Chapter 713 - How Much Can He Endure?

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Chapter 713: How Much Can He Endure?

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He reached into his pocket and took out his car keys to drive to that hospital first. However, the whole way there, he was thinking about Little Cutie. How could Little Cutie be at the private hospital? When did she even fall sick? His cousin did not tell him about it.

When he thought about this, he drove even faster. The street lights were on and on until the end of the road; all the shops were closed for the day; and at this time, there was no commotion from the hustle and bustle of daily life; it was quiet.

He drove his car really fast and reached the entrance of the private hospital really quickly. After he parked his car, he ran into the hospital.

Once he went in, he saw some familiar faces and scenes that regularly appeared on televisions. There were professionals from the medical world all congregated at a small hospital; there was really something wrong.

He looked in that direction and walked in front as fast as possible. Coincidentally, he met his uncle, Chu Jiang. He had a sudden realization. Since his uncle was here, he could prove that Little Cutie was really here.

“Uncle…!” He yelled, but Chu Jiang was still in a daze and could not hear him properly.

“Uncle…” He called again and walked forward in big steps.

“Oh, you’re here?” Chu Jiang wanted to smile, but his face was stiff. He pointed at the ward in front. “She’s inside; don’t be loud.”

“I know.” Du Jingtang instinctively lowered his voice and walked really lightly. Judging by Chu Jiang’s face, he did not dare ask further and could only look for Chu Lui.

Outside the ward, he looked in from the glass and saw both Xia Ruoxin and Chu Lui near the bed. Attached to the machine was a pitiful girl. Even though she was wearing an oxygen mask, he knew immediately that it was his little cutie. Suddenly, he felt a pang in his heart. Why did such a big man cry?

Chu Lui looked up and saw Du Jingtang standing outside. He stood up, opened the door, and closed it behind him. He walked to the window at the side and took out a cigarette.

“Did you bring what I told you to?” he asked lightly. It was not hard to hear the tiredness behind his voice.

“My mom will ask Auntie Huang to bring it over later. There are very few places selling food outside.” Du Jingtang was standing at the side and did not dare ask. In the end, he could not take it anymore.

“Brother, what happened to Little Cutie? Did she not recover already?”

Chu Lui moved his lips. “It would be okay if her illness had relapsed; I could just donate my bone marrow to her. I owe her this, but sadly, it’s not.”


Actually, Du Jingtang did not dare ask and did not dare hear.

Chu Lui looked up, and his lips were pressed together bitterly.

“Rainy’s kidney was removed. She’s only four and does not know anything.”

“What?” Du Jingtang almost shrieked. “Isn’t Chu Xiang the one with a kidney problem? Why did it become Little Cutie?”

“My daughter’s kidneys are fine.” Chu Lui’s eyes reddened. “She’s extremely healthy. I bring her for medical check-ups every month; how could something happen to her?”

Du Jingtang widened his eyes and had a terrible thought in his heart.

“Did Little Cutie’s kidney end up with Chu Xiang?”

Chu Lui did not answer, but his silence had already answered Du Jingtang.

Yes. That was it. Rainy’s kidney… was in Chu Xiang now. How could this be? He would never believe it even at his deathbed. How could this happen?

How could Chu Lui and Xia Ruoxin agree? Even if they dug out their own kidneys, they would never give Little Cutie’s to Chu Xiang. What was Chu Xiang? To the Chu family, she was only their adopted daughter—an outsider; but Rainy was the Chu family’s only child, their only bloodline.

Was it Auntie? It could not be…

Du Jingtang could not believe it. No matter how much Song Wan loved Chu Xiang, she would not take Rainy’s kidney. What exactly was going on? What was happening?

“You don’t need to guess further.” Chu Lui knew what Du Jingtang was thinking. He inhaled a big puff as if he wanted to use the nicotine to numb himself.

“It was my mom.”

“It can’t be.” Du Jingtang was in disbelief. He did not believe it.

“It’s her.” Chu Lui smiled coldly. Actually, it was not that he could not believe it; just that it was a play of fate by the gods. It was not her true intentions. However, the reality was that Rainy’s kidney was in Chu Xiang’s body. Even if they wanted to take it out now, it was impossible. He did not care about Chu Xiang’s life or death. Whether she lived or died, it was none of his business.

She was only his adopted daughter that Song Wan forcefully put under his name. In the past—based on their relations, he would still have some sort of pity for her. Now, once he looked at Chu Xiang, he would think of the kidney in her that belonged to his daughter. His originally healthy daughter had now lost a kidney. How could he tolerate this?

He was already impotent. This was his daughter, his only daughter; and up till now, he had not heard her call him ‘Daddy’.

“Brother, it’s okay.” He patted Chu Lui’s shoulders. Suddenly, he thought of something. “Right, Dong Fang knows a specialist in this field from overseas. He had handled a few cases like Rainy’s so he should be really experienced. I’ll ask him to get that doctor over.”

As he said, he whipped out his phone. No matter what time it was, he would call first.

On the other end, Dong Fangjing sat up. He was just nice overseas so it would not be midnight on the other end.

“Mm. Don’t worry. The doctor will arrive there tomorrow.” He laughed coldly. “If it were me, I will strangle the person who dared to touch my daughter.”

“That’s my cousin’s mother.” Du Jingtang muttered softly. He wanted to strangle her, too, but could he?

“If you can’t strangle the older one, you can strangle the younger one.” Dong Fangjing frowned. “The younger one shouldn’t even live.”

Du Jingtang did not know if this sentence was correct. Yes, the younger one should not live; but who would not want to live? However, inside her body was a kidney of his little cutie’s. Even if she was strangled to death now, the kidney would not go back to Little Cutie. How could they bear to let Little Cutie go through the surgery again? Suffer the pain once again?

Just how much could her small body endure?

Suddenly, he felt himself choking up. He turned around and secretly wiped away his tears. What to do? What could they do now? How could a kid as young as her suffer the pain from after the anesthesia?

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