something wrong?

“I’ll ask her later.” Chu Jiang did not have the mood to play golf anymore. He was going to be tortured to death from Song Wan’s constant nagging because of Chu Xiang’s sickness. If this continued, he felt as though he would be the one in the hospital next. If it was not because of this, he would not have come out to play golf and would be accompanying his granddaughter, Rainy, instead.

He was too stressed so he came out to relax.

Chu Lui wanted to tell Chu Jiang that Rainy had gone missing, but he decided against it in the end. Perhaps Ruoxin had already found that kid.

When he started the car, he was prepared to go to the welfare home. Actually, he was not that worried about Rainy going missing as the child was obedient and would not run off on her own. Perhaps she had really fallen asleep in some corner.

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