Chapter 711 - Theory versus Reality

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Chapter 711: Theory versus Reality

Xia Ruoxin walked over, but when she was getting closer, Chu Lui held her hand. His voice was hoarse until he almost had no sound.

“Don’t touch her. Let her sleep. When she wakes up, that’s truly the start.”

Xia Ruoxin closed her eyes and felt her hand shake and her teeth chatter. Tick… tick… tears dropped bit by bit on the back of her hand.

Chu Lui extended his hand and pressed on her shoulders.

They were not a couple, but they had a common daughter. At this time, they could only use this action to endure their pain, to not allow themselves to break apart.

Yes, this was only the beginning. A four-year-old child going to such a big surgery… how could she handle it?

None of them dared to move this small being as they were afraid of touching her wound. They were also afraid that once they looked away, this poor child would be gone.

With this incident happening in the hospital, both the director and the doctors were shocked. No parents agreed to this kind of surgery, and yet a girl’s kidney was dug out from her.

It was also a four-year-old child. This was simply inhumane. On the moral foreground, no one could accept this to happen.

Chu Lui suppressed everything as he did not want his daughter to find out that she had lost a kidney and was even done by her own grandmother. She was too young; she could not accept all of this. He also did not want his daughter to be in the limelight.

“I didn’t know. I really didn’t know.” Till now, Song Wan’s hands were still icy cold, and her body was shivering.

“I clearly sent a disabled child in, but why did it become Rainy?”

“Why was it her?”

Chu Jiang was about to go crazy, and it was obvious that he had cried. Poor elderly… he only had one granddaughter his whole life, and she had already gone through so much pain. The last thing he wanted was to see her go through more pain. They were all carefully protecting the child, but why did she have to be ruined by her own grandmother?

“Yes, why is it her?” Chu Jiang almost hollered.

He sniffed, and all the tears that he could not hold back rolled out. “Your Chu Xiang is precious so other people’s children aren’t? No matter whose kid it is, they only have two kidneys. If they cut one out, they lose one. Now that you gave Rainy’s kidney to Chu Xiang, can she even be worthy of my granddaughter’s kidney? Rainy is only four-years-old. Four… don’t forget; she just recovered from her illness last year where she almost lost her life. I only have this one granddaughter my whole life. Do you really want our Chu family to not have descendants?”

Chu Jiang could not continue any longer. “I’ll go take a look at my granddaughter. You can find your Chu Xiang on your own. Don’t appear in front of us. Ruoxin is not in the mood to see you.”

After he was done talking, he stomped away. It was not that he wanted to scold his wife, but he hated… he really hated it.

What on Earth did his well-behaved granddaughter do? She had not woken up yet, and her anesthesia had not worn off yet. If the anesthesia wore off, could the ignorant child endure the pain? Besides, it was a huge operation. They had not even passed the critical period.

At that time—in the ward, the poor child just closed his eyes. Her scarily white face was tearing from time to time, probably because of the pain. There were also tubes all over her body. At first, the child was already very small; how did all the tubes get into her body?

Xia Ruoxin sat down and carefully caressed her daughter’s face. Her body was getting hotter. What should they do?

Chu Lui felt that something was amiss so he called for the doctor. Hurriedly, a doctor came in; and after long checks, he could only shake his head at them.

“We can’t do anything about this child. It’s the critical period within forty-eight hours of the operation. The child is too small so her body was not even developed. Even an adult could not handle it, let alone a child.”

Chu Jiang stood at the door, and he was choking up. He wanted to escape, but he could not bear to leave his well-behaved granddaughter behind.

How could he be appeased if he did not stay by her? How could he sleep and eat?

At that time, no one could really eat.

Minutes and seconds went by, but Rainy still had not woken up. No one dared to move such a small child so Chu Lui found the most authoritative doctor in the field to come over. Those doctors did not even dare to blink and were afraid that something would happen to the child.

Things had already happened to this extent. There was no use in regretting. Just like what Chu Lui had said, this was only the beginning. Rainy had many more obstacles to overcome. Just this first painful obstacle alone, she did not know how she was going to go over it.

However, there was some good news, too. For example, the doctor had said that the child’s operation was done meticulously. Even though her kidney was taken away—regardless of the technique or the stitching, the surgery was done carefully and with heart. It was a pity that the small child had to carry such a big scar for the rest of her life. Even though surgery could remove it in the future, the kidney that she gave away could never come back.

“Mr. Chu, is there anything else?” Chu Lui was talking to a doctor at an isolated corner.

Chu Lui looked up slightly. “I want to know if my daughter’s kidney can be returned.”

“Sorry, Mr. Chu, but it’s impossible.”

The doctor thought for a while before explaining. “Even though it is possible in theory, the child had already undergone the knife once. If she does it again, it would mean that the blood vessels would be opened again. To her, it would be indescribable pain. As for the kidney, after the successful transplant, there will already be new blood in the kidney. If you move it back, there might be signs of rejection so it would not be good for the child’s remaining kidney. If this child loses its only kidney, her life could not even be saved.”

Chu Lui took a deep breath in. “That’s my daughter. I want to know if my kidney can be transplanted to her.” He was not afraid of losing a kidney; he was afraid that something would happen to his daughter.

The doctor shook his head and continued explaining. “This is not necessary for now. Actually, everyone has one million kidney places. In every kidney, only one-tenth of the kidney places are operating while the others are in a resting mode. If one kidney is operating normally, the body would not be affected because one kidney is enough to sustain the removal of waste and secretion of bodily fluid. For example, the transplant patient could still live a normal life even with one kidney.

“One just has to take special care of that last kidney. If anything happens to it, it won’t be too late to talk about transplants again. She needs to take good care of her kidney to lead a long life. However, she could not carry too heavy items in the future.”

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