Chapter 715 - Look for a Western Doctor

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Chapter 715: Look for a Western Doctor

“Granny, I want to see Daddy. Can you ask Daddy to come?” Chu Xiang pulled on Song Wan’s clothes while asking for Chu Lui. She was sick, but why did her Daddy not come visit her? Her Grandpa did not come, too. Were they all accompanying that stupid Mei Mei?

“Xiang Xiang, behave. Your Dad has stuff on so he can’t come to see you. When Xiang Xiang is better, you can see your Daddy.” Song Wan pacified Chu Xiang with a pair of eyes filled with sorrow.

At that time, she could only accompany Chu Xiang and could not even see her other granddaughter.

They would not let her see her.

It was her fault, all her fault.

She really wanted to leave Chu Xiang alone and see Rainy. However, she knew this was not Chu Xiang’s fault. It was a disaster that she created. Chu Xiang was just a child who did not know anything so she could not leave Chu Xiang, but she could not leave her other granddaughter as well.

Chu Xiang cried out loud in pain. At least she could still cry; she did not know that on the other side, the child that was smaller than her did not even dare to whimper.

“Baby, does it hurt?” Xia Ruoxin held her daughter’s hand.

“Nope.” Rainy pouted slightly. Even though she said it did not hurt, her eyes were swollen from crying. The poor child had never been in such pain before. However, she could not cry as crying would tear her wound; and she would be in more pain.

Rainy held her mother’s thumb, and she breathed in.

“Mommy, it won’t hurt if you hoo-hoo.”

Xia Ruoxin gently caressed her daughter’s face. Rainy wanted to smile at her mother, but her tears just kept dropping.

“Mommy, hoo-hoo. Rainy, pain, pain.” She held her mother’s finger, and her face was as white as a sheet with barely any signs of blood.

“Mm. Hoo-hoo. Mommy will hoo-hoo.”

Xia Ruoxin was gently blowing air towards her daughter’s face. Rainy blinked her wet eyelashes, and with one hand holding her mother’s finger, she fell asleep again. It was good that she was sleeping.

Xia Ruoxin placed her hand on her daughter’s forehead. If she slept, it would not hurt her. She gently pressed her body down and placed her daughter’s head in her chest. If she could, she really wanted to suffer in her daughter’s place. She could not let her spend many days without pain and brought her even more suffering the next time. She had only felt pain.

If it was destined that her daughter was going to suffer her whole life, she would rather have her daughter pass away now. She would rather not have given birth to her at the start as it would be better than her suffering again and again, being tortured again and again.

A doctor opened the door and came in. Even though he was wearing a mask, he had a pair of western blue eyes.

“Is she asleep?” He asked Xia Ruoxin in English.

“Yes, she’s sleeping. She just fell asleep.” In her days overseas—disregarding the rest, Xia Ruoxin had passed on her language aspect. Not only her, but even Rainy could use English to speak with other people. Just that, she did not expect her first time using the language in their country would be in such an encounter with a doctor.

The doctor carefully pulled open the blanket and examined the condition of her wound and the tubes surrounding her.

“It’s better than what we expected. She’s very well-behaved and did not struggle much. The scariest thing about a child this small is that she is not mature enough and would tear her wound. If there aren’t any more problems, we can transfer hospitals the next day. This hospital’s facilities are still not good enough.”

“Okay.” Xia Ruoxin agreed. Whatever the doctors wanted to do, let them do it. As long as they could let the small child suffer a bit less, feel less pain.

This Western doctor was called Jian and was the doctor that Dong Fangjing had found. He was indeed an expert in this field and had helped many people like Rainy operate. However, those operations were all for saving lives. None of them were like Rainy who was originally a healthy child and was just robbed off a kidney. Luckily, the surgeon had some conscience and was extremely careful when extracting the kidney so he did not hurt the other organs. If not, the child might not have gotten through it.

After a short while, a nurse came in holding some medicine. Jian familiarly took the needle and placed it in some bottles to suck up the medicine. Then, he placed the medicine into the drip. These medicines could help relieve the pain and reduce the chances of infection. Originally, it should not be used on children as the child is too small, and there might be after-effects in the future. However, he had lowered the medicine portion; when the child was better, they could then slowly help the child to adjust.

After the medicine was inserted—as expected, Rainy would fall into a deep slumber so she would not feel the pain.

When Doctor Jian stepped out, he met Song Wan who was waiting outside for quite some time.

“Hello, Madam, may I help you?” He removed his mask and asked in broken Chinese. Even though it was not fluent, one could still understand what he was saying; it’s just that his response was a little slow. He had the stature of a beautiful European with blue beady eyes just like the ocean; when he smiled, he looked very gentlemanly.

Song Wan rushed over. She specifically chose a time where Chu Lui and Chu Jiang were not in to come over. She waited very long for this chance.

“I…” She licked her dry lips. “I want to ask if the girl inside is doing okay?”

“Oh.” Even though the doctor did not understand what the lady was doing, he still nodded. “The child is okay. She’s very brave and is the bravest angel I have seen. She did not cry even when I was changing her medicine. She’s really well-behaved.”

Song Wan felt tears welling up in her eyes, and her heart felt heavy. When she heard that her granddaughter was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief; but she still had something to ask the doctor.

Apparently, he was an expert in the field. Apparently, he had saved quite a few children in such conditions. Apparently, all of them were successful and lived healthily.

“Mister, I have a granddaughter. She just changed her kidney, and her condition isn’t very good. I was thinking…”

“In this hospital?” Before she could finish, Doctor Jian understood. Even though he was directly employed by Chu Lui to look after his daughter and nothing else, but out of principles, he should take a look at this child.

“Yes.” Song Wan knew she should not have asked, but Chu Xiang was really in a bad condition; because it hurt—because she cried—so her wound tore again. Even though she had applied medicine and the doctors had tried their best, it was still the same. She heard that Jingtang had hired a doctor from overseas who had good skills. She wanted him to come over, but she could not bring herself to open her mouth and let down her pride. However, she did not have much choice.

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