Chapter 712 - This Child was Pitiful

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Chapter 712: This Child was Pitiful

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“I get it, thank you.” Chu Lui turned and smoked even more furiously. The doctor wanted to say something else, but once he saw Chu Lui’s hunched back, he could only sigh. No one could accept it if this kind of things had happened to them, let alone Chu Lui—the Chu Lui who had tons of wealth but had his only daughter lying on the bed. For the rest of her life, she would have one less kidney than other people.

Xia Ruoxin gently held her daughter’s hand, and she did not dare use too much force, in case she hurt her.

“Baby, we need to work hard together. We’ll do it together, okay?” Her gaze lowered, and her shoulder shuddered from time to time. The tears dropped silently like the rain.

She must live on, she must live on happily.

She only had Rainy. If she lost Rainy, what was she going to do?

They clearly had suffered all sorts of pain and sins. Now, they had a big house with a good job that could provide more than enough money every month. Why? Why would the nightmare of that year happen again?

This time was even worse and scarier than the last. It was giving her intolerable pain.

“Mommy…” The small voice sounded. Xia Ruoxin was sitting still at the side until she heard that voice. She immediately stared at her daughter who was still wearing an oxygen mask.

She held her daughter’s hand tightly and held back the pain in her throat.

“Mhm, baby, Mommy is here. Don’t be afraid.”

“Mommy…” The child called out and moved her small fingers. Perhaps she was too uncomfortable so her brows were closely knitted together. However, that small hand could feel her mother’s warmth so she gently squeezed back and did not make a sound again.

Chu Lui hurriedly stood up and placed his hand on his daughter’s forehead. Luckily, it was not very hot. Then, he calmed down and walked out. When he came in again, there were a few doctors following behind him. The child was really too young so the doctors did not dare sleep and would look over the child every single second.

The doctors checked carefully before nodding towards Chu Lui. Chu Lui understood them and followed them out.

“Is there something wrong?” Once he came out, Chu Lui’s face darkened.

“No, the child’s fine.” The doctor shook his head. “Mr. Chu, you can relax. The child is doing fine. This is just the adjustment period which everyone who went through the knife would experience. It’s just that the process is more painful so we would try not to touch the child under this situation. We should let her sleep more so she wouldn’t feel any pain when she’s sleeping.

“I’m more worried about the adult now.” He looked in and whispered. “The child’s mother’s condition isn’t very good now. The mother might collapse even before the child recovers. The child needs her mother the most now so the mother cannot collapse. The child needs her support.”

“I understand, thank you.” Chu Lui understood what the doctor meant. He looked at the watch on his wrist and made a call.

“Hello, is this Jingtang? I’m Chu Lui.”

Du Jingtang was still squinting his eyes, obvious that he had not slept.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” He yawned and sat up sleepily.

Oh, it was already so late. He placed his phone in front of his eyes. “It’s already three in the morning.” He said as he stood up and wore his clothes with one hand.

“Is it very busy at the office? Why are you working so late?” He yawned again and was too tired to get up.

“Mm, hospital, right?” He asked again obviously still in a sleepy state. “Don’t worry, I’ll get there as soon as possible.”

Just that Chu Lui’s next sentence hit him hard like a hammer. “What did you say? My Little Cutie? Okay, Brother, wait for me. I’ll be there right away. Yes, I know, I’ll bring some stuff over. Tell Ruoxin not to worry.” However, after speaking for so long, he felt as though he had said a bunch of rubbish. How could she not worry? He was already panicking, let alone Xia Ruoxin.

He put down his phone and changed in a hurry before walking out. When he was about to leave, the door opened; and a woman whose face was darkened blurted weirdly.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going out.” Du Jingtang opened the door and was about to leave, but the beautiful woman just now pinched his ear.

“Mother, my beloved mother. Please let go now. I have important stuff to do. Who on Earth goes out at night if it’s not for important business?”

“Important things? What’s so important?” Su Yunfei tugged hard at her son’s ear and would not let go. When she was hitting the child, she could be harsher than his father.

“Mom, please let go of me.” Du Jingtang checked his watch again as if he had forgotten all about the pain. He still had to figure out where he could buy items at this hour.

Su Yunfei also felt that something was amiss; there was something wrong with her reckless son.

“Say. What’s going on?” She finally let go of her son’s ear, and her face darkened some more. Based on Du Jingtang’s unusual personality—if it was not something important, he would still be screaming like a lunatic and not be as calm as he was now.

Du Jingtang checked the watch on his wrist again before pulling Su Yunfei over. He did not know what to do.

“Something happened to Rainy; she’s still unconscious at the hospital.”

“What?” Su Yunfei’s voice went higher. How could they not be mother and son? This feeling, this holler, was exactly like Du Jingtang when he panicked.

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” Su Yunfei was anxious as well. She was the only child between their two families. She was so young, so cute. Did she not just come out of the hospital? Did her illness act up again?

“I don’t know the details yet. I still need to bring Sister Ruoxin something to eat. They hadn’t eaten the whole day and probably can’t even sleep at night.”

“What else?” Su Yunfei opened the door and pushed his son out. “You go out first; I’ll look for your Auntie Huang to make something. What time is it already? Who would be open to sell food?”

Actually, Du Jingtang wanted to say that there were stores operating for twenty-four hours.

However, after thinking about it, his Auntie Huang did make good food that was even better than food made outside. Since they had a ready-made chef, why should they go out to buy?

Bang! Su Yunfei had already closed the door on him.

“I… Mom…”

Du Jingtang reached out his hand. Actually, he wanted to say which hospital it was. If not, where would they deliver the food to? However, he thought that it was unnecessary. Was there not a phone here?

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