Chapter 751 - Insider Spy

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Chapter 751: Insider Spy

Xia Ruoxin cut all of Shen Wei’s hair off, and it was exactly the same as hers – not too short but much more convenient.

After they finished their haircut, they could not rest and had to go mine for gold. Perhaps their luck would be decent today, and they could find some gold; but unfortunately, they were not so lucky every time.

At night, Xia Ruoxin could not even sleep at first; and because she was a light sleeper, she immediately woke up when she heard a noise. Using a dim light, she saw a woman stand up.

However, she did not take much notice as many people woke up at night; and she was one of them. Sometimes, they were really too tired, and most of them would rather sleep throughout the night even if they could not hold their pee in. She did not even know what time it was, but she felt that it was around three in the morning.

When she closed her eyes again, she heard the sounds of shuffles.

She turned around and saw the woman seemingly searching for something as she pulled open a woman’s blanket and started feeling for something.

Both Xia Ruoxin and Shen Wei did not have much valuable stuff; just two rolls of tissue paper which they used as pillows. It was obvious that the woman was not looking for this. She squinted her eyes slightly and saw the woman take out a small bag, and after searching the bag, she put something on herself and went out carefully.

Xia Ruoxin wanted to wake Shen Wei up at first, but she did not say anything in the end. These were other people’s business; and whether they wanted to leave or escape, it was not related to her. She wanted to escape, too; but she did not know from where and where she could go after she left.

Light snores were coming from the people beside her from time to time, and she fell asleep groggily soon after.

When she was fast asleep, she felt a sudden pain on her body; and she sat up in fright.

She saw the fat lady supervisor standing in front of them and pointing at them one by one while muttering. Without needing translation, Xia Ruoxin knew that she was not merely chatting or having a meeting with them but was scolding them.

Yes, scolding.

She was scolding them very harshly, and the wooden stick in her hand would land on them from time to time. Even Xia Ruoxin could not avoid being hit by one, right on her left arm. Hurriedly, she protected her arm as she was afraid that the next hit would permanently damage it.

The fat woman started shrieking and called all of them to squeeze.

They were all barefooted and placed their hands behind their heads just like criminals. A few people came in and threw all the blankets and the mattress onto the floor before rummaging through the items. Even the toilet paper that Xia Ruoxin used her hard-earned gold to exchange for was thrown onto the floor and stepped on like dirt.

Were they really stepping on paper? They were literally stepping on gold as gold was used to exchange for the tissue. Even though she did not know how pure it was, the tissue that was made of gold was not for stepping.

She lowered her head and squatted at the corner just like the rest, waiting for those people to check. Xia Ruoxin then understood what the woman who left was searching for under the bed. It turned out to be gold. However, why would the gold be on other people’s beds? Or the gold was originally hers and the person who went out was a thief.

Thus, she secretly looked at one of the women who got her gold stolen. She did not talk much usually. She was a Caucasian around thirty years old; and no matter how her features were like, it did not matter. To be honest, however one looked like, even if it was like a pig; one still needed to dig for gold in the river. Even if they looked like a deity, one still needed to turn in the mud.

However, Xia Ruoxin remembered this woman’s high nose bridge and harsh features; but after all, the definition of beauty was different between people of her country and others. Perhaps her appearance would be heavenly to an outsider.

Perhaps it was also because of her high nose bridge, she had a deep impression of this woman and remembered that amongst these people, no matter if they arrived later or earlier; they had all handed in their gold a few times. Even though it was not easy to find gold in the sand, it was not too difficult as well. With their way of finding gold day and night, they would have found some no matter what. Even people who were slower like her had handed gold in a few times; it might not be much, but they did hand them in.

However, it seemed that this woman with a high nose had never handed them in. Every time they had to get beaten up, she would always be at the front and would never make a sound even when she was hit. Xia Ruoxin now knew why she had never handed in gold.

It was because she hid it, and it was in that small bag. She had suffered by herself all this while, only for the benefit for someone else who she did not even know. Xia Ruoxin could not remember the face of the person who took the gold, but she knew that the person was white and was just merely tanned from the sun.

At that time, the woman with a high nose was looking down the whole while and thinking of something. When they were searching her mattress, she did not even look up as perhaps she knew that no matter how hard they found, it would not be with her.

They had thrown all that they could and flipped over whatever they had, but they still could not find even the shadow of a bit of gold.

The fat woman smacked on the wood hardly and extended her finger towards them.

Xia Ruoxin knew that it was not a good thing. The woman’s hand came down, and she started searching their bodies. Even though they were all women, it still felt disgusting to be touched by women everywhere.

The woman with the high nose hesitated for a while and hid her gaze. She stood up and shakily extended her arms, but Xia Ruoxin noticed that her face was pale and her body was trembling.

A woman walked over to Xia Ruoxin, and Xia Ruoxin extended her arms and endured the enormous humiliation in her heart. She could only repeatedly tell herself that this was a woman, this was a woman. She had whatever the person had.

That person was like a female gangster and started touching all over her body, not even letting go of the woman’s most private area. Xia Ruoxin held it the whole time; she lowered her head and bit her red lips tightly, waiting for the ordeal to be over.

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