Chapter 710 - That can Never be Grown Out

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Chapter 710: That can Never be Grown Out

Song Wan shook her head. No, she did not see Rainy.

She did not realize that the man beside him was as pale as the face of someone who had seen a ghost. This shoe… was it not worn by the child that the doctor was carrying? He remembered it very clearly as this shoe was different so he could remember. However, what exactly was going on? Was the surgery not for the one-legged child? Why did it become someone else?

His intuition told him something was amiss so it was better if he left first.

He secretly ran towards a safety exit from the back. Chu Lui saw it, but he did not pay much attention to it. He thought he was just feeling guilty so he ran for it. Besides, this incident had nothing to do with anyone else. Honestly, it was all Song Wan’s doing.

“What about Rainy?” Xia Ruoxin searched for half a day but still could not find her daughter. Where on Earth did Rainy go?

“It’s fine. Perhaps she’s sleeping somewhere.” Chu Lui comforted Xia Ruoxin carefully. Even if he had to turn the whole place around, he would find his daughter. Later, they would go to the security room and take a look at the CCTV to find out where she went.

He said it easily, but he himself knew that his heart was not as calm as his face; his heart was as if a tornado had hit it. This kind of turmoil made him panic to no end.

“Auntie… Auntie Xia…” This time, a weak voice sounded.

“Guo’er?” Xia Ruoxin turned around as fast as he could and saw Guo’er sticking her head out from the corner. Once she saw Xia Ruoxin, she smiled. However, her leg could not walk properly so the small child could only crawl on the floor. The sight made people’s hearts break a little.

“Guo’er.” Xia Ruoxin immediately let go of Chu Lui’s hand and ran forward to help Guo’er up.

“Guo’er, tell Auntie. Where’s your sister? Where’s Rainy?”

“Mei Mei?” Guo’er blinked. Afterward, she remembered something and smiled at Xia Ruoxin. “Mei Mei was playing hide-and-seek with me and Uncle. Mei Mei said that Guo’er had one less leg so she wanted to switch places with Guo’er. Uncle brought her to cut her nails. It’ll grow out.”

Before Xia Ruoxin could understand what Guo’er was saying, she heard Song Wan’s shrill.

“Why are you here? Then, who’s the one inside?” She extended her hand and pointed at the operating theater shakily.

This child was here. Then, then… who was the one undergoing the knife? Who donated the kidney?

Chu Lui picked up the shoe that dropped on the floor. He turned around and ran like a maniac towards the operating theater. Do not let it be, please do not let it be what he thought.

When he was going to push the door open, the light on the operating theater went off. The door opened, and the doctor came out.

“Congratulations, the surgery was a success.” The doctor did not take off his mask. He smiled, but he smiled in a suffering way. “Mrs. Chu, your granddaughter can have a new life. However, as for that girl, I want to adopt her. I don’t think you’ll object, right? Don’t worry. I understand our agreement. I’ll keep this thing buried and won’t tell anyone else.”

He was talking to Song Wan. As for the others, he thought they were Song Wan’s family so he did not take it to heart.

Chu Lui’s body shivered.

The girl, the girl…

Rainy, his daughter. No…

Suddenly, he pushed open the door and ran in.


Before the doctor could stop him, Chu Lui was already inside.

There was a strong bloody smell in the room. Once the nurses saw Chu Lui, they were frightened and hurriedly stopped him. “Mister, the surgery is not done. Could you please go out?”

Chu Lui’s eyes were bloodshot. He looked at the child who had an oxygen tube with her small body lying on the extremely big bed. There was a shoe lying casually on the floor. On the child’s face, there was an oxygen mask that was almost bigger than her face.

The nurses wanted to stop him, but they were petrified by the man’s creepy gaze. They did not dare make a move now.

“Sir,” someone said.

“Please do not move her. She just had surgery. She’s too small; if you don’t take care of her, she would lose her life.”

Chu Lui stopped in his tracks. He felt as though his heart would hurt a little more with every step he took. Why? How could it be like this? She was well and jumping that morning. She wanted to eat fish when she came back. Why? It had not been a day; why was his daughter in the hospital again? She had also lost a kidney.

She was only four. Four… she just recovered from her illness when she was three. Why? Why did it end up like this?

He carefully walked over and raised both his hands. However, he did not know what to do. He wanted to touch her. Could he? Was it possible?

Outside, Song Wan was scared out of her wits. Her hands were cold, and her body was shivering. She opened her mouth but not a word could come out.

“Auntie Xia, where’s Mei Mei?” Guo’er tugged on Xia Ruoxin’s hand. “Did Mei Mei finish cutting her nails?”

Xia Ruoxin felt her eyelashes move. Her hollow eyes had a bit of light as she carried Guo’er without emotions and placed her on the chair.

“Guo’er, sit here first. An auntie will come for you in a while.” She lightly patted Guo Er’s hair, but her eyes were still empty.

“Okay.” Guo’er agreed. At first, she wanted to ask where Mei Mei was, but once she saw Xia Ruoxin’s unusual expression, she could only keep her mouth shut. She did not dare ask or say a word.

Xia Ruoxin stood up and walked in front of Song Wan. When she stopped walking, there were tears in her eyes, which revealed her heart filled with sorrow.

She walked forward slowly, her footsteps reflecting the heaviness in her heart.

The door to the operating theater opened, and a sickbed was pushed out from the inside. It was Chu Xiang. Even though she was still asleep, she would have a new life when she woke up. She took her daughter’s kidney. She actually took Rainy’s kidney. Rainy was so little. She was only four. She did not have many good days in her life, why? Why must they all treat her like this?

That was not a fingernail. It was not something that could grow back after it was cut. It would never grow back.

She slowly turned around and walked inside. In the room, Chu Lui was standing in front of the bed, his eyes reddened with tears and his hands clenched tightly into a fist.

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