Chapter 708 - Both of Them Went Missing

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Chapter 708: Both of Them Went Missing

Chu Jiang was using his phone to call Song Wan. After calling for half a day—at first, he could still reach her. After a while, she turned off her phone.

What was going on? Chu Jiang stared at his phone; the older he got, his temper would get fierier.

One could not deny that when one got obsessed with something, it would really change one’s life.

“Lao Chu, why did you stop playing?” His good friend came over and sat down. “Were we not playing just fine just now?”

“I’ll go in a while. Something cropped up.” Chu Jiang laughed casually. He did not have much mood to play golf now.

“Oh, right.” The person sitting beside Chu Jiang laughed along. “Do you have a photo of your granddaughter? Let me take a look. Your granddaughter is getting prettier and prettier; can you let her be my granddaughter-in-law?”

“Dream on.” Chu Jiang was the first to disagree. “Your grandson is already fifteen, but my granddaughter hasn’t even had her fourth birthday.” His Chu family would definitely not agree with this relationship.

“What do you know?” That man disagreed. Was it not perfect to have an eleven-year gap? Everyone was talking about an old husband and young wife; the older one would know how to take care of the wife even better.

However, no matter how touching and wonderful the other party made it sound, Chu Jiang would never agree to let her granddaughter marry into their family. It would be best if their precious princess did not marry anyone her whole life. No, they should find someone who would come to them so that she would not be bullied.

He took out his phone and called Song Wan again, but it was still turned off.

“What on Earth was wrong with them?” He was getting a bit uneasy and was going back to check. Even though Chu Xiang was not his biological granddaughter, she was still one. This Grandpa still had to go over when his granddaughter transferred hospitals.

“Hm? Lao Chu, are you not playing anymore?”

“Yeah, I’m not. Something happened at home.” Chu Jiang kept his golf clubs and was prepared to go home.

At that time, close to two hours had passed.

The entire welfare home had been looked over—even the rat holes, but Rainy was nowhere to be seen.

“Did she really go out with Guo’er?” A social worker said softly.

The two words ‘Guo’er’ triggered Chu Lui’s senses.

“You’re talking about Guo’er?”

“Yeah, Guo’er,” the nurse hurriedly replied. “Usually Rainy would play with Guo’er the most. Today, when Mrs. Chu brought Guo’er out, I saw that Rainy was not far away. Perhaps she had really left with Mrs. Chu and Guo’er.”

Chu Lui then remembered about Guo’er.

“Did Guo’er not come back?” he asked, but Song Wan had clearly said that Guo’er had returned.

“Nope.” The social worker shook her head. “I hadn’t seen Guo’er come back. We would definitely know if she did as her leg is a bit inconvenient so she needs our help if she wants to do anything.”

Chu Lui had an uneasy feeling in her heart.

Song Wan’s stuttering, incoherent sentences, and her sudden ending of the phone…

Perhaps, did she…?

“Ruoxin, let’s go.” He hurriedly pulled Xia Ruoxin and left. Xia Ruoxin was still thinking of how to find her daughter. She was going crazy after finding her for half a day.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you have news on Rainy?” she hurriedly asked in a shaky voice.

“Possibly.” Chu Lui did not dare tell her. “Rainy might have gone out with Guo’er and my Mom…” He paused. “Maybe she wanted Guo’er’s kidney.”

Xia Ruoxin widened her eyes and did not quite believe what she just heard.

“How was this possible?”

“Nothing is impossible.” Chu Lui smirked; there was coldness in his smile. “My mom has all her heart on Chu Xiang. For Chu Xiang, she could do anything.

“If it were Rainy, would you do it?”

He asked himself and Xia Ruoxin. For his answer, he could do it without hesitation. He would. He could do anything for his daughter, including hurting another child’s life. This was Chu Lui.

As for Song Wan, it was not weird that she had such thoughts. If he could think about it, so could Song Wan.

Xia Ruoxin did not know how she was going to answer the question.

Would she?

No, she shook her head. She would not. She would use her own kidney to save her daughter, not others. They also had a life; she would not do something so ruthless.

Chu Lui called Song Wan again, but Song Wan’s phone was still turned off.

He threw his phone in his car.

“We can look for her hospital by hospital. I don’t believe we can’t find her.”

Chu Lui steered his car in another direction. Then, he picked up his phone again. He felt that this would not work; they would have to look all day long this way.

“Hi, Director Hu, it’s me, Chu Lui. I would like to ask you for a favor…” He briefly said his request before starting the car to go towards another hospital. He just hoped that he could make it on time. However, his hopes were dimming as it had been a few hours. If Song Wan really wanted to do a surgery, it would have been done by now.

He did not tell Xia Ruoxin about this. Luckily, humans had two kidneys. He would take care of the child well in the future and not allow her to lose another kidney. If it was possible, he would take her as his own daughter.

However, he was still hoping for the best.

They looked hospital after hospital, but none of them had them. There were so many hospitals in the city. It really was not easy to look one by one. Two hours later, he received a call.

“Yes, I know. Thank you. I’ll treat you to a meal another day.”

The other end replied politely before the call ended.

“I found it.” He said lightly as the car had already turned in another direction towards this hospital. This was a private hospital and was really small. They had passed by it before, but they did not think about going in.

Director Hu told him that they were doing a kidney transplant surgery. That kind of hospital did not even have the facilities to do such a surgery so he could confirm that the surgery was for Chu Xiang and the child called Guo’er.

Just that, Rainy was there, too. How could this be? Rainy was only so big; how could they let her know how cruel the world is? He really could not bear to let his daughter find out about the cruelty of the world.

“Ruoxin, what’s wrong?”

After seeing Xia Ruoxin kept quiet for the whole day, Chu Lui thought she fell sick so he placed a hand on Xia Ruoxin’s forehead.

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