Chapter 714 - Everyone is Human

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Chapter 714: Everyone is Human

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After a while, Su Yunfei and the nanny brought a whole bag of items over. Inside the hospital, there could never be a relaxing atmosphere especially at a time like this.

Su Yunfei did not ask much and only put down the dishes she brought to let everyone eat. The child was already like that. If the adults collapsed, too, what was going to happen to the child?

Chu Lui took a bowl over and picked up some food before standing up and going to the ward. Su Yunfei wanted to look at the child, but Du Jingtang shook his head at her. She knew it would be better if it was quiet.

She would know about her condition sooner or later. She did not need to harp on this and add salt to the whole family’s wound.

Chu Lui opened the door, and inside, Xia Ruoxin kept holding onto her daughter’s cold hands. She had kept this posture for almost a day. It was as though she was numbed without feelings staring dumbly at her daughter’s face. She did not speak or cry and did not know what hunger was.

Chu Lui walked over and placed his hand on her shoulders. He gently pressed down and passed her the chopsticks.

Xia Ruoxin’s eyes had a bit of light, no longer as empty as before.

She shook her head. “I have no appetite.”

“Eat a little.” Chu Lui brought the bowl in front of her. “Ruoxin, you need to eat. If you don’t, your body will be weak; then how can you take care of Rainy?” Xia Ruoxin’s almost colorless lip moved a little. She then picked up the chopsticks with her right hand, and it shuddered. Piak! The chopsticks fell on the floor. She could not even do simple movements like this.

Chu Lui bent down and picked up the chopsticks from the floor. He wiped it before placing them back in her hand.

Xia Ruoxin held the chopsticks tightly in her hands before taking the bowl. Just like that, she shoved the food into her mouth. Tick… tick… her tears streamed down her chin and into the bowl, drop by drop. She used her hand to wipe her tears and picked the bowl up. She completely could not taste the food and just shoved the food into her mouth like a systematic robot.

Mouth by mouth, she forced more food down her throat. However, after just a few mouthfuls, she held her mouth. Her stomach was originally empty, and the rice she just ate came back up her throat.

No, she had to eat; she must swallow it. She could not collapse. She still had Rainy. Forcefully, she swallowed that mouth of rice; and the food that she almost retched out down her fiery throat. It hurt her.

Mouth by mouth, she ate. However, when she finished the bowl, she still could not taste anything at all.

The doctor came in again and checked on Rainy’s condition before heaving a sigh of relief. Luckily, everything was normal; and the child did not have a fever. Actually, this was the hardest part to get through, and the good thing was that the child was still in a coma so she could not feel much pain.

“Ms. Xia, let’s do a check for you.”

The doctor said as he walked to Xia Ruoxin.

Xia Ruoxin raised her empty eyes. She was not sick, and yet the doctor took out a needle. She moved her lips, but before she could react, the needle was already injected into her arm. Actually, she knew what it was.

However, she did not stop them. She could not sleep. Once she closed her eyes, she would see Rainy in a terrible state; but she knew that she could not not-sleep. If she collapsed, what would happen to Rainy?

Luckily, there was Chu Lui. Luckily… there was Chu Lui.

He would take care of her daughter, right?

Right? She used all her might to open her eyes, but the remaining gaze was still on that small child.

Don’t be afraid, baby. Mommy is here. Mommy is here…

Chu Lui carried Xia Ruoxin and placed her on the other bed before pulling the blankets to cover her. He held her hand, and it was colder than Rainy’s. He had seen her shudder more than once as well.

Was she cold, or was she scared?

The two people in front of him now were the two that he loved the most, but he could not do anything to help. His daughter, his wife… Even though Chu Lui could call the shots in the business world, when faced with such a situation, he was still as helpless as ever.

He walked by his daughter’s side and held her hand in his palm.

“Baby, we’ll do this together, okay? You need to hang in there. When you’re better, Daddy promises you I’ll buy lots of dolls and good food for you. I’ll tell you many stories. If you don’t want to eat vegetables, then we won’t. If you want to eat ice cream, Daddy won’t stop you. I’ll buy sweets for you, too. I just beg of you; you need to survive.”

The man’s voice was choked with emotions. He used one hand to cover his face, and without anyone knowing, his face showed death and torture.

The child’s hand was very small, not even as big as his palm. At that time, the hand was gently clenched into a fist, cold as if without temperature just like her poor forehead.

This child was so weak until it looked like it could die with a touch, disappear with a pat.

Seconds and minutes passed, and yet both people inside and outside did not sleep the whole night. It was only until morning that Du Jingtang stood up and looked at his wristwatch. He still had to go to the office to arrange some matters and take over whatever Chu Lui had not finished.

There could not be no one here; same for the office. In the past—if someone wanted him to do more work, it was as though they were asking for his life. He would complain about everything and go to work grudgingly. However, this time, he did not say anything and took over all the work. He knew it was not easy to sit in the CEO’s position, and he also knew that he did not like it all. The top was lonely, and he was only a normal person. Perhaps only people like Chu Lui would get used to it and like it up there.

However, the man akin to God was perhaps really going to collapse now.

It turned out… Chu Lui was also human.

It turned out… Chu Lui was also someone with flesh and blood; someone who had limits. He really did not know. If he could use suffering to measure feelings, then he thought that he himself would not be able to endure all of this.

He calmed down and flipped the documents in front of him, one by one, page by page in deep thought.

At that time—in the hospital, Chu Xiang was already awake; and she kept crying for her Granny in pain.

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