Chapter 709 - Could They Find It?

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Chapter 709: Could They Find It?

“Mm, I’m fine.” Xia Ruoxin then reacted. She did not know why, but her heart was still filled with anxiety. It became even worse as she approached the hospital.

“Don’t be scared. Let’s go in together. Perhaps things would not be as bad as we imagined it to be.”

Chu Lui opened the car door and let Xia Ruoxin out. However, once Xia Ruoxin’s feet landed on the floor, she felt dizzy. Chu Lui hurriedly held her tight.

“What’s wrong?” His brows knitted. “Why are you so pale?”

“Nothing.” Xia Ruoxin stood up straight, but the anxiety in her heart kept growing until it was a suffocating terror.

Chu Lui placed his hands on her shoulders. “Ruoxin, I’ll go in myself. You don’t have to. If things had already happened, you going would not help the situation. I’ll bring Rainy out. If things are destined to be irreversible, we need to think about our next course of action.”

Xia Ruoxin laughed bitterly.

“Chu Lui, in the eyes of your Chu family, is your family the only one that is precious and other people’s lives are dirt? Even if they are orphans, they are flesh and blood. They would hurt. Guo’er had already lost a leg. Isn’t it cruel for her to lose a kidney?

“Do you know how much his brother wants to save money to fix his sister’s leg? A small kid knew that drawing could be profitable so he did not dare stop. Even if he had blisters, he would clench his teeth to think about more ways to earn money for his sister’s treatment. He’s only ten, and he already knew how to earn money and provide for his sister.

“When you step on other people, have you ever thought of retribution?”

Chu Lui pressed his lips tight, speechless, because he could not fight back.

Retribution… yes. This world really had retribution; he was a living example.

“Let’s go.” Chu Lui held Xia Ruoxin’s hand tight, very tightly, and hoped that it would give him and her more comfort and courage.

They walked into the hospital, down the long corridor with pink walls that made it not look like a hospital. However, there was still a distinct sanitizer smell in the hospital. When the winds outside blew on the leaves from time to time, one could hear the sound of the leaves swaying and—faintly—the sound of the seasons changing. The leaves started to turn yellow, and the wind was getting colder. It was going to be autumn soon.

The air conditioner was on in the hospital so once they entered, the warmth from outside the hospital instantly went away. Just that, the air conditioner blew for a little too long; and they were feeling cold.

Xia Ruoxin hugged her arms. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Lui stopped with her.

Xia Ruoxin extended her finger and pointed at the shoe by the window. She could not even hear what she was saying.


Chu Lui faintly heard the word ‘shoe’. Shoe? What shoe? His gaze followed Xia Ruoxin’s and found a small pink shoe by the window with a butterfly on it.

Was this Rainy’s shoe? He hurriedly picked up the shoe and confirmed that it was Rainy’s shoe because he helped his daughter wear it in the morning. She was wearing a pink dress today so she had to match it with a pair of pink sandals.

The pair of sandals were made from pure leather and not made locally. He had specifically told professionals from overseas to make it for him. They were very suitable for children; no matter how far the child walked, her feet would not hurt.

His daughter was skinny, but her brain was big. This was not surprising because it was normal for them. He was always worried that his daughter’s feet would not be able to hold the weight of her head. It was either she would be carried and not allowed to walk or she would have to wear a pair of custom-made shoes all year round. This pair of shoes was special—only his daughter had it—so he could confirm that Rainy was in this hospital.

Chu Lui held the shoes tightly before placing them back in his pocket. He held Xia Ruoxin and walked forward.

“Let’s find her.”

He must bring his daughter home. How could he let her clean eyes see this ugly business? Once he thought of Rainy’s ever-smiling eyes and apple-like face, he really regretted having overtime today and not accompanying her.

Xia Ruoxin was pulled by Chu Lui. When she turned around, she saw the tree branches being blown by the wind from time to time, their movements looked just like the claws of a demon moving.

Suddenly, she realized something and let go of her tightly-held palm, her hand filled with sweat.

“Mom,” Chu Lui said in a deep voice.

“Ah Lui?” Once she heard his voice, she was startled and stood up without even taking another look at her son.

“Mom, can you tell me… what are you doing?”

Chu Lui inched closer and put the shoes that his right hand was holding tightly into his pocket.


Song Wan was speechless. She raised her head to look at the operating theater door that was still closed. What would come must come. She never thought of hiding it from her son as she simply could not do it.

“Mom, are you giving that kid’s kidney to Chu Xiang?”

Chu Lui’s voice was as cold as ice. “Mom, could you not have talked to me about it before you made this selfish decision? It hasn’t been the very end, and we are already looking for a kidney donor.”

“Can we find it?” Song Wan’s voice was getting louder. “You tell me. Can we find it? Can we? We can wait, but can Xiang Xiang wait? Even though she’s not your biological daughter, I watched her grow up. She is like my life. Without Xiang Xiang, how do I live? You say I should discuss this with you?” Song Wan laughed. “Ah Lui, I gave birth to you. Do you think that I don’t know you well? You won’t agree to do this.”

Xia Ruoxin bit her red lips slightly until it hurt.

Yes, Xiang Xiang was her granddaughter that she had seen growing up. Her Rainy, however, was loved by no one as expected.

Chu Lui closed his eyes, and the dark aura around him got colder. Who knew that the flash in his eyes was from unspeakable pain?

“Mom, where’s Rainy?”

He asked Song Wan. He did not want to say anything now; he just wanted to bring his daughter home.

“Rainy?” Song Wan was stunned. “Is Rainy not with you?”

“No.” Chu Lui took out the shoes from his pocket. “Rainy followed that child named Guo’er over. I found this on the window by the walkway. Rainy was wearing this in the morning. I helped her wear it myself.”

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